Junior Office Assistant (IT) Exam 2017 (HPPSC)

By | June 30, 2017

1. I was happy to be…………friends again.

  1. among
  2. Between
  3. In between
  4. Amongst
  1. “Impediment” means:
  2. A) Agreement
  3. B) Freedom
  4. C) Slavery
  5. D) Obstacle
  1. Antonym of “Transparent” is:
  2. A) Coloured
  3. B) Bright
  4. C) Opaque
  5. D) Translucent
  1. An addition at the end of a letter:
  2. A) Prelude
  3. B) Post mortem
  4. C) Post script
  5. D) Post natal

20.Who is creating this mess? ( Change the voice):

  1. A) Who has created this mess?
  2. B) By whom was this mess created?
  3. C) Who created this mess?
  4. D) By whom is this mess being created?
  1. Which of the following adverbs is correct?
  2. A) Truely
  3. B) Truly
  4. C) Trully
  5. D) Truelly
  1. Which of the following sentences is correct?
  2. A) The flowers smell sweet.
  3. B) The flowers smell sweetly.
  4. C) The flowers sweet smells.
  5. D) The flowers smells sweets.

23.The second form of the verb ‘Go’ is:

  1. A) Goes
  2. B) Gone
  3. C) Went
  4. D) Going
  1. Which of the following is correctly spelt?
  2. A) Assessment
  3. B) Agriment
  4. C) Asignment
  5. D) Avarment
  1. What is the past participle of the verb ‘Swim’?
  2. A) Swam
  3. B) Swim
  4. C) Swum
  5. D) Sweem
  1. What is the antonym of ‘Balance’?
  2. A) Imbalance
  3. B) Unbalance
  4. C) Disbalance
  5. D) Surplus
  1. What is the plural of ‘Ox’?
  2. A) Oxes
  3. B) Oxen
  4. C) Many ox
  5. D) More ox
  1. What is the feminine of Fox?
  2. A) Lady Fox
  3. B) Foxen
  4. C) Vixen
  5. D) Fixen
  1. When we were in Rajasthan, we……..many forts.
  2. A) Watched
  3. B) Visioned
  4. C) Visited
  5. D) Enjoyed
  1. Be careful, there is ice………the road today.
  2. A) In
  3. B) At
  4. C) On
  5. D) Around

31.In which year Himachal Pradesh was made “Part-C” State?

  1. A) 1948
  2. B) 1966
  3. C) 1972
  4. D) 1951
  5. Chinese Pilgrim Hiuen Tsang called this lake ‘Lohitya Sarover’:
  6. A) Nako Lake
  7. B) Renuka lake
  8. C) Chandra Tal
  9. D) Rewalsar Lake

33.’Baspa’ is tributary of which river?

  1. A) Satluj
  2. B) Beas
  3. C) Ravi
  4. D) Yamuna
  1. Who gave the title of ‘Pahari Gandhi’ to Sh. Baba Kanshi Ram?
  2. A) M.K. Gandhi
  3. B) Pt. J.L. Nehru
  4. C) Sarojini Naidu
  5. D) Rabindranath Tagore

35.Which place of H.P. is known as “Ellora” and “Ajanta”?

  1. A) Sujanpur Tira
  2. B) Masroor
  3. C) Suketi
  4. D) Nako
  1. Which animal has been declared as the State animal ( State Symbol) of H.P.?
  2. A) Snow Leopard
  3. B) Yak
  4. C) Musk Deer
  5. D) Black Bear
  1. The present Chief Minister of H.P. Sh. Vir Bhadra Singh has become the Chief Minister of the State for the :
  2. A) 3rd time
  3. B) 5th time
  4. C) 4th time
  5. D) 6th time
  1. In which district of H.P. the rock salt is extracted on commercial basis?
  2. A) Mandi
  3. B) Hamirpur
  4. C) Solan
  5. D) Bilaspur
  1. Which of the following districts of H.P. has the least density of population?
  2. A) Kinnaur
  3. B) Hamirpur
  4. C) Chamba
  5. D) Lahaul and Spiti
  1. ‘Minjar’ fair is celebrated in which district of H.P.?
  2. A) Shimla
  3. B) Kangra
  4. C) Chamba
  5. D) Kullu

41.During the demonetization who was the Governor of Reserve Bank of India?

  1. A) Manmohan Singh
  2. B) Urjit Patel
  3. C) Raghu Ram Rajan
  4. D) Montek Singh Ahluwalia
  1. The president of India who is known as “missile man”:
  2. A) V.V. Giri
  3. B) Pranab Mukherjee
  4. C) A.P.J. Abdul kalam
  5. D) Rajendra Prasad
  1. The capital of Haryana is:
  2. A) Gurgaon
  3. B) Kurukshetra
  4. C) Chandigarh
  5. D) Faridabad
  1. Who was the Captain of Indian Test Cricket Team against England in Nov./Dec.2016?
  2. A) Virat kohli
  3. B) Mahender Singh Dhoni
  4. C) Sachin Tendulkar
  5. D) Saurav Gangulli

45.Which is the longest river of the world?

