Solved Paper Himachal Pradesh Administrative Services 2015

By | June 30, 2017

1)      Name the site where Harappan ploughed field has been found:

  1. Harappa
  2. Banawali
  3. Rakhigarhi
  4. Kalibanga

2)      Who among the following is the author of Milind Panho?

  1. Nagasen
  2. Ashwaghosh
  3. Dharmpal
  4. Devardhi

3)      Name the place where Jaina texts were finally complied?

  1. Pawagrah
  2. Kalinga
  3. Sharvanbelgola
  4. Vallabhi

4)      Find out among the following author of Muasir-i-Alamgiri:

  1. Alberuni
  2. Barni
  3. Mustaid Khan
  4. Sams-i-Siraj

5)      The temples located in the region between the Vindhyas and the Krishna river are known as:

  1. Dravid style
  2. Nagar Style
  3. Vakataka Style
  4. Hybrid style

6)      Which of the following Marathas was given a Manasab of 7000/7000 by Aurangzeb?

  1. Shivaji
  2. Sambhaji
  3. Rajaram
  4. Shahuji

7)      Who abolished Dual Government in Bengal?

  1. Sir John Shore
  2. Lord Curzon
  3. Robert Clive
  4. Warren Hasting

8)      Sidhu and Kanhu were associated with which one of the following?

  1. The Kol uprising
  2. The Munda rebellion
  3. The Khasi Rising
  4. The Santhal rebellion

9)      Match the List I with List II

List 1

  1. Dadabhai Naoroji
  2. Dayanand Sarswati
  3. Bal Gangadhar Tilak
  4. Bankim Chandra Chatterjee

List II

1)      Satyarth Prakash

2)      Anand Math

3)      Poverty and Un-British Rule of India

4)      Gita Rahasya

Select the correct answer from the codes given below:


  1. (a-2),(b-3),(c-4),(d-1)
  2. (a-3),(b-1),(c-4),(d-2)
  3. (a-3),(b-4),(c-1),(d-2)
  4. (a-4),(b-2),(c-1),(d-3)
  1. Who was the head of the boundary commission which demarcated the boundaries of India and Pakistan?

(A) Redcliffe

(B) McMahon

(C) Simon

(D) None of the above

  1. What is the local name of shifting cultivation in Malaysia?
  2. Jhum
  3. Kumri
  4. Podu
  5. Ladang
  6. Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched?

Towns                         Rivers

(A)  Ayodhya                           Saryu

(B)  Surat                                  Tapti

(C) Bareilly                               Ganga

(D) Kurnool                              Tungbhadra

  1. Tropic of cancer does not pass through

(A) Tripura

(B) Mizoram

(C) Manipur

(D) Chhattisgarh

  1. Which is the second most spoken language in India?

(A) Urdu

(B) Hindi

(C) Bengali

(D) Telugu

  1. Great Salt Lake is located in:

(A) Australia


(C) Canada

(D) U.S.A.

  1. Which of the following is the correct order of rivers from north to south?

(A) Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi, Satluj

(B) Jhelum, Ravi, Chenab, Satluj

(C) Ravi, Jhelum, Chenab, Satluj

(D) Ravi, Chenab, Jhelum, Satluj

  1. Which of the following has the lowest sex ratio in India?

(A) Punjab

(B) Haryana

(C) Dadar and Nagar Haveli

(D) Daman and Div

  1. Diego Garcia Island is located in

(A) Pacific Ocean

(B) Atlantic Ocean

(C) Indian Ocean

(D) Arctic Ocean

  1. Which of the following statements is/are correct ?
  2. i) Recorded temperature decreases from North to South India
  3. ii) Rainfall increases from West to East in Northern Plains of India

(A) Only (i)

(B) Only (ii)

(C) Both (i) and (ii)

(D) Neither (i) nor (ii)

  1. Which of the following is the largest coal producer?

(A) China

(B) U.S. A.

(C) India

(D) Australia

  1. According to Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, which of the following articles of the Indian Constitution was to remain a dead-letter?

