Solved Paper Junior Office Assistant 2017 (HPSSC Hamirpur)

By | June 30, 2017

1. “Shola Forest” are Tropical Montane Forest

2. The largest number of tiger reserves in India are located in – Madhya Pradesh

3. Which gas is responsible for global warming?- Carbon dioxide

4. The oldest coal-field in India is – Raniganj

5. A cube is divided into 27 small cubes of 3 cm side each. What will be the lenght of the side of big cube? – 9 cm

6. Piyush walked 7 m in the direction of North and then he turned to his right and walked 6m. After this he turned to his right and moved 15 m. Now how far is he from the starting point? – 10m

Direction (Q.7&8): Read the following and answer the questions:
A,B,C,D,E and F are sitting in a circle facing towards the centre. D is between F and B. A is second to the left of D and second to the right of E.
7. Who is facing towards A?-B or F

8. Who is facing towards D?- C

9. Raman is 9th from downwards in a class of 31 students. What will be his position from upwards? – 23rd

10. Introducing a woman, a man said, “His father is the only son of my mother.” How is the woman related to that man?- Daughter

11. If all the numbers from 7 to 51 which are divisible by 7 are removed, then how many numbers will be left? – 38

12. If the third day of month is Monday, then which day will be on 5th day after 21st of the month? – Wednesday

13.In a code ‘NOBLE’ is denoted by ‘QREOH’, then the coded form of ‘PLATE’ in the same code will be – SODWH

14. As ‘Bird’ is related to ‘wing’, in the same way, ‘fish’ is relatd to – Fins

15. Which one of the following does not belong to the group of others? – X-Ray

16. If Mosque is called Gurdwara, Gurudwara is called Temple, Temple is called Church, Church is called Fire temple then tell where do the Christians do their worship? – Fire- Temple

17. Who has been named India’s richest person in Forbes latest list?- Mukesh Ambani

18. Who is the author of the book ‘Citizen and Soceity’? – Hamid Ansari

19.Who became India’s first woman to win a medal at the Paralympics? – Deepa Malik

20. Which one of the following became the 35th members of Missile Technology Control Regime(MTCR)? – India

21. Which Indian-origin man has been honoured with knighthood? – Harpal Singh Kumar

22. Which country successfully test-fired Shaheen-1A missile? – Pakistan

23. Lobsang Sangey has been re-elected as the Prime Minister of – The Tibetan government in Exile

24. Which country’s Parliament became first in the world to run fully on solar energy? – Pakistan

25. Who became the first English cricketer to score 10,000 Test runs? – Alastair Cook

26. Who became the most successful female climber of Mount Everest? – Lhakpa Sherpa

27.The ‘Sunway Taihulight’ has been declared as the fastest…………in the world? – Supercomputer

28. Euro cup -2016 was won by- Portugal

29. World’s first quantum-enabled satellite ‘Micius’ was launched by – China

30. The first BRICS film festival was orgainsed in – New Delhi

31. The world’d largest radio telescope “FAST” was commissioned by – China

32. The ambassdor of ‘Make in India’ initiative is – Piruz Khambatta

33. India’s fastest train is – Gatimaan Express

34. The chairman of 21st Law Commission is – Justice Balbir Singh Chauhan

35.Who became India’s first woman member of the IOC? – Nita Ambani

36. Which state became the first state to ratify GST Bill? – Assam

37. ‘INS Tarmugli” is the first – follow-on Water Jet Fast Attack Craft

38. ‘Swachh Himachal- Padhai Bhi, Safai Bhi’ campaign was launched by – HPCA

39. Which state of India became the first state to launch Rotavirus Vaccination Project? – Himachal Pradesh

40. The 2015 Paragliding World Cup was held in – India

41. India’s first e-Vidhan Mobile App was launched by – H.P.

42. Which one of the following was associated with INA? – Bakshi Pratap Singh

43. Who was the first Health Minister in the Indian Cabinet? – Rajkumari Amrit Kaur

44. Ice-skating club is located in which district of Himachal Pradesh? – Shimla

45. Indira Gandhi Medical College is located at – Shimla

46. Dr. Y.S. Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry was established in the year – 1985

47. The most populous district of Himachal Pradesh is – Kangra

48. Scheduled Caste population of H.P. is approximately how many percent of the total population of the state? – 25

49. Which of the following district was earliest to be formed? – Chamba

50. Who was the first Speaker of Legislative Assembly of Himachal Pradesh? – Pandit Jaiwant Ram

51. The popular Holi festival is incomparably celebrated in which place? – Sujanpur

52. The dance ‘Swang Tegi’ is performed during the festival of – Diwali

53. Which among the following districts of Himachal Pradesh has least road network? – Kinnaur

Directions ( Q.54 to 59): Every sentence( given below) is divided into three sections (A), (B) and (C). Read the sentence carefully and mark the section that contains an error. If there is no error in the sentence, mark (D).

