Solved Paper Assistant Conservator of Forests (ACF) Exam 2020 [Part-5] – HPPSC Shimla

By | March 8, 2020

76. The first “BIMSTEC” conclave of ports was held at:

  1. Chabahar
  2. Gwadar
  3. Vishakhapatnam
  4. Hambantota

77. Recently a military exercise was done between India and France. What was the name of it?

  1. Parakram-2019
  2. Indra-2019
  3. Utkarsh-2019
  4. Shakti-2019

78. Articles 324 to 329 of the Indian Constitution are related with:

  1. Elections
  2. Reservation
  3. Governor
  4. Education

79. 11th fundamental duty was included in Article 21-A and 51-A of Indian Constitution in tenure of which Prime Minister?

  1. Manmohan Singh
  2. Narendra Modi
  3. Atal Bihari Vajpayee
  4. P.V. Narsimha Rao

80. Which Article of the Indian Constitution has the provision of the Legislative Council in Indian states?

  1. Article – 169
  2. Article – 172
  3. Article- 174
  4. Article- 178

81. The motion of thanks on the President’s Address to the Parliament is a:

  1. Substantive motion
  2. Ancillary motion
  3. Substitute motion
  4. Subsidiary motion

82. The 73rd constitutional amendment does not apply to which of the following states?

  1. Madhya Pradesh
  2. Meghalaya
  3. Karnataka
  4. Sikkim

83. Kirchhoff’s voltage law (KVL) is based upon:

  1. The conservation of charge
  2. The conservation of energy
  3. The conservation of momentum
  4. The conservation of mass

84. Which statement is correct?

  1. Powers of convex and concave lenses are positive
  2. Powers of a convex and concave lenses are negative
  3. Powers of a convex lens is positive and of concave lens is negative
  4. Powers of a convex lens is negative and of concave lens is positive

85. The columns A and B contain some common acids and their sources of finding respectively:

Answer: A

86. The indivisibility of matter was proposed by:

  1. Rutherford
  2. Dalton
  3. Bohr
  4. Einstein

87. Which one of the followings are not plant hormones?

  1. Auxins
  2. Gibberellins
  3. Cytokinins
  4. Prolactins

88. Which one of the following is not a plant tissue?

  1. Intercalary meristem
  2. Parenchyma
  3. Sclerenchyma
  4. Epithelial

89. Match the items of the following columns A and B:

Answer: A

90. Match the items of the following columns:

Answer: A

91. Who founded the Independent Labour Party in the year, 1936?

  1. M.N. Roy
  2. Subhash Chandra Bose
  3. V.V. Giri
  4. Dr.B.R. Ambedkar

92. With which of the following did the British sign the ‘Treaty of Gandamak’ in 1879?

  1. Afghan Amir
  2. Nepalese Government
  3. Ruler of Burma
  4. Amir of Sindh

93. Who was the Chairman of the Committee constituted on Railway Policy in 1920?

  1. Michael Sadler
  2. Thomas Holland
  3. William Acworth
  4. Robert Peel

94. Who was the founder of the ‘Sri Narayan Dharma Paripalana Yogam’ movement?

  1. C.N. Annadurai
  2. Sri Narayan Guru
  3. Viresalingam Puttulu
  4. Annie Besant

95. Who founded ‘Sharda Sadan’ for the uplift of the women?

  1. Harvilas Sharda
  2. D.K. Karve
  3. Mata Kasturba
  4. Pandita Ramabai

96. In which of the following places have the ruins of the capital of Vijaynagar Empire been found?

  1. Hampi
  2. Hathigumpha
  3. Girnar
  4. Kanchi

97. To which of the following sect/religion do the famous Dilwara Temples belong?

  1. Shaivism
  2. Vaishnavism
  3. Jainism
  4. Bahaism

98. Which of the following is another term for Sufism?

  1. Wali
  2. Tasawwuf
  3. Sama
  4. Khangah

99. Which of the following are the historical manuscripts of Assam?

  1. Vachan
  2. Vanshavali
  3. Buranji
  4. Bakhar

100. In which place is the famous Shah Hamadan Mosque located?

  1. Murshidabad
  2. Bhopal
  3. Srinagar
  4. Hyderabad

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