Solved Paper Junior Office Assistant (Information Technology) Screening Test 2017 (H.P.U)

By | June 30, 2017
  1. Computer is an Electronic device.2. Which one of the following is considered is brain of a computer? – CPU3. Division by zero in a program causes – Interrupt4. One byte is 8 bits.

    5. A/An Address is used to identify memory location.

    6. A 16 bit address bus can generate 216addresses.

    7. Microprocessors is used to make – Computer, Digital watch & Calculator

    8. Which of the following is a secondary storage device? – Hard disk

    9. EPROM stands for – Erasable programmable read-only memory

    10. The octal equivalence of 1111010 is – 172

    11. The binary equivalent of decimal number 60.60 is – 111100.1001

    12. Which of the following is not functional unit of a computer? – DMA

    13. Give the odd man out – Printer

    14. 1 Giga Bytes = m Bytes where m is equal to –   10243

  2. 15. A computer does not have – Intelligence16. There are V generations of computers.17. Which of the following is used for transferring data from one place to another place computer? – Bus18. CPU does not have following component – Cache memory

    19. Which of the following port is used for printer? – Parallel port

    20. The binary equivalent of decimal number -27, in Two’s Complement System is – 11100101

    21. The execution of an instruction in a computer is done in Execute mode.

    22. The resolution of a screen is measured as the number of pixels – Along length and breadth of screen

    23. Which of the following is Universal Logic Gate? – NOR

    24. Hexadecimal system uses the 0-9, a-f = symbols

    25. The hexadecimal equivalent of binary number 101010101010 is – AAA

    26. Which of the following methods is commonly used for subtraction in binary number system – Two’s Complement

    27. In computers instructions and memory addresses in machine language are in – Binary digits

    28. The dimension of a monitor is expressed as – Diagonal length of the screen

    29. X and y are Boolean variables. The value of NOT ( x AND y) is – NOT(x) OR NOT(y)

    30. A and B are Boolean variables, which of the following simplifies to (AX or B) – NOT ((NOT A AND B) OR (A AND NOT B))

    31. A word processor is most likely used for – Typing a document

    32. Pressing Keys together “<ctrl>+Home”, in a document opened in MS-Word, moves the cursor to the beginning of the Document

    33. MS-Word is a/an – Word Processor

    34. MS-Excel is a – Electronic spread sheet

    35. MS-Power Point is a – Presentation Software

    36. MS-Access is a – Data base management system

    37. Which of the following is not a valid data type in MS-Excel? – Character

    38. A cell in MS-Excel can be activated by – Pressing the Tab key, Clicking the ell & Pressing an arrow key
    39. In MS-Excel, function = today() returns- Data value for the day according to system clock

    40. An excel workbook is a collection of – Worksheets and charts.

    41. The F1 key is used to open the Help window, in MS-PowerPoint

    42. The Ctrl+N short cut key insert a new slide in current presentation, in MS-PowerPoint.

    43. To start slide show of a selected presentation – From Slide Show menu choose View Show option

    44. Strikethrough font effect is not available in MS-PowerPoint Font dialog box.
    45. In database system, a composite key is – Made up of two or more attributes.