(A) Article 360

(B) Article 356

(C) Article 352

(D) Article 32

  1. The elected members of the state legislative assembly participate in the elections of

(i) The President of India

(ii) The Vice President of India

(iii) Members of Rajya Sabha

(iv) Member of Legislative Council

(A) (1), (2) and (3)

(B) (1), (3) and (4)

(C) (1), (2) and (4)

(D) (1), (2), (3) and (4)

  1. Which of the following are the exclusive committees of Rajya Sabha?

(i) Committee on Subordinate legislation

(ii) Committee on government assurances

(iii) Committee on welfare of scheduled castes and scheduled tribes

(iv) Committee on public undertakings

Select the correct answer from the codes given below

(A) (1) and (3)

(B) (1) and (2)

(C) (1), (2) and (3)

(D) All of the above

  1. The tenure of the chief election commissioner of India is

(A) Five years

(B) Five years of 65 years of age, whichever is earlier

(C) Six years or 65 years of age, whichever is earlier

(D) Six years or 70 years, whichever is earlier

  1. Which of the commissions/Committees has recommended that there should be Minister of Panchayati Raj?

(A) Ashok Mehta Committee

(B) L M Singhavi Committee

(C) G V K Rao Committee

(D) Second Administrative Reforms commission

  1. Which of the following amendments to the Indian constitution has made the right of education a fundamental right?

(A) 84th

(B) 86th

(C) 91st

(D) 92nd

  1. Which of the following statements are correct about the national human right commission?

(i) The National Human Rights Commission is an independent body

(ii) It is not a constitutional body

(iii) It is a statutory body

(iv) It is a multimember body

Select the correct answer from the code given below

(A) (i) and (ii)

(B) (i), (ii) and (iii)

(C) (i), (ii) and (iv)

(D) All of the above

  1. What is the correct sequence of the following four stages in the public policy formulation process?

(i) Making policy decisions

(ii) Putting public problems on policy agenda

(iii) Identifying public problems

(iv) Formulating policy proposals to deal with the problem

Select the correct answer from the code given below

(A) (i), (ii), (iii) and (iv)

(B) (iii), (ii), (iv) and (i)

(C) (i), (iii), (ii) and (iv)

(D) (ii), (iv), (iii) and (i)

  1. The responsibility of law and order rests with the police commissioner in the cities of

(i) Chandigarh

(ii) Delhi

(iii) Mumbai

(iv) Kolkata

Select the correct answer from the code given below

(A) (i), (ii), (iii)

(B) (i), (ii), and (iv)

(C)  (ii), (iii) and (iv)

(D) (i), (ii), (iii) and (iv)

  1. Which one of the following functions does not figure in the 11th schedule of the constitution (73rd Amendment)?

(A) Libraries

(B) Cultural activities

(C) Fire services

(D) Family welfare

  1. Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna was launched on

(A) 15th August, 2014

(B) 1st January, 2015

(C) 26th January, 2015

(D) 28th August 2014

  1. Earth Summit 2012 for sustainable development was held in

(A) New Delhi, India

(B) Rio-Di-Janeiro, Brazil

(C) Johannesburg, South Africa

(D) New York, USA

  1. According to Planning Commission estimates for 2011-12 which of the following states have maximum percentage of population below poverty line

(A) Chhattisgarh

(B) Bihar

(C) Jharkhand

(D) Odisha

  1. The World Investment Report (WIR) is published by

(A) International Monetary Fund

(B) United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)

(C) General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT)

(D) Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)

