One Liner Questions on Modern History of Himachal Pradesh – 5

By | September 12, 2017

1. In order to arrange the finances for revolutionary’s secret activites, Nagchala dacoity was carried out in Mandi state and following were involved in it- Mian Jawahar Singh, Sharda Ram, Jawala Singh, Longu Ram, Rani Lalita Kumari & Sidhu Kharara

2. Who were the other revolutionaries engaged in activities against British rule in Mandi? – Hardev Ram, Bhai Hirdey Ram, Kartar Singh & Dr. Mathura Singh

3. Activities of Gadhar party undertook revolutionary activities at – Mandi, Suket, Una, Kangra & Shimla hill states

4. Match the revolutionaries with their respective places of activities –

Rishikesh Lath- Una,

Chaudhery Sher Jung- Nahan,

Baba Lachchman Das- Una

5. Match the following-

Durga Bai- Una,

Hardev Ram- Mandi

6. Match the following persons joining the freedom movement at respective places.-

Baba Kanshi Ram – Kangra,

Lala Bashi Ram – Palampur,

Yashpal – Nadaun

7. Hawa Mahal in Mandi was prepared for the reception of Lord Mayo, the Viceroy of India, who visited Mandi in – 1871

8. The Victoria suspension bridge over river Beas at Mandi was built in 1877 A.D. by – Raja Bijai Sen

9. When was Sidhu Khrara of Mandi sentenced to 7 years of imprisonment for Mandi conspiracy case of 1914 A.D.? – 1917 A.D.

10. ‘Mandi ko Jab lootenge, Asmani Gole Chhootenge’- Guru Gobind Singh

11. When did Baba Lachhaman Das and his wife Durga Bai Arya join the Congress party under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi? – 1919 A.D.

12. Which revolutionary from Mandi changed his name to Swami Krishananand and joined Congress in Karachi session? – Hardev Ram

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13. Where did Rani Khairagarhi join the freedom movement? – Lucknow

14. Who were prominent freedom fighters active in propagating Congress ideology and participating in Non-cooperation movement of Mahatma Gandhi in Kangra?- Pancham Chandra Katoch (Kangra), Sarvamitra (Nadaun), Lala Bashi Ram (Kangra), Kripal Singh ( Bhavarana) & Sidhu Ram (Tihra)

15. Lala Lajpat Rai came to Mandi and formed a revolutionary group there in –1906 A.D.

16. The peasant movement led by Ram Bahadur Singh, the Bisht of Powari, took place in Bushahr state in – 1906 A.D.

17. When did farmer’s revolt in Mandi take place under the leadership of Shobha Ram against the atrocities of Raja Bhawani Sen and his wazir Jiva Nand? – 1909 A.D.

18. Who was the Raja of Suket when Suket Satyagraha took place in 1948? – Raja Lakshman Sen

19. Suket got its name after Vyas Rishi’s grandson named – Sukhdev

20. When did second revolt of Dodovan peasants take place under the leadership of Sidhu Kharara of Badsu village? – 1909 A.D.

21. In 1912 A.D., after the death of Raja Bhawani Sen, his wife Rani Lalita Kumari joined the freedom movement and led the revolutionary movement of Lala Lajpat Rai in – Mandi

22. Rani Lalita Kumari was famous as – Rani Khairagarhi

23. The freedom fighter from Kangra, famous as ‘Frontier Gandhi’ in Himachal was – Bhajju Ram

24. Who were the active revolutionaries in Mandi conspiracy? – Mian Jawahar Singh, Sidhu Kharara, Badri Nath & Rani Lalita Kumari


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