Places of tourist interest in District Sirmaur

By | May 28, 2020

1. Sarahan: Sarahan is the headquarters of tahsil Pachhad and Community Development Block and lies on Shimla-Nahan road. There is a high school, a primary health centre, a post office, a weaving centre, a tailoring centre, a police station, and a rest house. The village is electrified.

2. Dadahu: Dadahu is worthy of special mention by virtue of its being headquarters of Renuka tahsil. The place has a higher secondary school, a dispensary, a police station, and Bazar. It is a big marketing place for potatoes, green ginger, and chilies.

3. Sangrah: Sangrah was the headquarters of Palvi tahsil till 1948 Bikrami. It lies between 77025′ north longitude and 30040′ east latitude. It commands a fine view of the Sain range. The place has a senior secondary school, a post office, and a police post, besides a P.W.D. rest house and various tahsil level offices.

4. Dhaulakuan: Dhaulakuan is about sixteen miles east of Nahan on the Nahan-Paonta Sahib road. Its agricultural, horticultural, and sericultural farms have made a significant contribution to the development of agriculture, horticulture, and sericulture in the district.

5. Kolar: is a village in tahsil Paonta Sahib about 5 miles from Nahan. There is a senior secondary school and a branch post office.

6. Kala Amb: is situated at a distance of 11 miles from Nahan. It has a senior secondary school a veterinary dispensary and a police post. It is an important industrial focal point in the district and private engineering college has been set up here to cater to the needs of technical education in the state.

7. Rajana: is a village situated in tahsil Renuka at a height of 5,500 feet above the mean sea level and at a distance of 9 miles from Dadahu. It has a population of 850. There is a primary school and a branch post office.

8. Kamrau: is a village in sub-tahsil Kamrau, about 45 miles from Nahan and 18 miles off Paonta Sahib. There is a primary school, a senior secondary school, a branch post office, and an ayurvedic dispensary, besides sub-tahsil office and other offices.

9. Mahipur: It is about sixteen miles from Nahan. It has some pretty waterfalls. It is situated on a plateau between lofty hills on three sides. The plateau is intersected by a hill stream which makes it very fertile.

10. Banehti: is situated on the Sarahan road at a distance of 12 miles from Nahan. The place commands a fine view of the Nahan Shiwalik. It lies at an elevation of 4,643 feet above the mean sea level.

11. Bhujjal: is of interest merely by virtue of being a camping ground. It lies on a plateau and commands a fine view of the Jubbal hills. The chur peak has two stages from this camping ground.

12. Shilai: is a big village in tahsil Shilai at a distance of 28 miles from Paonta Sahib. The headquarters of the Shilai Community Development block is located here. It has an allopathic dispensary, a post office, and a high school.

13. Chur Peak: Also called Chur Chandni i.e., the peak of the Silver bangle is 11,982 feet high. It is the highest summit among the mountains which occupy the Sub-Himalayan tract. At the foot of the peak, there is a temple and a spring. The peak remains snow-clad from December to April and in clear days it is visible even from Ambala.

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