Solved Paper Assistant Conservator of Forests (ACF) 2017 – HPPSC Shimla

By | December 27, 2017

1. Who is the Defense Minister of India? – Nirmala Sitharaman

2. Which one of the following has been sentenced to death in the 1993 Mumbai serial bomb blast case? – Taher Merchant

3. When did Swami Vivekananda address the world parliament of religions in Chicago (U.S.A)? – 11 September, 1893

4. When was Ahmadabad iconic Sidi Saed Mosque popularly called Jaliwali Masjid built? – 1572 A.D. 

5. According to the list compiled by Geneva based world economic forum what is India’s rank in global human capital index and 2017? – 103

6. Who is the Vice -Chairman of Niti Aayog? – Rajiv Kumar

7. On its nearly 508 km route in which state will the proposed bullet train have maximum coverage (km wise)? – Maharashtra

8. Who was India’s first astronomer and mathematician to describe Zero around 628 A.D.? – Brahmagupta

9. In which city is Roy Villa where Sister Nivedita died in 1911? – Darjeeling

10. Which day is observed as Hindi Diwas? – 14 September

11. Who among the following is organizing a Pan- India rally for the rivers and is suggesting that all Sewage is treated well before it is put into the water bodies? – Guru Sadhguru

12. With which country India has the longest International border? – Bangladesh

13. After which Nationalist leader is Farrukhabad’s Hospital, where nearly 49 children died within a month, named? – Ram Manohar Lohia

14. What is the theme of exhibitions and seminars being organized to commemorate 75 years of Quit India Movement? – Sankalp se Siddhi

15. Which state was the largest producer of cotton during 2016? – Gujarat

16. What name was given to the Hurricane that hit Florida (U.S.A) in early September, 2017? – Irma

17. Who is the President of Belarus? – A.G. Lukashenko

18. Which is the majority ethnic community in Myanmar? – Buddhists

19. Who is U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights? – Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein

20. Who is Singapore first woman President? – Halimah Yacob

21. To which country Yukia Amano the head of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) belong? – Japan

22. Which city of USA is hosting the 2028 Olympics? – Los Angeles

23. Besides Hillary Clinton which Presidential candidate in USA won the popular vote but lost the Presidential office? – Al Gore

24. Who is Rodrigo Duterte? – President of Philippines

25. What is the name of NASA’s spacecraft which ended its 20 years space mission journey to Saturn planet around September 14- 15, 2017? – Cassini

26. According to Global Burden of disease 2016 Report which country of the world show the largest number of deaths of infants below the age of 5 years during 2016? – India

27. In which country is Mecca where the Muslims go for Haj? – Saudi Arabia

28. Which city of China was the venue of 9th BRICS summit held in September 2017? – Xiamen

29. Which European country recently imposed a ban on wearing full face veil in public and the band was upheld by the European Court of Human Rights also on 10th July, 2017? – Belgium

30. Approximately how many cities in the world are on UNESCO’s  list of Heritage cities?(Sept 2017) – 250

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31. By which Article of the Constitution State Legislative Council can be created or abolished? – Article 169

32. In India power of Judicial Review is enjoyed by which court? – Supreme Court and High Court

33. What is the quorum of the sittings of Rajya Sabha? – One tenth of the total memebrs of the House

34. Which of the following is the function of the ‘Business Advisory Committee’? – To recommend the time allotted to the different heads

35. The Governor does not appoint the following:

A. Judges of the High Court

B. Chief Minister

C. Advocate General of the State

D. Chairman, State Public Service Commission

36. Reservation of seats for SCs and STs in Panchayat Raj system under Article 243D of Indian Constitution is as: – In proportion to their population

37. Which one of the following is the correct statement with regard to Judiciary in India? – India has an integrated judicial system

38. Which one of the following is correct?

a. Article 19 i (b) is related to peaceful assembly of citizens without arms.

b. Freedom of Press is exclusively mentioned in Article 19 i (d).

c. Article 25 gives freedom of conversion to the citizens.

d. Article 32 mentions for Writs.

39. Who among the following take part in the election of Indian President? – All elected members of Parliament and Legislative Assemblies of States and Union Territories

40. Which of the following criteria are required for a political party to become a national party? –

a. Any party securing 6 % of the valid votes in an assembly or Lok Sabha general election in four or more states

b. Any party winning 2 % of the total Lok Sabha seats in Lok Sabha general elections from at least 3 seats

c. Any party getting recognition as a state party in at least four states

d. Any of the above

41. Which Viceroy formed the first Famine Commission in India? – Lord Lytton

42. From which act the secretary of state started getting salary from the British Treasury? – Government of India Act, 1919

43. Of the following who opposed the increase of girls marriageable age by the Age of Consent Act 1891? – Balgangadhar Tilak

44. Who was the first Muslim president of Indian National Congress? – Badr-ud-din Taiyabji

45. Who says that the Vedanta is the true expression of Hindu spiritual authority? – Vivekananda

46. Where was finalize the Nehru Report by the all India parties’ conference? – Lucknow

47. Which organization was formed by Bhai Parmanand? – Jat-Pat Todak Mandal

48. Which Viceroy spoke about the Dominion state for India for the first time? – Lord Irwin

49. Who referred to 30th January also as the ‘Self Introspection Day’? – Vinoba Bhave

50. Which post did the chairman of the Cabinet Mission Plan hold in 1946? – Secretary of State for India

51. The Pennises (Europe) Appalachian (America) and Aravallis (India) are examples of : Old mountains

52. Which one of the following soils found in India is the most useful for agriculture? – Alluvial soil

53. Which of the following events took place in the Cenozoic era? – Formation of the Rockies, India collides with Asia and the formation of the Himalayas

54. Stalactites and Stalagmites are: – Depositional landforms in the Karst region

55. Brahmaputra, after joining Teesta River is known as? – Jamuna

56. Jaduguda uranium mine is in which Indian States? – Jharkhand

57. Which of the following factors are responsible for the Rapid growth of sugar production in Southern India as compared to North India?