54. She is more beautiful (A) / but not so intelligent (B) / as her sister. (C) /No error (D)

55 The patient will die (A) / before (B) / the doctor comes. (C) / No error (D)

56. I declared (A) / that all will go wrong (B) / without her. (C) / No error (D)

57. Work hard (A) / lest (B)/ you may not fail. (C) No error (D)

58. I will stand by you (A) / in (B) / thick and thin. (C) / No error (D)

59. No country of the world (A) / is as beautiful as (B) / India. (C) / No error (D)

Directions (Q. 60 to 65): Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions by choosing from the four given alternatives.(A), (B), (C) and (D).

60. She said that she was feeling sick at heart.

61. We searched for happiness in vain.

62. I can write a book on grammer.

63. You are advised to write with pencil.

64. Beware of back-biters.

65. Our clothes were soaked in water.

76. Which of the following is a conventional energy source? – Biomass energy

77. During Solar eclipse- the moon comes in between the Sun and the Earth.

78. The scientist who first discovered that the Earth revolves round the Sun was – Copernicus

79. Density of water is – maximum at 4 ‘C

80. Ball Pen functions on which one of the following principle? – Surface tension

81. When ice melts, its- Volume decreases

82. Sound wave cannot pass through above – a perfect vacumm

83. Device used to measure very high temperature is – Pyrometer

84. The image formed on the retina of a human eye is – real and inverted

85. A fuse wire is made of an alloy of – tin and lead

86. A radar beam consists of – microwaves 

87.The gas used in a refrigerator is – cooled down when expanded

88. Radioactive susbtance used in dating geological object is – C-14

89. Butter is a colloid formed when- Water is dispersed in fat.

90. Which one of the following is not a chemical change? – Freezing of water

91. Which one of the following is the softest metal? – Sodium

92. Dry ice is – CO2(s)

93. Glass is best described as a – Supercooled liquid

94.In the heavy vehicles, diesel is used as fuel because – it has high power and economic savings

95. The natural rubber is a polymer of – Isoprene

96. What is the pH of pure water? – 7

97. The main constituent of Vinegar is – Acetic acid

98. The metal present in Vitamin B12 is – Cobalt

99. Vermicompost is a/an – organic bio- Fertilizer

100. Suicidal bag of cell is – Lysosome

101. Pair of ribs found in man: – 12

102. Dinosaur was – Reptile

103. What is MRI? – Magnetic Resonance Imaging

104. The cause of tuberculosis is – Bacteria

105. Insulin is a kind of – Hormone

106. Process by which plants prepare their food is called – Photosynthesis

107.Bile is stored in human beings in the- Gall bladder

108. Human skin is – an organ

109. A seed is ripened – ovule

110. Tallest tree is – Sequoia

111. What is mixed farming? – Growing several crops and rearing animals

112. Earthworm is called farmer’s friend beacuse – it makes soil porous

113. Saffron is obtained from which part of plants? – Stigma

114.Which one of the following is responsible for the stimulating effect of tea? – Alkaloid

115. Pashmina wool famous for its warmth is obtained from – Goat

116. ‘Encryption’ in cyber world means – algorithmic alteration of password into scrabbled data to prevent access

117. Who is the father of super computer? – Seymour Cray

118. Which one of the following computer languages is not the procedure-oriented language? – Simula

119. Which one of the following applications uses the UNIX as an operating system? – Internet servers, Mobile devices & Work station

120. Which one of the following internet protocol version is the most deployed internet layer protocol? – IPv4

121. What is computer firewall? – It is software or hardware- based program to protect against threats and make the internet network secure.

122. What is the Super Cookie? – It is a cookie with a public suffix domain

123. Which one of the following microprocessors is the world’s first commercially available microprocessor? – Intel 4004

124. Most commonly used operating system in the super computers is – Linux OS

125. Who is the father of Computer Science? – Alan Turing

126. ‘Yapaniya’ was a school of – Jainism

127. Sarnath is associated with which aspect of Buddha’s life? – First Sermon

128. The great scholar, Banabhatta, lived during the reign of – Harsha

129. ‘Jaubani’ is a dance form traditionally performed in North Eastern India by the – Dimasas

130. Which of the following is a dance drama? – Kathakali

131. India’s first talkie film produced in 1931 was – Alam Ara

132.Which one of the following sites is famous for prehistoric paintings? – Bhimbetka

