Solved Paper Child Development Project Officer (CDPO) 2018 [Part-3] – HPPSC Shimla

By | September 17, 2018

Q.No: 81 Who is Chief Election Commissioner of India?

A O.P. Rawat
B Achal Joti
C Ashok Lavasa
D Sunil Arora

Q.No: 82 Which flower has been adopted by Andhra Pradesh as State flower?

A Lotus
B Jasmine (Malle Puvvu)
C Rose
D Tengedu Puvvu

Q.No: 83 Constitutional Amendment in India can be moved in which House of the Parliament?

A Joint session of both Houses
B Rajya Sabha
C Lok Sabha
D In any of the two Houses of the Parliament

Q.No: 84 Who is General Secretary of the United Nations?

A Parez De Cular
B Kofi Annan
C Ban-Ki-Moon
D Antonio Guterres

Q.No: 85 Recent violence in Tamil Nadu spread after the announcement of closer of which plant?

A Tasmania Pvt. Ltd.
B Bharat Aluminium Co.
C Sterlite Copper plant
D SESA, Goa Co.

Q.No: 86 In 2018, India nas been admitted to Australia Group as –

A 43rd Member
B 42nd Member
C 41st Member
D 40th Member

Q.No: 87 Which is the only Latin American country to join as ‘partner across the globe’ membership of NATO?

A Brazil
B Columbia
C Venezuela
D Argentina

Q.No: 88 Among the followings who has been awarded Ramon Magsaysay, 2018 Award?

A P. Parameshwaran
B Abhay Bang
C Sonam Wangchuk
D Mohan Swaroop Bhati

Q.No: 89 How India is related to Copernicus agreement?

A India – EU agreement of sharing data from each other’s satellite
B India – USA agreement of sharing defence technologies
C EU’s agreement of sharing satellite data among its members
D None of the above

Q.No: 90 Which among the following books is authored by V.S. Naipaul?

A A House of Mr. Biswas
B An Area of Darkness
C The Enigma of Arrival
D All of them

Q.No: 91 What has been the thrust of ‘Paryatan Parv’ organized by the Ministry of Tourism in October, 2017?

A Ek Bharat Ek Sanskriti
B Ek Bharat Swatchh Bharat
C Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat
D Ek Bharat Ek Vishwa

Q.No: 92 In which city largest gathering of Jains celebrated Mahamastakabhisheka ceremony?

A Ujjain
B Mount Abu
C Ranakpur
D Shravanbelgola

Q.No: 93







A 1-(c), 2-(d), 3-(b), 4-(a),
B 1-(b), 2-(c), 3-(a), 4-(d)
C 1-(a), 2-(b), 3-(c), 4-(d)
D 1-(b), 2-(c), 3-(d), 4-(a)

Q.No: 94 Who is appointed as first ever woman Chief Justice of Jammu and Kashmir’s High Court?

A Sindhu Sharma
B Gita Mittal
C Indu Malhotra
D Neeru Chadha

Q.No: 95 The 44th Amendment Act, 1978 replaced which term by ‘Armed Rebellion’ in Article 352 of the Indian Constitution?

A Conspiracy
B Internal disturbance
C Violent movement
D Failure of the Constitution

Q.No: 96 Under which article the President of India can issue an Ordinance?

A Article 123
B Article 126
C Article 125
D Article 124

Q.No: 97 Which of the following Indian film / films has / have been nominated for Oscar Award?

A Mother India
B Saalam Bombay
C Lagan
D All the above

Q.No: 98 Government of India declared 2018 as ‘National Year of Millets”. Which crop(s) is / are included in this?

A Jowar
B Bajra
C Ragi
D All of them

Q.No: 99 Who has been conferred with the highest French Civilian honour in 2017?

A Narendra Modi
B Sunil Gavaskar
C Soumitra Chatterjee
D Satyajit Ray

Q.No: 100 What is Air-Breating electric thruster?

