HPAS Main Exam 2017 General Studies Paper – 1

By | December 6, 2017

Time Allowed: 3 hours

Maximum Marks: 200

Total Questions: 28

Note: Words limit for Question 1 to 15 (Maximum 60 words)

1. Examine critically the concept of cultural heritage.

2. Why did the congress accept the partition of India?

3. How did the treaty of Versailles (1919) changed the boundaries of countries?

4. What changes have taken place in socialism after the second world war?

5. Explain briefly the Disaster Management Act, 2005.

6. Define Cloud Burst.

7. What is Karst topography?

8. Briefly describe the policies for women empowerment in India.

9. Highlight briefly the components of Right to Education, 2009 related to education of children of Schedule Caste.

10. Explain Gandhian concept of Satyagraha.

11. Which ancient literary sources find reference to Kulluta region of Himachal Pradesh?

12. Identify any three considerations on which the British policy towards the Shimla Hill States was based.

13. Enumerate any welfare schemes executed by Raja Bhuri Singh of Chamba princely state.

14. What are the main horticultural products of Kinnaur and Lahaul Spiti regions of Himachal Pradesh?

15. Describe main festivals of Gaddis of Himachal Pradesh.

Note: Answers to Question no 16 to 25 should not exceed 120 words

16. Mahaballipuram marks the culmination of Rock cut architecture in early India. Elucidate.

17. Examine critically the features of decolonization.

18. Critically examine the animistic and naturalistic theories of religion.

19. Explain types of drainage system in peninsular India.

20. What are the controlling factors of Indian climate?

21. Discuss the concept of globalization and its impact on Indian society.

22. Distinguish between natural and man-made disaster.

23. How did the invitation to the Gurkhas by Raja Mahan Chand of Kehlur changed the whole course of history of Shimla and Punjab Hill States?

24. On the basis of topography and altitude which are the major geographical region in Himachal Pradesh?

25. Which are the main industrial regions in Himachal Pradesh and which are the major industries in them?

Note: Question no. 26 to 28 should not exceed to 400 words.

26. The congress agenda of national unity was undermined by the events between 1937 and 1939. Also highlight the congress responsibility for it.

27. Explain India’s unity in diversity and diversity in unity. Give suitable examples from socio-cultural life of the people of India.

28. Explain major agrarian unrest in the Shimla Hill states during the colonial era.

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