One Liner Questions on Modern History of Himachal Pradesh – 4

By | September 12, 2017

1. What is true about Dumha movement? – It was a revolt against land taxes which were forced to be paid in cash, It was a collective, non-cooperative movement with Rohru of Bushahr state as its centre, Peasants of this movement went to forests along with their children and cattle and started living there & The movement was called off only when all their demands were met.

2. In 1862 A.D., a mass movement took place in Suket against the atrocities of the Wazir of Raja Ugger Sen named – Wazir Narottam & Wazir Dhunggal

3. When was a trade and transit treaty signed between Raja Kehri Singh, the ruler of Bushahr and the King of Tibet, which made provisions for no tax or transit duty on articles imported from or exported to Tibet (Lavi Treaty) – 1683 A.D.

4. In 1877 A.D., a mass movement and revolt took place in Nalagarh against the atrocities of – Wazir Ghulam Quadir Khan

5. Second Suket revolt, which took place in 1876 A.D., was led by – Mian Veer Singh

6. Suket revolt was against the atrocities of Raja Rudra Sen and his Wazir – Dhungal

7. In 1883 A.D., Jhugga Satyagraha took place in Bilaspur, which had following features- It was against the brutalities of Raja Amar Chand, The revolt was led by Pandits and Purohits of the state and Brahmins threatened to sacrifice themselves, Protesters gathered at a village Geharwin and constructed cottages of hay and grass, At the top of these grass houses, they placed the flags of their local deties & Gulaba Ram Nadda was their leader and he shot down police commander Niranjan Dass

8. Peasant movement in Chamba took place against the atrocities, forced labour (beggar) and taxes of Raja Sham Singh and Vazir Gobind Ram in – 1895 A.D.

9. Baba Lachchman Dass Arya of Una and his wife Durga Bai Arya joined the National freedom movement in – 1905 A.D.

10. Durga Bai formed Arya Mahila Mandal in Una in – 1912 A.D.

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11. In 1898 A.D., people movement took place in Beja and Theog, states (Thakurais) against the mal-administration.

12. In which year Satyanand Stokes of Kotgarh and Babu Kanshiram of Kunihar launched a movement to stop Begar system in Shimla hills? – 1920 A.D.

13. Land movement took place in Keonthal state in – 1887 A.D.

14. In which state a movement was launched from 1897 to 1902 A.D. against Raja Dhayan Singh for excessive land taxes? – Baghal

15. In 1905 A.D., a public revolt again took place in – Baghal state

16. In 1929 A.D., Pt. Rajender Datt led a movement in Sirmaur at Paonta and Nahan against land settlement.

17. In 1924 A.D., under the leadership of Ratan Singh of village Banaik (Sundernagar), a movement was launched in Suket state against forced labour and excessive taxes.

18. In 1918 A.D., a movement was launched in Nalagarh against draconian laws pertaining to forests and graziers.

19. In 1805 A.D., people of Bilaspur revolted against the misrule of local Raja named – Man Singh

20. Where did Dumha movement take place in 1858-59 AD, with its focal point at Rohru? – Rampur Bushahr


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  1. Abhishek

    Suket revolution m Rudra Sen bhi h Ugger Sen bhi or Raj Sen bhi… Totally confused. Please clarify this point.


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