A. Higher per acre field of sugarcane

B. Highest sucrose content of sugarcane

C. Lower labour cost

D. Longer crushing period

 Select the correct answer from the codes given below:

Answer: A, B and D

58. Which of the following are true regarding Jhum cultivation in India?

A. It is largely practices in Assam

B. It is referred to as ‘Slash and Burn “technique

C. In it the fertility is exhausted in a few year

 Select the correct answer from the codes given below:

Answer: A, B and C

59. Which of the following factors are responsible for the present crisis in the jute industry in India?

A. The decline in overseas market

B. Inadequately supply of raw jute

C. Shift competition from synthetic packing materials

 Select the correct answer from the codes given below:

Answer: A and B

60. Where is the Loktak Lake situated? – Manipur

61. According to the census data 2011, which of the following is not correctly matched? – Lowest SC Population: Haryana

62. Which of the following sector/ items are not included in GST? – Land and real estate

63. In 2016/17 India’s export to Asia increased by? – 8 percent

64. As per the latest data released by CSO Indian calling you in the first quarter of 2017-18 by? – 5.7%

65. As per budget estimate 2017-18 revenue deficit for government of India as percentage of GDP is? – 1.9%

66. Read the following statements carefully and identify the correct one:

A. Aam Admi Bima Yojana aims to provide Life Insurance protection to rural BPL families only

B. Members of identified vocational group between the age of 18 and 59 years are eligible under the scheme

Answer: Only B is correct

67. Which of the following items the most in Government of India’s Revenue Expenditure? – Interest Payments

68. What was the Percentage share of rupees 1000 and rupees 500 notes in total money supply, when these currency notes were demonetized on 8th November, 2016? – 86%

69. In 2016/17 India’s export to Asia increased by? – 8 percent

70. Which of Tax under GST will be levied on imports of goods and services? – IGST

71. Which Raja of Spiti invaded Kullu during the reign of Raja Rudar Pal and made it a tributary of Spiti? – Rajender Sen

72. Which Raja of Mandi princely state got a silver image (of deity) made and named it Madho Rai to which he assigned his Kingdom? – Suraj Sen

73. Where was the Treaty between Maharaja Ranjit Singh and Raja Sansar Chand of Kangra signed on 5th Sawan 1866 Sambat (corresponding to about 20th July, 1809) by which the Kangra Fort and district of Sandhata were transferred to the Government of Lahore? – Jwalamukhi

74. According to Government of India’s letter dated 8 February, 1889 what was the order in which the rulers of the following princely state were to sit in the Darbar? – Mandi, Sirmaur, Kehlur and Bushahr

75. According to the Sanad granted to the Raja of Keonthal in September 1815 which of the following were placed under his authority? – Theog and Ghund

76. Which Raja of Sirmaur shifted the seat of his government from Kalsi to Rajpur? – Karam Prakash

77. Which Revolutionary leader of Mandi princely state escaped to Badrinath after the Mandi Conspiracy Case of 1914-15 and assume the name of Swami Krishna Nand? – Hardev

78. According to 2011 Census in which district of HP the percentage of rural Scheduled Tribes population is lowest in the state? – Una

79. Under the Himachal Pradesh Right to Information rules 2006 what is the fee for inspection of records /documents for 30 minutes or part thereof? – Rs 20

80. Which one of the following Deras/temples is nearest from Una town of HP? – Dera Baba Barhbhag Singh

81. What was the number of double member constituencies during elections to the 41 member HP Territorial Council in 1956? – 11

82. Which Buddhist monastery is also called the Ajanta of the Himalayas? – Tabo

83. Which Raja of Kangra princely state fell in love with the Gaddan named Nokhu? – Sansar Chand

84. Identify the place in the Sirmaur district of HP where an important battle was fought between British and Gurkhas? – Jaitak Hills

85. Which Rana of the Bhagat princely state ceded to the British the land required for the Kalka- Shimla railway line and the Solan and Kasauli cantonments? – Dalip Singh

86. In which village of Kangra district of HP was Justice Mehar Chand Mahajan born? – Nagrota Khindri

87. What is the Vedic name of river Ravi? – Purushani

88. Which mountain range separates Kinnaur and Spiti from Tibet? – Zanskar

89. Which is the highest mountain peak in HP? – Shilla

90. Which mountain pass joins Kullu and Lahaul? – Rohtang

91. Who is the author of Geographica? – Plotemy

92. On which festival in HP the cattle are given rest and are not yoked? – Haryali

93. On which day in 1977 the HP Vidhan Sabha was dissolved and President Rule imposed? – May 10

94. Which Sanctuary was merged with the Great Himalayan National Park in Kullu district of HP? – Sainj

95. Which one of the following sectors of economy registered highest value added growth rate during 2015/16? – Real Estate ownership of dwellings and professional sercices

96. Which sectors contribution has been highest in harnessing hydroelectric power in HP? – Central/Joint Sector

97. Which scheme has replaced the Swarna Jayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana (SJGSY)? – National Rural Livlihood Mission

98. What is the amount of incentive money being provided in HP for per individual household for latrine making? – Rs. 12,000

99. Persons of which age group are eligible in HP for contributing to Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana? – 18 to 50 years

100. What is the contribution of HP government to each account holder of an organized sector under the Atal Pension Yojana? ( for all those who joined the scheme between 1st June ,2015 and 31st March ,2016 for next 3 years)?  – Rs. 1,000 per year

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