  1. SEBI was established in the year

(A) 1988

(B) 1990

(C) 1991

(D) 1985

  1. NITI in NITI Aayog stands for

(A) National Institution for Transforming India

(B) National Institute of Transforming India

(C) National Initiative for Transforming India

(D) National Institution for Translating India

  1. Annual Summit 2015 of BRICS nations will be held in

(A) New Delhi, India

(B) Fortaleza, Brazil

(C) Ufa in Bashkortostan, Russia

(D) Durban, South Africa

  1. As per the population census 2011, what is the percentage of urban population in Himachal and India respectively

(A) 15.05 and 35.60

(B) 10.03 and 31.16

(C) 10.03 and 35.60

(D) 12.65 and 31.16

  1. Recently, the government of India has decided to revise the base year for estimating the GDP from

(A)2001-02 to 2010-11

(B) 2004-05 to 2013-14

(C) 2004-05 to 2011-12

(D) 2001-02 to 2011-12

  1. National Sample Survey Office was established in the year :

(A) 1950

(B) 1951

(C) 1947

(D) 1948

  1. How many biosphere reserves are there in India


(B) 18

(C) 26

(D) 32

  1. The UN Convention on Biodiversity was ratified by the Indian government in the year

(A) 1992

(B) 1993

(C) 1994

(D) 1997

  1. Apart from Carbon-dioxide, which of the following gases also have a role in climate change?


(B) Nitrogen Dioxide

(C) Sulphur Dioxide

(D) Helium

  1. At present, which country is the maximum emitter of Carbon-dioxide?


(B) China

(C) Russia

(D) France

  1. As per the IPCC 4th Assessment Report, the average sea level during the period 1961-2003 increased approximately at the rate of

(A) 1.8 cm per year

(B) 5.9mm per year

(C) 4.1mm per year

(D) 1.8mm per year

  1. In India, the forest cover percentage of the total geographical area of the country is appox.

(A) 18%

(B) 29%

(C) 21%

(D) 31%

  1. Driving force for an eco-system is

(A) Solar energy

(B) Vegetation

(C) Producers

(D) Bio-Mass

  1. Which of the following has the maximum bio-diversity?

(A) Mangroves

(B) Corel reefs

(C) Temperature regions

(D) Tropical regions

  1. At present, the primary energy source in the world is

(A) Hydro power

(B) Fossil fuels

(C) Nuclear power

(D) Solar power

  1. World Ozone day is celebrated on

(A) June 19th

(B) August 19th

(C) September 16th

(D) November 19th

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  1. The world’s largest highest ground-based telescopic observatory is located in:

(A) Colombia

(B) India

(C) Nepal

(D) Switzerland

  1. The hormone insulin is a:

(A) Glycolipid

(B) Fatty acid

(C) Peptide

(D) Sterol

  1. The sensation of fatigue in the muscle after prolonged strenuous physical work is caused by:

(A) A decrease in the supply of oxygen

(B) Minor wear and tear of muscles fibres

(C) The depletion of glucose

(D) The accumulation of lactic acid

  1. Which of the following agriculture practices is eco-friendly?

(A) Organic farming

(B) Shifting cultivation

(C) Cultivation of high yielding

(D) Growing plants in glass-houses

  1. According to the Wealth Health Organization, the decease which causes the death of the largest number of people today is:


(B) Tuberculosis

(C) Malaria

(D) Ebola

  1. The normal temperature of human body in Kelvin scale is:

(A) 280

(B) 290

(C) 300

(D) 310

  1. The only snake that builds a nest is:

(A) Chain viper

(B) King Cobra

(C) Krait

(D) Saw-scaled viper

  1. Which of the following does not contain silver?

(A) Horn Silver

(B) German Silver

(C) Ruby Silver

(D) Lunar Silver

  1. Aluminum surfaces are often ‘anodized’ this means the deposition of a layer of:

(A) Chromium Oxide

(B) Aluminum Oxide

(C) Nickel Oxide

(D) Zinc Oxide

  1. Which one of the following polymers is widely used for making bullet proof material?

(A) Polyvinyl chloride

(B) Polyamides

(C) Polyethylene

(D) Polycarbonates

  1. When a CD (compact disc used in audio and video systems) is seen in sunlight, rainbow like colours are seen. This can be explained on the basis of the phenomenon of:

(A) Reflection and diffraction

(B) Reflection and transmission

(C) Diffraction and transmission

(D) Refraction, diffraction and transmission

  1. Which one of the following does a TV remote control unit to use to operate a TV set?

(A) Light Waves

(B) Sound Waves

(C) Micro Waves

(D) Radio Waves

  1. The working principle of a washing machine is:

(A) Centrifugation

(B) Dialysis

(C) Reverse osmosis

(D) Diffusion

  1. A fuse is used in main electric supply as safety devices. Which one of the following statements about the fuse is correct?

