Solved Paper Executive Officer/Secretary Municipality Services Exam 2020 – HPPSC Shimla [Part 1]

By | September 27, 2020

1. Which of the following is not among the five Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that the Government of Himachal Pradesh seeks to achieve by 2022?

  1. To reduce the infant mortality rate (IMR) from 35 to 20
  2. To reduce the dropout rate upto zero in primary and middle-level schools
  3. To increase the ration of girls from 909 to 940 per 1000 boys in the 0-6 years category
  4. To enhance the forest cover in the state to 30% of its geographical

2. The Government of Himachal Pradesh has launched ‘Doodh Ganga Yojna Scheme’ for dairy and related products in collaboration with which of the following?

  1. IDBI
  3. ADB
  4. IMF

3. Which of the following combination is not correct?

  1. Pabbar Valley: Chanshal Range
  2. Baspa Valley: Chung Shakhago Pass
  3. Kiarda Doon Valley: Dharti Range
  4. Saproon Valley: Bandla Range

4. Match List – 1 and List – 2 and select the correct answer from the codes given below:

List – 1     List – 2

  1. Gyephang – (A) Kinnaur
  2. Zorkanden – (B) Chamba
  3. Pir Panjal – (C) Shimla
  4. Indrasan – (D) Lahaul-Spiti
  5.             (E) – Kullu
  1. BDEA
  2. CDBE
  3. DABE
  4. DABC

5. Which of the following combination is correct?

  1. Bhaba Pass –  Kinnaur
  2. Cheni Pass – Kullu
  3. Hamta Pass – Lahaul
  4. Shingor Pass – Shimla

6. As per the study of Central Water Board, in which of the following valley the underground water is being exploited and is receding at a very fast rate?

  1. Kala Amb Valley, Sirmaur
  2. Indora Valley, Kangra
  3. Hum Valley, Una
  4. Balh Valley, Mandi

7. The Shivalik Hills are believed to have been inhabited by which of the following tribe during the pre-Vedic period?

  1. Dasas
  2. Kinnaur
  3. Kiratas
  4. Nagas

8. Which of the following is not the kind of marriage in Himachal Pradesh?

  1. Darosh, Dab Dhab
  2. Thagchod-pa
  3. Jhindphook
  4. Phaktun

9. Chiri, Balu, Chak, Phuli, are the kinds of which of the following?

  1. Dress
  2. Ornaments
  3. Traditional Songs
  4. Folk Dances

10. Built-in Shikhra style Trilokinath, Panchvaktra, Bhutnath, and Ardhnarishwar are the most famous temples of which of the following town?

  1. Udaipur
  2. Bajaura
  3. Mandi
  4. Kangra

11. In which of the following districts of Himachal Pradesh ‘Pathar ka Khel’ fair is celebrated in the month of October/November every year?

  1. Shimla
  2. Solan
  3. Bilaspur
  4. Mandi

12. During Kushanas period Buddhist art of the plains began to infiltrate the hills, as evident from the ruins of which of the following?

  1. Mani Gompa of Gondla
  2. Stupa of Chetru, Kangra
  3. Old Buddhist Shrine at Rewalsar
  4. Tabo Monastery, Spiti

13. Which of the following leaning temple located in Kangra district has been restored by the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH)?

  1. Bajreshwari Temple
  2. Bhadrakala Temple
  3. Baijnath Temple
  4. Masrur Temple

Explanation: A leaning temple located in the Sarah area of Kangra district has been restored by INTACH (Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage) under the aegis of the state government. The nearly 400-year-old temple of a local deity, Bhadrakali, got damaged during an earthquake that devastated Kangra in 1905.

14. The unique Panchmukhi shaped ‘Marich Havan Kund’ of Devta Marich was reopened after 900 years in 2002. Where is it located?

  1. Dholaseri, Kumarsain
  2. Sarah, Kangra
  3. Sungra, Kinnaur
  4. Shanshar, Kullu

15. Who was the first woman to represent the Himachal Pradesh State in Rajya Sabha?

  1. Satyavati Dang
  2. Leela Devi Mahajan
  3. Usha Malhotra
  4. Mohinder Kaur

16. An important historical document, the Nirmand copper plate issued by Mahasamanta Maharaja Samundrasena belongs to which of the following period?

