Solved Paper Clerk Exam 2017 ( HPSSC Hamirpur )

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1. Who built the Khajuraho temples? – Chandela

2. Whose philosophy is called the Advaita?- Shankracharya

3. The Lodhi dynasty was founded by – Bahlol Lodhi

4. The Qutub Minar was completed by the famous ruler – Iltutmish

5. What is “Adhai Din Ka Zhopda”? – Mosque

6. Who among the Sikh gurus founded the Gurmukhi script? – Guru Angad

7. Kabir was the disciple of – Ramananda

8. Bhakti Movement was started by – Alvar Saints

9. Akbar launched Din-i-Ilahi in the year – 1582

10. The famous Kohinoor diamond was produced from one of the mines in – Golconda

11. Jaziah was reimposed during the reign of – Aurangzeb

12. Who was sent by the ruler of Bijapur to punish Shivaji? – Afzal Khan

13. Who built the famous Gol Gumbaz at Bijapur? – Mohammad Adil Shah

14. Tipu Sultan died fighting the English forces under- Lord Cornwallis

15. Permanent Settlement was a feature of – Ryotwari System

16. Arya Samaj criticized – Idolatry

17. Kuku Movement was organized by – Guru Ram Singh

18. The Gulf of Mannar is situated along the coasts of – Tamil Nadu

19. What is the difference between IST & GMT? – Five hours thirty minutes

20. The highest peak of Nilgiri is – Dodabetta

21. An important river of the Indian desert is – Luni

22. Kaziranga National Park is famous for – Rhinoceros

23. Silent valley of Kerala – contains rare species of plants and animals

24. “Yellow Revolution” is associated with the production of – Oil-seeds

25. The highest grade and best quality coal is – Anthracite

26. Diesel locomotives are manufactured at – Varanasi

27. Replacement level TFR (Total Fertility Rate) is equivalent to – 2.1

28. What is Shagun? – A dedicated web portal for Sarva Siksha Abhiyan

29. Who among the following was the Chief Guest at 68th Republic Day Ceremony in Delhi? – Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi

30. What is ‘BHIM’? – A payment app

31. At which of the following places, “5th International Buddhist Conclave” held? – Varnasi-Sarnath

32. Which of the following is named as “Shangri-la of the World”? – A longest bullet train

33. Which of the following nations has withdrawn its membership from International Court of Justice in recent times?- Russia

34. In which of the following years, India became and ‘associate member of CERN’? – None of these 

35. World’s longest Quantum Communication line was launched recently by – China

36. Recently in January 2017, Sh. Sharad Pawar was awarded with- Padam Vibhushan

37. Which of the following Film won the best Film Award during 62nd Filmfare Awards Ceremony 2017? – Dangal

38. Who won the Noble Prize 2016 in the field of Physiology (medicine)? – Yoshinori Ohsumi

39. Who won the Miss World 2016 title? – Stephanie Del Valle

40. T20 Women’s World Cup 2016 was won by- West Indies

41. A book titled ‘Six Machine’ was written by – Chris Gayle

42. Who among the following is the Governor of RBI? – Urjit Patel

43. Dalip Singh Rana belongs to which district of Himachal Pradesh? – Sirmaur

44. H.P. University was established in the year – 1970

45. According to Census 2011, the literacy rate of Himachal Pradesh is – 82.8%

46. How many states share boundary with Himachal Pradesh? – None of these

47. Which of the following district of H.P. touches border with maximum number of districts? – Mandi

48. Who among the following served as Chief Minister of H.P. for maximum number of times? – Y.S. Parmar

49. “Sissu” fair is celebrated by – Buddhist

50. The folk dance of Shan and Shabu is devoted to –Lord Buddha

51. Bil-Kaleshwar temple is situated in which of the following districts of H.P.?- Hamirpur

52. Which of the following districts of H.P. is proposed to become solar city? – Hamirpur & Shimla

53. Which of the following place of H.P. is famous for Automobile companies? – Baddi

54. Which of the following valley is famous as Valley of Gods? – Kullu

55. According to Mahabharata, who founded katoch Monarchy during 1400 BC? – Shusharma Chandra

57. On 25th January, 1971 Himachal Pradesh emerged as the 18th state of Indian Union.

Directions (58 to 62): In each sentence given below, there is a blank space. Below each sentence there are four words, marked (A), (B), (C) & (D). Out of these words, choose the most appropriate word to fill in the blank.

58. At last, he yielded to temptation

59. All of them were surprised at his rudeness

60. He hoped to finish the work in the last week but he could not.

61. Any help that you can give me will be appreciable

62. The messenger can hardly read or write.

Directions (63 to 67): Every sentence given below is divided into three sections marked (A), (B) and (C). Read the sentence carefully and mark the section that contains an error. If there is no error in the sentence, mark (D).

63. I do not see a fun (A)/in(B) practical joking.(C)/ No Error.(D)

64. I respect him (A) as (B)/ he is my father. (C)/ No error. (D)

65. He talks (A)/ as if (B)/ he was my boss. (C)/ No error.(D)

66. Why should the rich (A)/ look down (B)/ the poor?(C)/ No error.(D)

67. He has written (A)/ an autobiography (B)/ of his father.(C)/ No error.(D)

Directions (78 to 82): In each of the following questions there is a statements followed by four alternatives. One of these alternatives aids the statement. Find it out.