(A) It is connected in parallel with the main switch

(B) It is made mainly from silver alloys

(C) It must have a low melting point

(D) It must have a very high resistance

  1. A simple machine helps a person in doing:

(A) Less Work

(B) The same amount of work with lesser force

(C) The same amount of work slowly

(D) The same amount of work much faster

  1. Domestic electrical wiring is basically a:

(A) Series connection

(B) Parallel connection

(C) Combination of series and parallel connection

(D) Series connection within each room and parallel connection elsewhere

  1. The most widely used antacid is:

(A) Cetrizine

(B) Iproniazid

(C) Chlorpheniramine

(D) Zantac

  1. Which of the following drugs reduces fever?

(A) Analgesic

(B) Antipyretic

(C) Antibiotic

(D) Tranquilizer

  1. The latitude that passes through Sikkim also passes through

(A) Himachal Pradesh

(B) Jammu and Kashmir

(C) Rajasthan

(D) Bihar

  1. Which of the following peaks are in Himachal Pradesh?

(i) Abi gamin

(ii) Reo-Purjil

(iii) Rangrik Range

(iv) Gya’

Choose the correct answer:

(A) only (iv)

(B) only (i)


(D) All of the above

  1. Which of the following is/are treated as artificial currency?

(A)  ADR



(D) Both ADR and GDR

  1. Disguised unemployment generally means:

(A) Large number of people remains unemployed

(B) Alternative employment is not available

(C) Marginal productivity is zero

(D) Productivity of worker is low

  1. In India, which of the following have the highest share in the disbursement of credit to agriculture and allied activities?

(A) Commercial Banks

(B) Micro Finance Institutions

(C) Regional Rural Banks

(D) Co-operative Banks

  1. Mars Orbitor Mission is called:

(A) Pushpyan

(B) Spaceyan

(C) Mangalyan

(D) Missionyan

  1. Almost all major oil produces including Saudi Arabian have become dependent on high prices, with break-even level usually over $90 per barrel to meet their fiscal obligations. Consider the following can be termed as explanation for the present decline in oil prices?

(i) The world markets are flush with supplies for which there are not enough consumers.

(ii) The global economic slowdown is the principal culprit: with China’s national growth projected at around 7% per year, increase in oil demand is negligible

(iii) Europe is also not expected to contribute to increased demand due to its sluggish growth.

Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

(A) (i)

(B) (ii)

(C) Both (i) and (ii)

(D) All of the above

  1. Modi Government re-launched the Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP) investment scheme to top house hold saving for funding infrastructure development in the country.

Consider the following statements about this and pick the correct statement:

(i)  The saving instrument will be available in the denomination of Rs. 1000, Rs 5000, Rs   10,000 and Rs. 50,000.

(ii) There will be no upper ceiling on investment.

(iii)  No tax benefits would be available on this investment.

Answer(s) is/are:

(A) (i)

(B) (ii)

(C) (i) and (iii) only

(D) All of the above

  1. Based upon the relations between India and Pakistan, Khurshid M. Kasuri, the Ex-foreign Minister of Pakistan has recently penned down a book. What is the title of the book?

(A) India-Pakistan in War and Peace

(B) Neither a Hawk nor a Dove

(C) The Origins of War in South Asia: The Indo-Pakistan Conflicts Since 1947

(D) India and Pakistan: A Political Analysis

  1. Shanta Kumar Committee has submitted its report on restructuring of Food Corporation of India (FCI) to Mr. Modi.

Read the following recommendations and find the incorrect ones:

(i)  FCI Procurement should focus on the Western belt, where farmers get the minimum support price.

(ii)  FCI should hand over the procurement of Wheat and Rice to four states which include Punjab, Haryana, Andhra Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.

(iii) Proposed uniform tax of minimum 3% and maximum 4% on Wheat and Rice and the same to be included in the minimum support price.

The answer is:

(A)  (i) and (ii)

(B) (i) and (iii)

(C) (ii) and (iii)


  1. Read the following statements regarding the recently released NTCA report on the status of tigers in India, 2014.

Find out the incorrect ones:

(i) The report showed a 30% increase in tiger population to 2226 from 1706 in 2010.

(ii) The largest increase was recorded in Kerala, Karnataka, Goa and Tamil Nadu.

(iii) The Mudumalai-Bandipur-Nagarhole-Wayarad Complex hold the world’s largest tiger population currently estimated at over 570 tigers.

The correct answer is:

(A) (i) and (ii)

(B) (ii) and (iii)

(C) (iii) only


  1. India has recently signed an agreement on transfer of sentenced persons with the Hong-Kong special administrative region. Which among the following statements is/are correct ones in this regard?

