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By | September 26, 2021

Read the passage carefully and attempt Questions Nos.25, 26, 27, 28 & 29 by choosing the most appropriate option:

Desertification is a term used to explain a process of decline in the biological productivity of an ecosystem, leading to total loss of productivity. While this phenomenon is often linked to the arid, semi-arid and sub-humid ecosystems, even in the humid tropics, the impact could be most dramatic. The impoverishment of human-impacted terrestrial ecosystems may exhibit itself in a variety of ways; accelerated erosion as in the mountain regions of the country, salinization of land as in the semi-arid and arid ‘green revolution’ areas of the country, e.g., Haryana and Western Uttar Pradesh, and site quality decline – a common phenomenon due to general decline in tree cover and monotonous monoculture of rice/wheat across the Indian plains. A major consequence of deforestation is that it relates to adverse alterations in hydrology and related soil nutrient losses. The consequence of deforestation invariably arise out of site degradation through erosive losses. Tropical Asia, Africa and South America have the highest levels of erosion. The ultimate consequences of site desertification are soil degradation, alteration in available water and its quality and the consequent decline in food, fodder and fuel-wood yields essentials for the economic well beings of rural communities.

25. Desertification leads to a decline in

  1. Industrial productivity
  2. Agricultural productivity
  3. Biological productivity
  4. Human productivity

26. Where is the level of erosion highest?

  1. Monsoon Asia climate
  2. Tropical Asia climate
  3. Tropical Savannah climate
  4. Tropical Steppe climate

27. Deforestation adversely affects the

  1. Geomorphology
  2. Pedology
  3. Cryology
  4. Hydrology

28. Desertification often occurs in

  1. Polar areas
  2. Hot desert areas
  3. Cold weather season
  4. Arunachal Pradesh

29. Accelerated erosion chiefly occurs in

  1. Mountains
  2. Plains
  3. Valley
  4. Plateau

30. Who was the author of the book ‘Gulamgiri”?

  1. Swami Dayanand
  2. Dr.B.R. Ambedkar
  3. Mahatma Jyotiba Pule
  4. Swami Ramkrishan Parmhans

31. In which year ‘The Indian Universities Act’ was passed?

  1. 1901
  2. 1904
  3. 1905
  4. 1909

32. In which Governor General’s tenure, the Britishers conquered ‘Sindh’?

  1. Lord Auckland
  2. Lord Ellenborough
  3. Lord Hasting
  4. Lord Dalhousie

33. Shifting cultivation in Jharkhand State is known as:

  1. Koman
  2. Khil
  3. Kuruwa
  4. Kumari

34. Which of the following pair is not correctly matched?

  1. Kosi – Consequent river
  2. Narmada – Rift valley river
  3. Sutlej – Antecedent river
  4. Ghaggar – Endoreic river

35. Which of the following glaciers is located in the Karakoram ranges of the Himalayan region?

  1. Shafat
  2. Milam
  3. Zemu
  4. Biafo

36. Kirghiz refers to:

  1. Desert
  2. Lake
  3. Cattle herders
  4. Mountain

37. Alps mountain chain is related with:

  1. Europe
  2. Asia
  3. Australia
  4. Antarctic

38. The water holding capacity is highest in:

  1. Sandy soil
  2. Clayey soil
  3. Loamy soil
  4. Mixture of sand and loam

39. Which leader was not a member of the Constitutional Draft Committee?

  1. Jawaharlal Nehru
  2. Dr.B.R. Ambedkar
  3. B.L. Mitter
  4. Mohammad Saadulla

40. Which of the following officers can be removed from his office by the Governor?

  1. Advocate General of State
  2. State Election. Commissioner
  3. Member, State Public Service Commission
  4. Member, State Human Rights Commission

41. By which time Governor has to return an ordinary bill to the concerned State Legislative Assembly for reconsideration?

  1. One month
  2. Two months
  3. Six months
  4. No time limit

42. The sustainable Development Goal “Good Health and Well being’ has shown improvement in India due to:

  1. Clean Water & Sanitation
  2. Decline in Maternal Mortality Ratio
  3. Better Access to Housing
  4. Widespread Waste Collection and Procession

43. ‘National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture has been launched to:

  1. Enhance agricultural productivity by integrated farming
  2. Promote organic farming
  3. Increase irrigation coverage
  4. Provide insurance cover to farmers

44. The government has released a new four-colour classification scheme for industries based on their pollution potential. Which is not correct in this regard?

  1. Moderately polluting – orange category
  2. Not polluting – white category
  3. Most polluting-red category
  4. None of these

45. What is the minimum calorie requirement in rural areas for measuring poverty?

  1. 2100 calories per person per day
  2. 2200 calories per person per day
  3. 2400 calories per person per day
  4. 3100 calories per person per day

46. The phenomenon of ‘demographic dividend’ of a country is related to:

  1. A sharp decline in the total population
  2. A decline in the infant mortality Rate
  3. An increase in the sex ratio
  4. An increase in the population in the working-age group

47. SANKALP is launched to provide:

  1. Better healthcare for rural poor
  2. Better healthcare for urban poor
  3. Quality education
  4. Market relevant training to youth

48. According to FRBM Act, India’s fiscal deficit should not exceed:

  1. 2 percent of GDP
  2. 3 percent of GDP
  3. 4 percent of GDP
  4. 3.5 percent of GDP

49. Which of the following statement is not correct?

  1. Calcium oxide reacts vigorously with water to produce lime
  2. Slaked lime slowly creates a layer of calcium nitrate on the walls during whitewashing
  3. Silver chloride is sensitive to sunlight
  4. Decomposition reactions require energy for breaking down of reactants

50. Which of the following statement is correct?

  1. A very small opaque object does not change the straight path of light
  2. Convex mirrors are generally used in torches
  3. The mass density of kerosene is less than that of water
  4. The ability of a medium to reflect light is expressed as optical density

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