Solved Paper Child Development Project Officer (CDPO) 2018 [Part-1] – HPPSC Shimla

By | September 17, 2018

Q.No: 1 Which of the following region is famous for the lion tailed macaque?

A Shivaliks of Northern India
B Hills of North-East India
C Western Ghats of Kerala
D Eastern Ghats of Andhra Pradesh

Q.No: 2






A A – 2, B – 3, C – 1, D – 4
B A – 4, B – 1, C – 2, D – 3
C A – 4, B – 2, C – 1, D – 4
D A – 3, B – 1, C – 2, D – 4

Q.No: 3 Khadar and Bangar come under which category of soils?

A Red Soil
B Peaty soil
C Laterite soil
D Alluvial Soil

Q.No: 4 Consider the following statement(s) related to Regur soils or Black cotton soils.

1. It is formed by solidification of lava spread over large area of Deccan plateau.
2. They are very rich in minerals contents because these soils were formed due to volcanic activities.
3. They are found in Karnataka, Maharashtra, Madyha Pradesh, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

Which of the above statement(s) is / are correct?

A Only 1
B Only 2
C Both 1 and 2
D All of the above

Q.No: 5 Which of the following language is from Indo-Aryan Group?

A Assamese
B Mishmi
C Sherpa
D Telugu

Q.No: 6 What per capita income of the Indians was calculated by the Finance Secretary of Lord Ripon in 1882?

A Rs.30
B Rs.27
C Rs.35
D Rs.42

Q.No: 7 Who founded the Nav Vidhan (New Dispensation)?

A Ram Mohan Roy
B Keshav Chandra Sen
C Debendranath Tagore
D Guru Dutt

Q.No: 8 Which following Act provided for a Secretary of State for India?

A The Government of India Act, 1919
B Government of India Act, 1858
C The Charter Act, 1853
D The Indian Councils Act, 1892

Q.No: 9 Indian Capitalist who did not join the Congress, but gave all help to it, was:-

A Jamnalal Bajaj
B Vadilal Lallubhai Mehta
C Lala Shankar Lal
D Ambalal Sarabhai

Q.No: 10 The presiding deity of the Virupaksha Temple of Hampi is:

A Ganesha
B Karttikeya
C Vishnu
D Siva

Q.No: 11 The Surat Session of Congress of 1907 was scheduled to take place earlier, at:-

A Pune
B Madras
C Kanpur
D Karachi

Q.No: 12 The first Protestant Mission was sent to India by:

A The Danes
B The English
C The French
D The Portuguese

Q.No: 13 Which train was held up at Kakori, and the Railway cash was looted from it in 1925?

12. – Down
B. 7 – Up
C. 8 – Down
D. 10 – Up

Q.No: 14 Which of the following is not true about Swami Vivekananda?

A Hindu religion can best survive if it remains aloof from the rest
B The universal religion is Vedanta
C Appreciation for the work culture and freedon of women in the West
D His movement drew into it the young members of English-educated elite of the West

Q.No: 15 When was Sir Edward Lutyens New Delhi opened?

A 1925
B 1930
C 1920
D 1935

Q.No: 16 Which village of H.P. is the highest in the world with a height of 4270 meters?

A Gramphoo
B Chitkul
C Khyipur
D Gette

Q.No: 17 Who amongst the following Raja was regarded as the ‘Hatim’ of that age and in generosity, the ‘Rustom’of that time by the Ghulam Muhai-ud-din in ‘Tarikh-i-Punjab?

A Hamir Chand
B Sansar Chand-I
C Sansar Chand-II
D Prithvi Chand

Q.No: 18 Who amongst the following took initiative in forming the Shimla branch of Indian National Congress in 1914?

A Dina Nath and Puran Mal
B Madan Mohan Malviya and Lala Lajpat Rai
C Kedar Nath and Harish Chandra
D Pt. Padam Dev and Bhagmal Sautha

Q.No: 19 The third race to enter the Himalayan regions from north were –

A Koli or Mundas
B Kiratas
C Nishadas
D Aryans or Khasas

Q.No: 20 What is the percentage of difference of increase of female literacy against male literacy in H.P. as per 2011 census?

