One Liner Questions on Modern History of Himachal Pradesh – 6

By | September 15, 2017

1. In 1922, who represented Punjab Congress and participated in Baroda Congress session? – Rajinder Datt (Sirmaur)

2. When did Norah Richard, the famous writer and wife of Phillip Ernest Richard settle in Andretta village and join Indian freedom movement and also oppose the British rule? – 1923 A.D.

3. In Oct., 1924, a young man Rattan Singh inspired people to revolt against the autocratic, cruel and exploitative rule of Raja Lakshman Sen of – Suket

4. The young student from Bilaspur who participated in National movement was – Daulat Ram Sankhayan

5. The great patriot who replied to the judge his name as ‘Aandhi’ and father’s name as Mahatma Gandhi’ was – Deena Nath

6. Bhoomi Bandobast Abhiyan (Land Settlement movement) was started in Bilaspur in – 1930 A.D.

7. Who took the leading role in civil disobedience movement in Kangra in 1930 A.D.? – Baba Kanshi Ram

8. In 1930 A.D., who from Hamirpur planned in Lahore to free Bhagat Singh and Butkeshwar Datt from jail but failed in the attempt? – Inderpal

9. Who planned Aatish Chakra Yojna to intimidate Britishers in Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi and Shekhpura? – Inderpal

10. Sirmauri people living in Delhi formed Sirmauri Association under the leadership of Pt. Shiva Nand Ramaul to create political awakening in – 1930 A.D.

11. On his second visit to Shimla in 1931 A.D., Mahatma Gandhi was accompanied by – Jawaharlal Nehru, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, Madan Mohan Malviya & Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan

12. Who in 1931, resolved to wear black clothes until India gets freedom? – Baba Kanshi Ram

13. Who from Himachal was the commander-in-chief of Hindustan Socialist Republican Army? – Yashpal

14. When did Chamba people living in Lahore from Chamab Praja Suraksha League under the leadership of M.A. Ahmed? – 1932 A.D.

15. In 1932 A.D., who formed Kullu People’s League in Lahore?- Lal Chand Prarthi & Durga Dass Goyal

16. Who from Bushahr state preached Arya Samaj in Shimla hills? – Pt. Padam Dev

17. On 23rd May, 1921 Mahatma Gandhi visited Shimla and addressed a public meeting at – Idgah Maidan

18. In Shimla, who was given the responsibility of collecting Tilak Swaraj Fund? – Saligram Gupta

19. Who raised the voice against Begar system prevalent in hill areas? – Satyanand Stokes of Kotgarh

20. In June 1921, where was the conference organized against Begar system? – Rampur

21. When did Prince of Wales visit Shimla where he was protested and shown black flags? – Dec.,1921

22. When did leader of Muslim league Mohammad Ali Jinnah visit Shimla? – 1921 A.D.

23. In April, 1922 where was Lala Lajpat Rai imprisoned after being brought from Lahore? – Dharamshala

24. Engineer Bhagmal Sauhta from Jubbal also joined the freedom movement and started his activities from his residence on the Mall road named as – Imperial Hotel


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