78. For a car there should be a Driver

79. Most essential for a student is studies

80. Danger always involves Fear

81. Most essential for a school is Student

82. Most essential for a man is Heart

83. How many small cubes of 1.5 cm side can be formed from a cube of 6 cm side? – 64

84. Which one of the following is different from the rest? – Groundnut

85. As ‘tailor’ is related to ‘cloth’, in the same way, ‘cobbler’ is related to which? – Leather

86. In a code TOGETHER is denoted by RQEGRJCT, then PAROLE is denoted in the same code by – NCPQJG

87. From 3 to 41, how many such numbers which are divisible by 3 and the sum of their digits is 9, are? – 4

88. Vijay’s position is 14th from upwards in a class of 43 students. What will be his position from downwards? – 30th

89. Vikas started to move in the north and moved 15m. Then he turned to his right and moved 25m. After this he turned to his right and moved 35 m. Now how far is he from his starting position? – 25m

90. Which of the following organizations is the oldest? – ILO

91. In which year was the Indian Space Research Organization(ISRO) founded? – 1969

92. The first summit of SAARC was held at – Dhaka

93. Which one among the following is not a Millennium Development Goal of the United Nations? – Eradicate Extreme Poverty

94. Amnesty International is – a Global Human Rights Movement

95. Who has written the book “Two Lives”? – Vikram Seth

96. Patanjali was – a philosopher of the Yogachara school

97. The ‘Sur Sagar’ is – A medieval treatise on music composed by Tansen

98. IRDP stands for – Integrated Rural Development Programme

99. October 24 is observed as – United Nations Day

100. The first Indian Economist who won the Nobel Prize was – Amartya Sen

101. Ryder Cup is related with which sports? – Golf

102. The term “Butterfly stroke” is related with – Swimming

103. Who among the following persons is called ‘Dessert Fox’? – Erwin Rommel

104. Who was the founder of Psycho Analysis? – Sigmund Freud

105. Ibadat Khana of Fatehpur Sikri was- the hall in which Akbar held discussion with scholars of various religions.

106. The slogan ‘Garibi Hatao’ was included in which of following Fiver year plans? – Fifth

107. NRHM has been launched in the country in which of the following years? – 2005

108. Which committee was constituted for reforms in tax structure? – Chelliah Committee

109. The Teesta treaty has become a bone of contention between India and Bangladesh

110. Which biosphere reserve in India’s is included in UNESCO list in 2016?- Agasthyamala

111. Transgenic plants are – generated by introducing foreign DNA into a cell and regenerating a plant from the cell.

112. What is the function of bile?- It emulsifies fats

113. The vitamin which contain Cobalt is – Vitamin B12

114. Aedes aegypti is the vector of which among the following disease? – Chickenguniya

115. Athlete’s foot is caused by – Fungus

116. ‘Nirbhay’ is a – Subsonic Cruise Missile

117. Project Seabird is connected with – Greenfield naval base at West Coast of India

118. World’s first electric satellite was launched by – Space X

119. ‘Param Padam’ is – an indigenously built super computer

120. The function of an assembler is – to convert assemble language into machine language

121. Which one of the following memories is not the primary memory of a computer? – CD-ROM

122. What is URL? – It is specific character string that constitutes a reference to an internet resource

123. Junk e-mail is also called? – Spam

124. Which one of the following is the web browser? – Opera, Safari & Google Chrome

125. What percentage of the total population of the world resides in India, as estimated in 2011? – 17.5

126. Which one of the following institutions prepares the National income estimates in India? – Central Statistical Organization

127. Which one of the following is not a part of service sector in India? – Construction

128. Among the following, who are eligible to benefit from MGNREGA? – Adult members of any households

129. Antyodaya Anna Yojna was launched in the year – 2000

130. Structural unemployment arises due to – Inadequate productive capacity

131. The project ‘Sankalp’ is associated with the elimination of – HIV, AIDS

132. The standard of living in a country is represented by its- Per Capita Income

133. Which one of the following has the final Authority in India to approve Five Year Plan? – National Development Council

134. Who introduced high yielding varieties of seed in India? – N. Borlaug

135. The Green Revolution in India has contributed to – inter-crop inequality

136. World Investment Report is published by which of the following? – UNCTAD

137. Where is India’s Modernized Currency Notes press situated? – Nasik

138. What is Repo Rate? – It is the rate at which RBI sells government securities to banks

139. Which of the following is called a Banker’s Cheque? – Demand Draft

140. Which body in India does the regulation of Insurance Sector? – IRDA

141. In our Constitution, the term ‘Budget’ is used under- Article 112

142. Human Development Report for each year at global level is published by – UNDP

143. Corporation tax is imposed by – Central Government

144. Which kind of power accounts for the largest share of power generation of India? –Hydro-electricity

145. The Balance of Payments of a country is a systematic record of – all import and export transactions of a country during a given period of time, normally a year.

146. What is a Blue Chip company?- Highly valuable company

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