  1. 2nd Century AD
  2. 7th Century AD
  3. 2nd Century BC
  4. 4th Century AD

17. What is the language of six hundred years old manuscript, found in Spiti by the Himachal Pradesh Language, Art and Culture Academy?

  1. Sanskrit
  2. Pali
  3. Bhoti
  4. Urdu
Explanation: In 2011, Himachal Pradesh LanguageArt, and Culture academy found 600-year-old manuscript in Spiti valley. It is written in Bhoti language and deals with Ayurvedic system of medicine.
18. Match the following combinations and select the wrong combination.
  1. Kirgrama: Baijnath
  2. Surughna: Sirmaur
  3. Kashgir: Kangra
  4. Brahampur: Bharmaur

19. Who sided the Mughals in the battle of Nadaun?

  1. Sikhs
  2. Raja Bhim Chand of Kehlur
  3. Raja Dayal of Bijarwal and Raja of Kangra
  4. Raja Prithi Chand of Datarpur

20. Who amongst the following Raja of Kehlur shifted the residence of the ruling family from Sunhani to a place on the left bank of Satluj, traditionally called ‘Vyasgufa’?

  1. Raja Bir Chand
  2. Raja Deep Chand
  3. Raja Bhim Chand
  4. Raja Bijai Chand

21. Which of the following district of Himachal Pradesh has been selected for the scheme of Government of India, named ‘Aspirational District Yojna’ under vision 2022 policy?

  1. Sirmaur
  2. Kinnaur
  3. Chamba
  4. Lahaul-Spiti

22. Which of the following village is the starting point of the track-route to Bharmaur form Dharmshala?

  1. Khaniyara
  2. Yol
  3. Bhagsu
  4. Mataur

23. The British Deputy Forest officer instrumental in planting and protecting the forests of Manali and Dhungri was –

  1. Duff Dunbar
  2. C.R. Johnson
  3. A.T. Banon
  4. Travoc

24. Which of the following was one of the oldest of the hill states in the Western Himachal?

  1. Koti
  2. Bushehr
  3. Dhami
  4. Keonthal

25. Which of the following district of Himachal Pradesh has the largest number of larger, medium, and small scale industrial units?

  1. Kangra
  2. Solan
  3. Una
  4. Sirmaur

26. Match the following combinations of sanctuaries with the districts where they are situated and select the incorrect answer –

  1. Rupi Bhaba Sanctuary – Kinnaur
  2. Tundah Sanctuary  – Chamba
  3. Kanawar Sanctuary  – Kinnaur
  4. Kugti Sanctuary  – Chamba

27. Which of the following river flows 400 km almost parallel to Indus and then cuts through both the Zanskar and Great Himalayan ranges?

  1. Satluj
  2. Chenab
  3. Ravi
  4. Beas

28. Which of the following was not the cooperative bank in Himachal before 1947?

  1. The Mahasu Central Cooperative Bank
  2. The Mandi Central Cooperative Bank Ltd.
  3. The Chamba Central Cooperative Bank Ltd.
  4. The Sirmaur Central Cooperative Bank Ltd.

Explanation: In Himachal Pradesh at the time of attaining independence of India, Mahasu Central Co-operative Bank, The Mandi Central Co-operative Bank Ltd. and The Chamba Central Co-operative Bank Ltd. were functioning to cater to the needs of farmer. In 1953 Himachal Pradesh State Co-operative Bank was established after amalgamating these three Central Co-operative Banks into it.

29. The Burua Pass or Buran Ghati, Kimilay or Khamilogo Pass, Borsu Pass, and Lamkhaga Pass are situated along the southern ridge of which valley of Himachal Pradesh?

  1. Chandra Valley
  2. Baspa Valley
  3. Hangrang Valley
  4. Pabbar

30. Which of the following is not the main component of National Urban Livelihood Mission (NULM)?

  1. Capacity Building and Training
  2. Self Employment Programme
  3. Empowerment of girl child/adolescent girl
  4. Social Mobilization and institution development

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