  1. A) Amazon
  2. B) Nile
  3. C) Ganges
  4. D) Thames
  1. ‘Gita’ is the holy book of:
  2. A) Sikhs
  3. B) Muslims
  4. C) Buddhists
  5. D) Hindus

47.The ‘First War of Panipat was fought between:

  1. A) Babar and Ibrahim Lodi
  2. B) Akbar and Hemu
  3. C) Humayun and Sher Shah Suri
  4. D) Ahmad Shah Abdali and Marathas
  1. Who wrote the National Anthem of India ‘Jana-Gana-Mana’?
  2. A) Bankim Chandra Chatterjee
  3. B) Rabindranath Tagore
  4. C) M.K. Gandhi
  5. D) Subhash Chandra Bose

49.Who is the Supreme Commander of Indian Forces?

  1. A) Prime Minister
  2. B) Chief Justice of India
  3. C) Speaker of Lok Sabha
  4. D) President of India
  1. Who has been elected the President of United States of America in recently held elections?
  2. A) Hillary Clinton
  3. B) Donald Trump
  4. C) Barack Obama
  5. D) George Bush

51.What is the full form of ‘http’?

  1. A) Hyper Text Transmission Protocol
  2. B) Hidden Text Transfer Protocol
  3. C) Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
  4. D) Hidden Text Transmision Protocol
  1. ‘.NET’ is a………… technology.
  2. A) ‘php’
  3. B) open source
  4. C) Intel
  5. D) Microsoft
  1. How many numbers of home pages a web site can contian?
  2. A) 1
  3. B) As many as one would like to have
  4. C) Depends upon the size of the content on the web site
  5. D) None of the above
  1. Which of the following is not the function of an OS?
  2. A) Memory Management
  3. B) Input/Output Management
  4. C) Job Scheduling
  5. D) Database Management

55.Which of the following is not an OS?

  1. A) Microsoft Windows
  2. B) Unix/Linux
  3. C) Android
  4. D) Oracle
  1. Which of the following is a web browser?
  2. A) Google
  3. B) Internet Explorer
  4. C) Microsoft Excel
  5. D) HP
  1. System Software is an interface between………
  2. A) Hardware and Application Software
  3. B) Application software and User
  4. C) ROM and RAM
  5. D) CPU and UPS
  1. Which of the following is not a Microsoft Windows version?
  2. A) Microsoft Windows 6
  3. B) Microsoft Windows 7
  4. C) Microsoft Windows XP
  5. D) Microsoft Windos 8
  1. Which of the following is the keyboard shortcut for ‘undo’ the last operation performed in Microsoft Office?
  2. A) Ctrl + s
  3. B) Ctrl + x
  4. C) Ctrl + z
  5. D) Ctrl + a

60.There are…………….. reserve words ‘C’.

  1. A) 32
  2. B) 24
  3. C) 36
  4. D) 64

61) Which of the following is not an arithmetic operator in ‘C’?

  1. A) ‘+’
  2. B) ‘-‘
  3. C) ‘%’
  4. D) ‘#’
  1. Any statement in ‘C’ language that starts with the character # is called a……..
  2. A) Pre-processor statement
  3. B) Post-processor statement
  4. C) Control statement
  5. D) None of these
  1. The full form of RAM is ………..
  2. A) Random Application Memory
  3. B) Random Access Memory
  4. C) Rare Application Memory
  5. D) Random Access Management
  1. The speed of operations of cache memory used in computers is slower than that of ………..
  2. A) RAM
  3. B) ROM
  4. C) HDD
    D) Registers in CPU
  5. While entering a formula in a cell in MS Excel, the entry must begin with ………..operator.
  6. A) (
  7. B) %
  8. C) #
  9. D) =
  1. A compiler is………….
  2. A) A combination of computer hardware
  3. B) A software utility that translates a program written in machine language into high level language
  4. C) A software utility that translates a program written in high level language into machine language
  5. D) A combination of computer hardware and software
  1. A byte consists of ……….
  2. A) 1 bit
  3. B) 4 bits
  4. C) 8 bits
  5. D) 16 bits

68.The term Giga Byte refers to…………..

  1. A) 1024 bits
  2. B) 1024 bytes
  3. C) 1024 kilo bytes
  4. D) 1024 mega bytes
  1. The full form of BCD is ………….
  2. A) Bit Coded Decimal
  3. B) Binary Coded Decimal
  4. C) Bit Coded Digit
  5. D) Binary Coded Digit
  1. Instructions and memory addresses in the RAM of a computer are stored using…………..
  2. A) Binary digits
  3. B) Decimal Digits
  4. C) Octal Digits
  5. D) Parity Bits
  1. A computer on Internet is uniquely identified by………
  2. A) Memory address
  3. B) E-mail address
  4. C) IP address
  5. D) Virtual address
  1. On the Internet, moving from one web site to another is known as………
  2. A) Uploading
  3. B) Downloading
  4. C) Searching
  5. D) Browsing

73.In Internet terminology, IP means…………..

