Mahunag Fair of Karsog – Himachal Pradesh

By | June 14, 2020


Bakhari is a small hamlet in Mahu Panchayat circle about 13 kms. from Churag on Shimla-Karsog road where the temple of Mahunag is situated at a height of about 2,000 metres.

A fair is held on a rectangular piece of land surrounded by tall pine trees, about 2 kms. away from the temple, known as Bagra Dhar on the 2nd and 3rd Jaistah (May) every year.

According to a legend, one day, a person was ploughing his field in village Shaindal when the poignant knob of his plough struck an image, which came out.

The spirit of the God appeared in person and spoke, “I was Raja Karana and now I have assumed the form of Nag. I should be installed in a proper place”.

So, the idol was taken to village Bhamnala about 2 kms. from Bakhari. But, God refused to stay there and went to Bakhari.

On reaching the village there was lightening and a tree caught fire. The god stayed there and a temple was erected. The fire caused by the lightning was kept alive and still smoulders round the clock, but, it is not known as to when and by whom the temple was constructed.

According to another legend, Raja Shyam Sen of Suket was imprisoned by the Mughal emperor of Delhi and while in captivity he prayed to Mahunag who appeared to him in the form of a bee and promised an early release.

It is stated that Raja Shyam Sen on his return from Delhi granted a jagir of Rs. 400 to the temple of Mahunag. Mahunag is the popular god of the tahsil Karsog and is worshipped by good number of people in other parts of Mandi, Shimla and Sirmaur districts.

The temple is made of stone and wood.

In one small apartment, anthropomorphic images made of silver and brass sheets representing the deity are fixed on the walls and are worshipped daily in the morning.

The people have great faith in Mahunag especially in the cure of snakebites.

It is stated that no one dies of snakebite if Mahunag is invoked.

In the fair, Nati folk dances are organized in addition to the various other games.

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