133. At which place the famous enigmatic Trimurty Sadasiva located? – Elephanta

134. Gandhar Art is a combination of – Indian and Greek style

135. Who wrote the book ‘Neel Darpan’? – Dinabandhu Mitra

136. The sangam text ‘ Talkappiyam’ is a work on – Grammer

137. ‘Baisakhi’ is celebrated on – Establishment of Khalsa Panth

138. Which of the following festival is closely related to the legendary king Bali? – Onam

139.Which of the following leader never became the President of IndianNational Congress? – Bal Gangadhar Tilak

140. Who of the following was known as ‘Deshbandhu’? – Chittranjan Das

141. All India Trade Union Congress was formed in the year – 1920

142. Mahatma Gandhi became the President of Indian National Congress in – Belgaum Session, 1924

143. Who is remembered as the pioneer of economic nationalism? – B.G. Tilak

144. Who presided over the Cabinet Mission? – P. Lawrence

145. Who of the following was associated with the August Offer? – Lord Linlithgow

146.Who was called the ‘Iron Man of India’? – Sardar Vallabhabhai Patel

147. Who is known as ‘Lok Nayak’? – Jai Prakash Narayan

148. Quit India Movement was launched in response to – Cripps Proposals

149. The first state in India which was created on linguistic basis is – Andhra Pradesh

150. Jammu and Kashmir became an integral part of India on 26th October of –1947

151. Who amongst the following drafted the ‘Sarvodaya Plan’? – Jai Prakash Narain

152. Which revolutionary died after 64 days fast in Jail? – Jatin Das

153. Rani Gaidinliu was the fearless freedom fighter from which of the following part of the then British India? – Nagaland

154. The members of the Rajya Sabha are – Elected indirectly

155. What is the fix number of members of Lok Sabha? – 545

156. The function of the Pro-term Speaker is to – Swearing members

157. What is ‘Zero Hour’? – When matters of utmost importance are raised

158.To whom does the Public Accounts Committee submit its report? – Speaker of Lok Sabha

159. How many types of writs can be issued by the Supreme Court? – 5

160. Which of the following is not appointed by the Governor? – Judges of the High Court

161. The salary of the Government is changed on- the consolidated fund of the state

162. The three-tier system of Panchyati Raj was initially remmended by – Balwant Rai Mehta Committee

163.”PRIYASOFT” is related to – Panchayat

164. Who is the chairman of Second Administrative Reforms Commission? – M.Veerapa Moily

165. A financial emergency can be declared by applying which of the following article of the constitution of India? – 360

166. How many languages have been recognized by the Constitution? – 22

167. Which of the following is contained in the eleventh schedule of Indian Constitution? – Provisions of Panchyati Raj

168. Which one of the following schemes is the recast form of the National Literacy Mission of India? – Sakshar Bharat

169. Who are provided social security under the “Aam Admi Bima Yojna”?- All landless labors living in rural areas

170. National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme was launched initially in – 200 districts

171. NITI Aayog stands for – National Institution for Transforming India

172. Where is the Central Rice Research Institute located? – Cuttack

173. Gilt-edged means- market of Government securities

174. Priority sector lending by banks in India constitutes the lending to – Weaker sections, Agriculture and Micro and small enterprises

175. The major aim of devaluation is to – encourage imports and encourage exports

176. Insurance trade in India is regulated by – IRDA

177. ‘Octroi’ is levied and controlled by – Local bodies

178. Where was the electricity supply first introduced in India? – Darjeeling

179. The term ‘Paper Gold’ means – Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) of the IMF

180. Which one of the following is not a member of MERCOSUR ( Southern Common Market)? – Chile

181. Which one of the following state has the longest coastline? – Gujarat

182. Western Ghats are – escarpment of the plateaus

183. With which country India has the longest International boundary? – Bangladesh

184. Zanskar range is situated in – Jammu and Kashmir

185. Which one of the following states has the world’s largest fresh water island? – Assam

186. Which one of the following rivers forms an estuary?Narmada

187.The technique of inducing rain from cloud is called? – Cloud seeding

188. Which one of the following is the first National Park established in India? – Corbett

189. Which type of soil retains maximum amount of water? – Clay

190. Terrace farming is done – On the slope of hills

191. Which of the following is not a kharif crop? – Mustard

192. ‘Tehri’ dam is built on which of the following rivers? – Bhagirathi

193. Which of the following is called the ‘Shrimp Capital of India’? – Nellore

194. Which of the following states is the largest producer of Rock Phosphate in India? – Rajasthan

195. ‘Manchester’ of South India is – Coimbatore

196. Which is the artificial port of India- Chennai

197. Which of the following is the largest tribal group of India as per Census 2011? – Bhils

198. ‘Red Data Book’ gives information about species which are- endangered

199. ‘SPM’ stands for – Suspended Particulate Matter

200. Ozone holes are more pronounced at the – Poles

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