Solved Paper Assistant Conservator of Forests (ACF) Exam 2020 [Part-2] – HPPSC Shimla

By | March 8, 2020

16. Which of the following basin has the largest number of glaciers in Himachal Pradesh

  1. Satluj Basin
  2. Pabbar Basin
  3. Beas Basin
  4. Ravi Basin

17. At which place does river Sutlej intersect the Dhauladhar mountain range?

  1. Khab
  2. Rampur
  3. Karcham
  4. Kalpa

18. Which of the following is not a type of soil found in Himachal Pradesh?

  1. Nad
  2. Kharetar
  3. Bet
  4. Chaib

19. Jangiam dialect is spoken in which area of Himachal Pradesh?

  1. Kullu
  2. Mandi
  3. Shimla
  4. Kinnaur

20. With which region of Himachal Pradesh sword dances are associated?

  1. Kullu
  2. Spiti
  3. Sirmour
  4. Lahaul

21. The Bhuri Singh Museum is located at:

  1. Dharamshala
  2. Chamba
  3. Palampur
  4. Meclodgunj

22. Where is the Ghepan Shrine located in Lahaul & Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh?

  1. Shashin
  2. Gonduala
  3. Sissu
  4. Dhandar

23. Minjar seasonal fair in Himachal Pradesh is celebrated for

  1. Flowering of apple
  2. Flowering of maize
  3. Flowering of wheat
  4. Flowering of apricot

24. Which one of the following is the most important representative of metal art in Himachal Pradesh?

  1. Masks
  2. Idols
  3. Pagoda
  4. Images

25. According to 2011 census, which district of Himachal Pradesh registered negative growth of population?

  1. Lahaul & Spiti
  2. Kinnaur
  3. Una
  4. Solan

26. What is per capita income in Himachal Pradesh according to economic survey for the vear, 2018-19?

  1. Rs.1,60,711
  2. Rs.1,67,011
  3. Rs.1,67,711
  4. Rs.1,60,117

27. The scheme ‘Aaj Purani Rahon Se’ in Himachal Pradesh has been started for the welfare of:

  1. Tourists
  2. Women
  3. Drug Mafia
  4. Mining Mafia

28. Which of the following is not associated with watershed development in Himachal Pradesh?

  1. Rising of water availability
  2. Tribal development
  3. Environment protection
  4. Increasing the income of farmers

29. Which scheme has been started to strengthen the Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFP) resource base in Himachal Pradesh?

  1. Ek Kadam Hariyali Ki Or
  2. Samudayik Van Samvardhan Yojna
  3. Vidyarthi Van Mittar Yojna
  4. Van Samridhi Jan Samridhi Yojna

30. Which project of Himachal Pradesh has been declared as ‘National Project”?

  1. Sawra Kuddu Project
  2. Renuka Ji Project
  3. Larji Project
  4. Dhamwari Sunda Project

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  1. ankush sharma

    are yu shore it is mask art not idol art which is prominent metal art and what is your source which proof it ,please answer


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