    46. Which of the following items smallest in a table of a database? – Fields

    47. Which of the following is true in a DBS? – Redundancy can be reduced

    48. A Query is used to get some information from tables in a relational DBS.

    49. Worksheets are not a MS-Access Database Object.

    50. Which of the following is DDL statement in MS-Access? – CREATE

    51. Who was the first President of India? – Dr. Rajendra Prasad

    52. When “Hindi Divas” is celebrated in India? – 14 September

    53. The book “Discovery of India” is written by – Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru

    54. 47th Dada Saheb Phalkhe Award was given to – Manoj Kumar

    55. Who is the Governor of Reserve Bank of India? – Urjit Patel

    56. Who is the President of United States of America? – Donald Trump

    57. Demonetization of India currency of rupees 500 and 1000 was announced by P.M. Modi- 8th November, 2016

    58. Who is the Chief Minister of U.P. state? – Yogi Adityanath

    59. Which is the official language of India? – Hindi

    60. Where is the “Lal Quila” located? – Delhi

    61. Himachal Pradesh came in full Statehood in – 1971

    62. Mandi city is located at the bank of river – Beas

    63. First Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh was – Y.S. Parmar

    64. Largest city in Himachal Pradesh is – Shimla

    65. In which part of Himachal Pradesh is large population of Buddhist? – Lahul and Spiti

    66. Mahumd Gajnavi attacked on Kangra Fort in – 1009 AD

    67. Himachal Pradesh declared a Union Territory in – 1956

    68. Simbalbara Natural Park is situated at district – Sirmaur

    69. Naina Devi temple was built by – Raja Veerchandra

    70. Who is the famous Hindi writer and scholar from Himachal Pradesh? – Chandra Dhar Sharma Guleri

    71. Where is the head office “HP Public Service Commission? – Shimla

    72. On which river Bhakra Dam Project is located? – Satluj

    73. In which district Mani Mahesh lake is situated? – Chamba

    74. The State Day of Himachal Pradesh is – 15th April

    75. The longest river of Himachal Pradesh is – Satluj

    76. Who became new Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu after the death of Jailalita? – Palani Swami

    77. Who is the finance minister of India at present? – Arun Jaitley

    78. Which state declared 2007 as ‘Year of Apple’? –Jammu & Kashmir

    79. Which Politician is the recipient of Padma Bhushan Award, 2017? – Murli Manohar Joshi

    80. Which Hindi film has been awarded 62nd Filmfare Award? – Dangal

    81. The legendary actor Om Puri passed away in year – 2017

    82. What is the name of Arwind Kejriwal’s political party?- Aam Admi Party

    83. On which day International Women’s Day is celebrated? – 8 March

    84. Who has been appointed as the new CBI Director? – Alok Kr. Verma

    85. Who became India’s first women to win a medal at Paralympics? – Deepa Malik

    86. Who is the National President of BJP? – Amit Shah

    87. Who among the following has been re-appointed Chairman of ICC cricket committee for three years? – Anil Kumble

    88. Which team won the junior Hockey World Cup, 2016? – Pakistan

    89. Which of the following term is not associated with banking? – FERA

    90. Which of the following court made an opinion that ‘Tripple Talaq’ is unconstitutional? – Allahabad High Court

    91. Who is the present Prime Minister of Nepal?-Pushpkamal Dahal Parchand

    92. In which country G-20 Summit was held in 2016? – China

    93. 8th BRICKS Summit, 2016 was held at – Goa

    94. Which Indian state was the first to adopt Fly Ash Utilization Policy? – Maharashtra

    95. In which year was the GST Bill passed in Parliament? – 2016

    96. Vijay Rupani is the Chief Minister of – Gujrat

    97. Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award, 2016 for Badminton was awarded to – P.V. Sindhu

    98. 17th FIFA Award, 2016 for the best film was given to – Bajrangi Bhaijan

    99. What is the new name of Race Course Road where Prime Minister of India resides? – Lok Kalyan Marg

    100. Where is the India’s 2nd Green Airport Terminal located? – Vododara

    101. Which one of the following is connected with the sense of touch? – Skin

    102. Barometer is used to measure – Atmospheric pressure

    103. Pollination by wind is called – Anemophily

    104. Audio frequencies for humans lie in the range – 20-20,000 Hertz

    105. The intensity of earthquake is measured on – Richter scale

    106. A device to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy is called – Dyanmo

    107. Silk is produced by – Pupa of silkworm

    108. Night vision apparatus use – Infrared rays

    109. Which gland produces insulin – Pancreas

    110. Which of the following is present in pencils? – Graphite

    111. Food is cooked quicker in pressure cooker because – High pressure steam has high temperature

    112. Function of ozone layer in earth’s atmosphere is – To filter ultraviolet rays

    113. Which one of the following is incorrect?- Microorganism (yeast) cannot live without oxygen

    114. Gases used to disinfect water in sewage treatment are – Ozone and Cholrine

    115. Odometer is used to measure- The actual distance travelled by the vehicle

    116. Which of the following is considered as renewable source of energy? – Hydroelectric dam

    117. Most of the weather phenomenon occurs in the layer of atmosphere called? – Troposphere

    118. Weight of a person on moon is – 1/6 of its weight on earth.

    119. Which one of the following is a kharif crop? – Rice, Maize & Cotton

    120. Chief constituent of ‘Gobar Gas’ is – Methane

    121. CNG stands for – Compressed Natural Gas

    122. Spinach leaves are rich source of – Iron

    123. Which one is the hardest substance available on earth? – Diamond

    124. The maximum risk to air navigation is from – Fogs

    125. Water vapours at low temperature are known as – Mist

    126. Sita runs fast in the field ( select the adverb) – Fast

    127. Which of the following sentence is correct? – Sudhakar is studying in the library

    128. The Second form of ‘Go’ is – Went

    129. Which of the following is correctly spelt? – Psychology

    130. Our school is between the post office and the cinema hall.

    131. Sita’s mother told her to take the bag.(Select the pronoun)

    132. I went to Frontier Bakery for the lunch.(Select the proper noun)

    133. Tanya is a graceful dancer. ( Select the adjective).

    134. Our teacher teaches us very honestly.( Specify the subject)

    135. His piece of cake is Bigger than mine. ( Fill in the blank)

    136. We chose the Largest pumpkin.(Fill in the blank)

    137. I made a big Mistake today. ( Fill in the blank)

    138. Choose the correct sentence – Rani wants a doll, a bike and a dress

    139. Jayshree is studying very hard now-a-days. ( Fill in the blank)

    140. Which of the following word is noun? – Kindness

    141. The pen is on the table. ( Select the preposition)

    142. She herself bought the book. ( Select the pronoun)

    143. I have come today ( Fill in the blank)

    144. There is little milk in the glass ( Select the adjective)

    145. What is the second form of BUY? – Bought

    146. What is the plural form of Woman? – Women

    147. It was raining cats and dogs when we got off the bus. ( Write the correct meaning) – It was raining heavily

    148. In summer vacation I feel as free as a Bird ( Fill in the Blank)

    149. Rama can swim like a Fish ( Fill in the blank)

    150. Choose the correct sentence – The teacher says, “Honesty is the best policy.”

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