  1. A) Internet Profile
  2. B) Internet Protocol
  3. C) Internet Processor
  4. D) Internet Procedure
  1. The output printed by a computer through a printer on the paper is called…………
  2. A) Virtual copy
  3. B) Hard copy
  4. C) Soft copy
  5. D) None of these
  1. Arrange in ascending order the units of memory TB, KB, GB, MB:
  2. A) MB>GB>TB>KB
  3. B) TB>GB>MB>KB
  4. C) GB>MB>KB>TB
  5. D) TB>MB>GB>KB
  1. Which of the following are components of Central Processing Unit(CPU)?
  2. A) Arithmetic Logic Unit, Mouse and Primary/Main Memory
  3. B) Arithmetic Logic Unit, Printer and Primary/Main Memory
  4. C) Control Unit, Monitor and Primary/Main Memory
  5. D) Arithmetic Logic Unit, Control Unit and Primary/Main Memory
  1. What is the full form of URL?
  2. A) Uniform Registered Link
  3. B) Uniform Resource Locator
  4. C) Uniform Resource Link
  5. D) Unified Resource Link
  1. In which of the following, Documents, Movies, Images and Photographs etc. are stored?
  2. A) Print Server
  3. B) Media Server
  4. C) Web Server
  5. D) File Server
  1. What is the full form of GUI in reference to computers?
  2. A) Graphical Unified Interface
  3. B) Graphical User Interface
  4. C) Graphical User Instrument
  5. D) Graphical Unified Instrument
  1. Which are the operations that are performed on RAM?
  2. A) Write only
  3. B) Read only
  4. C) Read and Write both
  5. D) It depends on the user
  1. Which of the following is the outcome of data processing?
  2. A) Software Program
  3. B) Data
  4. C) System
  5. D) Information
  1. DNS in Internet technology stands for…………
  2. A) Domain Name System
  3. B) Dynamic Name System
  4. C) Distributed Name System
  5. D) Data Name System
  1. Which of the following operations is not performed by a computer?
  2. A) Control
  3. B) Output
  4. C) Understand
  5. D) Input
  1. The ‘folders’ in an operating system are based on……..structure.
  2. A) Doubly linked
  3. B) Queue
  4. C) Inverted Tree
  5. D) Graph
  1. Which of the following alignments will apply by default when some text is entered in a cell in a worksheet of Microsoft Excel?
  2. A) Centre
  3. B) Left
  4. C) Right
  5. D) None of these
  1. Which of the following addressing modes can be used for writing formulas in a cell in Microsoft Excel?
  2. A) Relative
  3. B) Absolute
  4. C) Mixed
  5. D) All of these
  1. What is a hyperlink?
  2. A) It is used to save the web site
  3. B) It is used to link web pages
  4. C) It is a link which is hypersensitive to user
  5. D) None of the above
  1. Which of the following is not a component in multimedia?
  2. A) Audio
  3. B) Video
  4. C) Data
  5. D) Pendrive
  1. IPR stands for………….
  2. A) Intellectual Property Rights
  3. B) Illegal Property Rights
  4. C) Intellectual Property Rites
  5. D) None of these
  1. Which of the following is not true for Microsoft Power Point presentation?
  2. A) The slides can be run with the help of slide show
  3. B) The access to a particular slide can be restricted
  4. C) The transition speed for the slides can be adjusted before running the slide show
  5. D) The transition speed for the slides cannot be adjusted before running the side show
  1. The full form of SQL is………..
  2. A) Standard Query Language
  3. B) Structured Queuing Language
  4. C) Standard Queuing Language
  5. D) Structured Query Language

92.An attribute in a table is a foreign key if the…………….key from another table is used as an attribute in that table.

  1. A) Candidate
  2. B) Super
  3. C) Primary
  4. D) Foreign
  1. Which one of the following attributes can be used as a primary key?
  2. A) Candidate Name
  3. B) Street Name
  4. C) Adhaar Card Number
  5. D) None of these
  1. Under what condition, the subset of super key is a candidate key?
  2. A) All subsets are super keys
  3. B) Subset is a super key
  4. C) No proper subset is a super key
  5. D) Each subset is a super key
  1. Create table employee (name varchar, id integer). What type of statement is this?
  2. A) View
  3. B) DCL
  4. C) DML
  5. D) DDL
  1. Which of the following devices can be used to connect a computer to the Internet through a telephone line?
  2. A) Modem
  3. B) Hub
  4. C) Extension Board
  5. D) None of these
  1. Which of the following does not work on the principles of magnetization?
  2. A) Hard Disk Drive
  3. B) Floppy Disk Drive
  4. C) Magnetic Tape
  5. D) Pen Drive
  1. Which of the following statements is false?
  2. A) The mouse can be used to scroll/move the cursor
  3. B) Keyboard can be used as an output device
  4. C) DVD can be used to store the data permanently
  5. D) Mike can be used to record voice in a computer
  6. Which of the following is not a key on the keyboard of a normal PC?
  7. A) +
  8. B) f
  9. C) Tab
  10. D) Sys
  1. Internet is an example of……………….
  2. A) Local Area Network
  3. B) Metropolitan Area Network
  4. C) Wide Area Network
  5. D) Storage Network

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