MCQs Himachal GK (Muslim Invaders and Sultanate period) – 1

By | July 2, 2017

1.In which year did Mahmud Ghaznavi captured and looted the Kangra Fort? (Note- Nagarkot fort and Kangra Fort are same)

  1. 1009 AD
  2. 1008 AD
  3. 1007 AD
  4. 1005 AD

2.Who looted Nagarkot (Old Kangra City) in 1009 AD?

  1. Muhammad Ghori
  2. Mahmud Ghaznavi
  3. Nadir Shah
  4. Ahmed Shah Abdali

3. Which ruler of Nurpur was the contemporary of Sikander Lodhi?

  1. Takhtpal
  2. Bhilpal
  3. Vasudev
  4. Nagpal

4. When did Muhammad bin Tuglaq invade the Kangra (Nagarkot) Fort?

  1. 1737 AD
  2. 1437 AD
  3. 1527 AD
  4. 1337 AD

5. Which temple of Kangra was destroyed by the army of Mahmud Ghaznavi?

  1. Mahakali
  2. Chamunda
  3. Brajeshwari
  4. Jawalamukhi

6. In 1337 AD which Muslim ruler captured the Kangra Fort?

  1. Muhammad bin Tuglaq
  2. Temurlang
  3. Mahmud Ghaznavi
  4. Muhammad Ghori

7.In the latter half of 14th century which Muslim Emperor laid siege to the Nagarkot fort for 6 months continuously and forced its ruler to surrender?

  1. Mahmud Ghaznavi
  2. Muhammad bin Tuglaq
  3. Firoz Shah Tuglaq
  4. Muhammad Ghori

8. Why the Hindu king ‘Jaipal’ of Shahiya dynasty was compelled to sign an insulting agreement with ‘Subuktigin’ the ruler of Ghazani?

  1. Due to rebellion by one of his Sipah-Salar (military commander)
  2. Due to death of his son
  3. Due to the scarcity of money
  4. Due to a snow storm

9. Which of the following temple contained 300 Sanskrit books which were later on also translated to Persian following the order of Firoz Shah Tuglaq?

  1. Jawalamukhi
  2. Masrur
  3. Baijnath
  4. Trilokinath

10. In which year did Tamurlang (also known as Timur or Tamurlane) attacked Kangra (Nagarkot)?

  1. 1375 AD
  2. 1398 AD
  3. 1401 AD
  4. 1450 AD

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