One Liner Questions on Modern History of Himachal Pradesh – 2

By | September 11, 2017

1. Amar Singh Thapa subjugated Nalagarh, Jubbal, Punder and Dhami in – 1810 A.D.

2. Amar Singh Thapa defeated Bushahr army and subjugated Theog, Balson, Kotgarh, Jubbal and Rampur in – 1811 A.D.

3. Gurkhas earned the wrath of Britishers as Amar Singh Thapa interfered in Sarhind of Punjab and plains of Patiala and hence Britishers announced the war against Gurkha hill ruler on 1st November– 1814 A.D.

4. Who led the Britishers against Gurkhas? – Major General Rollo Gillapsy & Major General David Ochterlony

5. At which place, Amar Singh Thapa’s close confident Bhakti Thapa got killed at the hands of Britishers – Maloun Fort

6. Under the treaty of Saguli between Britishers and Gurkhas, following were allowed to escape to Nepal- Amar Singh Thapa

7. William Moorcraft, a traveller, visited Bilaspur in – 1820 A.D.

8. Which European traveller visited Chamba for the first time in 1839 A.D.? – Vigne

9. Britishers took 13 villages from Rana of Keonthal Sansar Sen and established Shimla town in – 1830 A.D.

10. Which British Major took these villages? – Major Kennedy

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11. Lahaul remained under Sikh control during – 1839-40

12. Who won the first Anglo-Sikh war in 1845-46 AD? – British

13. Lahore Treaty of 1846 A.D. between Britishers and Sikhs signifies – End of Sikh rule in Himachal, Start of British rule, Kangra hill states came under Britishers & Kullu and Lahaul and Spiti also came under Britishers

14. Which Sikh commander annexed the territories of Lahual and Spiti to his state and burnt the Bodh monasteries in Spiti? – Zoravar Singh

15. The Anglo-Sikh war treaty was singed between Maharaja Dalip Singh and Sir Henry Harding, the then British Governor General, on 9th March, 1846 at – Lahore

16. The last battle fought between Sikhs and Britishers in Feb., 1846 was – Battle of Sabraon

17. Who organized the rulers displaced by Britishers and announced a war against Britishers in 1848-49 A.D.? – Wazir Ram Singh Pathania

18. Which state under the leadership of Ram Singh Pathania became the first in Himachal to revolt against Britishers in 1848 A.D.? – Nurpur

19. During his war against Britishers, Ram Singh Pathania camped at –  Shahpur Fort, Raja ka Dera & Dale ki Dhar

20. In order to close-Knit the administration in hills, Britishers made following administrative units in Himachal- Kangra, Kullu, Lahual & Spiti under one Deputy Commisioner, Mandi, Suket, Bilaspur, Chamba under Superintendent Satluj states & Shimla hill states – Under a state superindent

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