(i) The agreement will mostly apply to Hong-Kong prisoners.

(ii) Most of the Indian Prisoners have been jailed for serious crimes like drug dealing.

(iii) India has similar agreement with several other countries but none with Mainland China.

The Right answer is:

(A) (i)

(B) (ii)

(C) (iii)

(D) All of the above

  1. Who among the following translated Kalhana’s Rajatarangini into English?

(A) Sir Alexander Cunningham

(B) Sir Aurel Stein

(C) Jonaraja

(D) Sirivara

82) What is the script of the earliest epigraphical rock inscriptions at Pathyar and Kanhiyara in Kangra?

(A) Brahmi and Tankri

(B) Kharoshthi and Tankri

(C) Brahmi and Kharoshthi

(D) Kharoshthi and Persian

  1. Which Mughal ruler is said to have given the title of ‘Mian’ to the Rajput princes of Punjab Hill states who were held hostages in the royal court?

(A) Akbar

(B) Jahangir

(C) Shah Jahan

(D) Aurangzeb

  1. Ruler of which of the following hill states were from a common ancestor?

(A) Mandi, Mangal and Bhajji

(B) Suket, Mandi and Bhagal

(C) Mandi, Suket and Keonthal

(D) Keonthal, Suket and Jubbal

  1. Which Raja of Spiti invaded Kullu and made it a tributary?

(A) Samudra Sena

(B) Chet Sena

(C) Hemat Sena

(D) Rajendra Sena

  1. The Raja of Bushahar princely state was assisted by three hereditary Wazir families. One of them was Kohal. Where did it come from?

(A) Kullu

(B) Garhwal

(C) Kinnaur

(D) Jubbal

  1. When was the Department of Public Relations created in Himachal Pradesh?

(A) 1951

(B) 1952

(C) 1954

(D) 1956

  1. In which district of HP is Saryanj Sarma watershed project?

(A) Una

(B) Sirmaur

(C) Bilaspur

(D) Solan

  1. When was ‘Beti Hai Anmol’ Yojna launched in Himachal Pradesh?

(A) January 2009

(B) July 2010

(C) October 2011

(D) December 2012

  1. Which Raja of Mandi gave the Shivratri Fair the form of a cultural festival?

(A) Suraj Sen

(B) Bahu Sen

(C) Bir Sen

(D) Ban Sen

  1. Find the mismatch in the following pairs:

(A) Tieun Dhar – Chamba

(B) Jakh Dhar – Hamirpur

(C) Haripur Dhar – Sirmaur

(D) Sanjhi Dhar – Shimla

  1. What is Shingni-Mingni?

(A) a variety of fish

(B) a herbal-medicinal plant

(C) a folk dance of Kinnaur

(D) a folk song popular in Sirmaur

  1. Who started the Ice-Skating Rink at Shimla around 1920?

(A) Peter Ta-Tung

(B) Blessington

(C) Daniel Wilson

(D) William Hay

  1. In which district of HP is Yunam-so Lake?

(A) Lahaul-Spiti

(B) Kinnaur

(C) Chamba

(D) Kullu

  1. When did the number of members in the HP Vidhan Sabha increase from 36 to 41?

(A) 1971

(B) 1967

(C) 1963

(D) 1954

  1. Which one of the following is a Pagoda style temple in HP?

(A) Hateshwari Devi in Jubbal Valley

(B) Hidimba Temple in Manali Valley

(C) Lakshna Devi in Bharmaur

(D) Shakti Devi in Chhatrari

  1. Which district of HP occupies top position in the production of ginger?

(A) Sirmaur

(B) Bilaspur

(C) Una

(D) Mandi

  1. Identify the correct order of density of population among the following districts of HP according to 2011 census data (in descending order):

(A) Bilaspur, Una, Solan, Mandi

(B) Una, Bilaspur, Solan, Mandi

(C) Una, Mandi, Bilaspur, Solan

(D) Bilaspur, Solan, Una, Mandi

  1. What was the annual growth rate in the economy of Himahcal Pradesh during the 2012-13 fiscal?

(A) 5.7

(B) 5.9

(C) 6.1

(D) 6.6

  1. Polworth, Corriedole, Blackpace and Bingi are varities:

(A) Vegetables

(B) Spices

(C) Sheep

(D) Buffaloes

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