A 5.14
B 3.97
C 8.15
D 4.18

Q.No: 21 As per 2011 census the Schedule Caste population of H. P. was?

A 17,29,252
B 13,21,910
C 15,52,332
D 20,20,113

Q.No: 22 The Chinese pilgrim Hiuen Tsang visited Jalandhara in 635 A.D. remained in the Kangra Valley as the guest of which ruler?

A Prithvi Chandra
B Utito (Adima)
C Jagdish Chand
D Bhuma Chand

Q.No: 23 The erstwhile Vice Regal Lodge which was built in 1884 during the period of Lord Dufferin was designed by –

A S.S. Jacob
B Lockwood Kipling
C H.F. Chesney
D Henry Irwin

Q.No: 24 Which of the following temple is not built in Pagoda style?

A Tripura Sundari at Naggar Kullu
B Jwalamukhi in Kangra
C Hidimba Devi at Manali
D Sungra Maheshwar in Kinnaur

Q.No: 25 Which of the rare migratory bird was spotted in the Pong Lake in Kangra Valley after the hiatus of 113 years in 2013?

A Whopper Swan
B Western Tragopan
C Cheer Pheasant
D Koklous Pheasant

Q.No: 26 Who amongst the following notable persons have not contributed significantly to the cause of education in H.P.?

A Satya Nand Stokes
B Pratap Singh Negi
C Mr.N.C. Mehta
D Pandit Ram Saran

Q.No: 27 On the top where roads from Zanskar, Ladakh, Spiti and Lahaul meet is the following Pass?

A Kunzum Pass
B Rohtang Pass
C Baralacha Pass
D Shingo-la

Q.No: 28 Which of the following pass is not the part of the Great Himalayan Range?

A Rohtang Pass
B Kang-la
C Bara Lacha Pass
D Parang-la

Q.No: 29 The concept of opening Sainik Schools was originated in the mind of which of the following leader, on the basis of which one such school was opened in Sujanpur Tira in 1978?

A Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel
B V.K. Krishna Menon
C Y.S. Parmar
D Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru

Q.No: 30 The following Hot Water Spring was discovered by the then Chief Medical Officer of Kangra Captain A. Colman –

A Lunani
B Manikaran
C Kopra
D Salol

Q.No: 31 The full fledged development of the Kangra School of Painting is said to have taken place under the patronage of –

A Raja Goverdhan Chand
B Maharaja Sansar Chand
C Raja Prithvi Chand
D Raja Anirudh Chand

Q.No: 32 Which of the following pair is not correct as per census 2011 in terms of literacy rate?

District        Literacy percentage

A Kangra – 85.67 percent
B Solan – 80.68 percent
C Hamirpur – 88.15 percent
D Mandi – 81.53 percent

Q.No: 33 Before transfer in 1950, two villages namely ‘Sangog’ and ‘Bhatter’ were part of which State?

A Punjab
B Jammu & Kashmir
C Uttar Pradesh

Q.No: 34 Which of the following mountain range is the eastern most range that separates Spiti & Kinnaur from Tibet?

A Pir Panjal
B Shivalik
C Dharamshala
D Zanskar

Q.No: 35 Which valley of Kinnaur district is connected with Garhwal by several passes?

A Baspa Valley
B Bhahba Valley
C Satluj Valley
D Lippy Valley

Q.No: 36 The first passenger train on Kalka-Shimla railway line was flagged off on –

A 31st March, 1891
B 11th December, 1905
C 26th March, 1904
D 09th November, 1903

Q.No: 37 ‘Kupachacha’ or ‘Tshud-Thwagsti’ is a ritual prevalent in one of the district of H.P. for –

A Divorce
B Birth
C Marriage
D Death

Q.No: 38 What was the voting percentage turnout in 2014 Lok Sabha election in H.P.?

A 63.29%
B 63.96%
C 66.50%
D 65.30%

Q.No: 39 ‘Chini’ was a favourite resort of which British Governor General / Viceroy?

A Lord Dalhousie
B Lord Rippon
C Lord Lawrance
D Lord Canning

Q.No: 40 Himachal Non Gazetted Employees Federation was set up in which year?

A 1948
B 1966
C 1960
D 1954

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