A It can keep satellite in low orbit for longer time
B It sucks in air molecules from the top of the atmosphere
C Reduces the weight of the satellite, hence reduces fuel consumption
D All the above

Q.No: 101 Which is true about cold fusion reactor?

A No radioactive material is used as raw material
B It uses weak nuclear forces
C No radiation is generated
D All the above

Q.No: 102 Match the following:

(i) 24th Amendment – 1971
(ii) 31st Amendment – 1973
(iii) 42nd Amendment – 1976
(iv) 52nd Amendment – 1985

Choose the corect answer:

A Only (ii) and (iii) are correctly paired
B All are correctly paired
C Only (i) and (iv) are correctly paired
D All are paired wrongly

Q.No: 103 Which aircraft carrier has been de-commissioned by Indian Navy in March, 2017?

A INS Godavari
B INS Nilgiri
C INS Vikrant
D INS Virat

Q.No: 104 Who was / were conferred Rajiv Gandhi Khel Rattan Award in 2017?

A Sakshi Malik
B Sardar Singh
C Devendra Jhanjharia
D Both (B) & (C) jointly

Q.No: 105 What do you understand by ‘Zero hour’ in the Indian Parliamentary Procedure?

A First hour of the session
B At the end of the question hour and before the debate on other agenda of the day
C Time just before the question hour
D When any special privilege motion is accepted

Q.No: 106 For contribution in the field of medicine and community work which person of India origin received the highest civilian honour in Australia?

A Vijay Kumar
B Makham Singh Khangura
C Purushottam Sawrikar
D All of them

Q.No: 107 Who was architect to design Jawaharlal University, New Delhi as ‘Green Campus”?

A Hafeez Contractor
B Nari Gandhi
C C.P. Kukreja
D Balkrishna Doshi

Q.No: 108 Who won the Noble Prize in Chemistry in 2017?

A Jacques Dubochet
B Joachim Frank
C Richard Henderson
D All the above

Q.No: 109 Which of the following country is not the member of Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)?

A China
D Russia

Q.No: 110 What is the main function of Delimitation Commission of India

A To fence the borders of the country
B To resolve inter-state boundary disputes
C To redraw the boundaries of various assembly and Lok Sabha constituencies based on recent census
D To demarcate the boundaries of different States

Q.No: 111 In Andhra Pradesh which puppet theatre tradition is declining?

A Ravanachhaya
B Chamdyache Bahula
C Tholu Bommalatam
D Tolpava Kuthu Vellalachetti

Q.No: 112 Who won the Women’s Single Wimbledon Championship, 2018?

A Simon Halep
B Serena Williams
C Carolina Wozniacki
D Anglique Kerber

Q.No: 113 Which of the following has been appointed as judge of International Court of Justice (ICJ) in November, 2017?

A Nagendra Singh
B J.S. Khehar
C Deepak Misra
D Dalveer Bhandari

Q.No: 114 In February, 2018, India formally joined Ashgabat agreement. Which country among the following is not member of that agreement?

A Pakistan
B Iraq
C Uzbekistan
D Kazakistan

Q.No: 115 What constitute definition of Money bill under Article 110 of Indian Constitution?

A The imposition, abolition, alteration in regulation of any tax
B The regulation of borrowings of money
C The appropriation of money out of the Consolidated Fund of India
D All of the above

Q.No: 116 Which type of energy exists in a dry cell?

A Electrostatic
B Electromagnetic
C Chemical
D Mechanical

Q.No: 117 The colors of the fire crackers are extracted from the elements of the salt of

A Zn and S
B Fe and Hg
C Sr and Ba
D Cr and Ni

Q.No: 118 Human eyes consist of

A Diverging lenses of fixed focal length
B Converging lenses of fixed focal length
C Converging lenses of variable focal length
D Diverging lenses of variable focal length

Q.No: 119 A straight metal rod appears to be bend at the air-water interface when partially dipped in water. It is because of

A Refraction
B Dispersion
C Scattering
D Total internal reflection

Q.No: 120 Which one of the following Noble Gases is not present in air?

A Neon
B Radon
C Argon
D Heliumeu

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