Mamail Fair of Karsog – Himachal Pradesh

By | June 14, 2020


The temple of Mamleshwar at Mamail is at a distance of 2 Kms. from Karsog. Vijay Dashmi fair is held there every year on the 11th day of the bright half of the lunar month in Asavina (October).

According to the local legend, Lord Parshu Ram placed 80 Shivlingas in various parts of Karsog tahsil and the 81st was the image of Mamleshwar Mahadev which emerged itself from the ground.

The temple, it is believed, was constructed by the Pandvas.

On the festival day of Vijay Dashmi two decorated palanquins, called ‘raths’ one of Mahadev Mamail and other of Nag Kajauni which are enshrined in the same temple are taken out to the courtyard with the beat of drums and by playing musical instruments and the deities are worshipped in the traditional manner and thereafter the procession starts with great gusto and the people shower walnuts on the ‘raths’ as their offerings.

Here the deities dance for some time and take rest.

The fair is held to commemorate the victory of Lord Rama over the demon Ravana and attended by the villagers of the surrounding areas.

Women and children are attired in colorful dresses.

The people look cheerful, happy and gay. Before the sun sets the deities to return to the temple.

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