One Liner Questions on Modern History of Himachal Pradesh – 7

By | December 6, 2017

1. Traveller James Belly Frazer who reached Sarahan in 1815 AD has written about- Kinnauri People

2. The European writer Jerard was the first European to reach Kinnaur and stayed at- Jangi

3. Chini is the old name of – Kalpa

4. Major Blair Reid was appointed as Superintendent of Chamba state in 1863 AD by British Govt. He is known for important – Reforms

5. Who established army cantonment at Dalhousie in 1851 and Velloon in 1866 AD? – Britishers

6. In which year Raja Shayam Singh of Chamba met Prince Wales Edward? – 1876 A.D.

7. Who was installed as Raja of Chamba at the young age of seven by General Reynall Taylor, the commissioner of Amritsar, on 7th Oct.,1873?- Raja Shayam Singh

8. Bhuri Singh was installed as Raja of Chamba by Lieutenant Governor of Punjab on May 12- 1904 A.D.

9. When was the only middle school in Chamba raised to high school level? – 1905 A.D.

10. Which Raja was bestowed with a knighthood, the most eminent order of the Indian/European by the Britishers for recognizing his services rendered to the Britishers in World War I in 1914?- Raja Bhuri Singh

11. Prior to merger, Chamba state was divided into following five wazirats – Bhatiyat, Chamba, Churah, Bharmour & Pangi

12. During the rule, Ludhiana division was raised under the command of – Major-General David Ochterlony

13. Asylum for the orphaned Children of European soldiers was founded at Kasauli by Henry Lawrence, the brother of Sir John Lawrence, the Govenor-General and Viceroy of India from – 1864

14. In 1913 A.D., in a conference held at Shimla, and attended by British China and Tibet, Viceroy Lord Hardinge adopted McMohon line  as a solution to – Sino-India border dispute

15. Godfrey Thomas Vigne travelled in Nurpur during – June, 1835 and 1839 A.D.

16. Shimla remained totally undiscovered during Gurkha war, Shimla was discovered in 1819 A.D. only after Gurkha war & Scottish Civil Servant Charles Pratt Kennedy discovered it.

17. Alfred Harcourt, Assistant Commissioner of Kullu visited Malana village in Kullu in – 1870 A.D.

18. The rulers who attended the Delhi Darbar in Delhi in 1877 A.D. were – Sham Singh of Chamba, Bajai Sen of Mandi & Hira Chand of Bilaspur

19. The rulers participating in the Coronation Darbar in Delhi in 1911 AD were – Amar Prakash of Sirmaur, Bhuri Singh of Chamba, Amar Chand of Bilaspur & Bijai Sen of Keonthal

20. Which of the following ruler’s attended the Delhi Darbar in 1911 A.D.? – Dip Singh of Bhagat, Bhim Sen of Suket& Bhagat Chand of Jubbal

21. Which was the first hill state in Himachal to have passed the law relating to Panchayati Raj? – Mandi

22. The last king of Suket state, who also opened the ‘Prince of Wales Orphanage’ was – Lakshman Sen

23. Jagat Singh was the most powerful king of Kullu and he was the contemporary of – Shahjahan and Aurangzeb

24. In which year, Begar (Forced Labour) was abolished in the hills? – 1921 A.D.

25. In 1918, Britishers bestowed the title of – Raja on Amar Prakash of Sirmaur

26. Which of the statements about Zorwar Singh are correct? – He invaded Tibet, Tibetans imprisoned, He was sent to Lhasa by Tibetans after the expiry of his imprisonment & In Tibet, Zorawar Singh used to be feared as Asura

27. In Ladakhi literature, Kullu is referred to as – Nunagatti

28. Who was the last ruler of Mandi State?- Raja Gajender Singh(1925-47)

29. Gurkha attack on Shimla hill areas is popularly remembered in the hills in local language as – Gurkheel

30. What is true about Banda Bairagi? – His real name was Madho Dass, He was sent by Guru Govind Singh to North to counter forces against Khalsa & He was killed in the fight in 1716.

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