One Liner Questions on Modern History of Himachal Pradesh – 3

By | September 11, 2017

1. Which of the following facts are correct about various religions in Lahual-Spiti? – Hinduism is the dominant religion of Lahaul sub –division & Budhism is the dominant religion of Spiti sub-division

2. When did revolt take place in Suket state during the rule of Raj Sen (1836-76) – 1862 A.D.

3. Dumha movement took place in Bushahr state in-1859 A.D.

4. People of Nalagarh revolted against the atrocities of their minister Ghulam Quadir Khan in –1876 A.D.

5. People of Suket revolted against the cruel rule of their Minister name –Narotam

6. In 1880 A.D., people of Chamba revolted against the atrocities of – Preetam Singh

7. Farmers movement took place in Mandi in-1909 A.D.

8. When did revolt take place at Dodra-Kawar of Bushahr state – 1906 A.D.

9. In 1909 AD, peasants of Mandi revolted during the rule of –Bhawani Sen

10. Farmers of Dodavan in Balh area of Mandi revolted in Sept., 1909. Who was the leader of this movement? – Sindhu Kharada

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11. Under whose leadership, Christian Moravian mission with its headquarter at Keylong was started in 1853 A.D. in Kinnaur and Lahaul-Spiti order to spread Christianity? – A.D.H. Frankell

12. When was this mission closed in Lahaul and Spiti? – August, 1940

13. What is true about Lahual? – At one time, Lahaul and Spiti was a separate Himalayan Waziri, The famous Udayaan preacher Padmasambhava introduced Budhism in Lahual & In Tibetain books, Zahor and Garsha have been referred to as Man and Lahaul respectively

14. Which of the following facts  about Lahaul? – Bahadur Singh ruled Lahaul from 1532-59 AD, Lahaul came under the control of Sikhs in 1840-41 AD & Lahaul came under the control of Britishers in 1846 AD

15. What is true about Spiti? – In early times, Spiti was ruled by pre-Buddhist Hindu dynasty, Rajas bearing the surname of Sen, Raja Samudra Sen was the ruler of Kullu invaded Spiti, In 1819 AD, Kullu Wazir Shobha Singh invaded Spiti & Dhankar was the capital of spiti rulers

16. Which of the following facts are true about Spiti?- The rulers of Spiti were called Nono, In 1941, Lahaul and Spiti one created as a separate district, In 1966, Lahaul and Spiti was created as a separate district & Kaza is the head quarter of Spiti

17. Shasha and Garza are Tibetan names of – Lahaul

18. In which year freedom fighter Ras Bihari Bose visited Keylong, the head quarter of Lahual and Spiti and spent 5 months there? – 1913 A.D.

19. A.P.H. Harcourt visited Lahaul in – 1869A.D.

20. When did earthquake shake Lahaul and Spiti?- 1974-75


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  1. ss

    Q16 is very unclear.kindly elaborate….lahaul and spiti was formed as a separate district in 1960….

  2. Ss

    Q2 during the given period the rule was of raja ugar sen not Raj sen…kindly correct it


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