Solved Paper HP District Manager 2019 [Part-2] – HPPSC Shimla

By | December 22, 2019

27. Which of the following lake is situated at An attitude of 3962 where the Gaddi tribal visit on Janmashtami to offer prayers?

  1. Machhiyal Lake
  2. Lama Dal Lake
  3. Ghadasaru Lake
  4. Kumarwah Lake

28. Which of the following temple of Himachal Pradesh has been rated as one of the finest moments of the Western Himalayas and a unique example of the letter Gupta tradition?

  1. Masroor Temple
  2. Hadimba Temple
  3. Baijnath Temple
  4. Bajaura Temple 

29. Who is the chairman of the State women Commission constituted to review and monitor the effective implementation of national policy for empowerment of women 2001 (NPEW) and to advise on the policy matter?

  1. Minister of Social justice and empowerment
  2. Education Minister
  3. Health Minister
  4. Chief Minister 

30. Which of the following incident was termed as the Shimla Terror and Shimla Genocide by the English newspapers in England?

  1. Revolt of 1857 
  2. Anglo Gurkha War
  3. Dhami firing incident
  4. Quit India Movement

31. Who designed Christ Church at Shimla and St. George Church at Agra?

  1. A. H. E. Boileau
  2. J.T. Bolieau
  3. Henry Irwin
  4. H.S. Harrington

32. Which of the following place was known as Baltohianaula Shehar and Chhota Muradabad for its brass utensils of various sizes and shapes?

  1. Jaisinghpur
  2. Gangath
  3. Dhaula Kuan
  4. Gagret

33. Women of which district have decided to plant seabuck thrown in the region to conserve the environment which is considered and eco-friendly plant for that area?

  1. Una
  2. Palampur
  3. Lahaul-Spiti 
  4. Shimla

34. Match list 1 and 2 and select the correct answers from the codes given below-

list one (Thakurais) list two (area)

Junga – 144 square mile

Theog – 94 square mile

Jubbal  – 295 square mile

Tharoch –  70 square mile

                – 297 square mile

Answer: Junga-295, Theog – 144, Jubbal – 297, Tharoch – 70. 

35. In which district of Himachal Pradesh the proportion of 7.8 % population of scheduled caste is recorded, which is lowest in the state?

  1. Kinnaur
  2. Chamba
  3. Una
  4. Lahaul-Spiti 

36. In which district of Himachal Pradesh two Eulogies (prashastis) have been found having a mention of the local chief Lakshmana aur Lakshman Chandra and his overload King Jaychandra?

  1. Chamba
  2. Kangra 
  3. Kullu
  4. Sirmour

37. The person who set up an apple orchard ‘Bundrole Orchard’ in 1870 after obtaining plants from the U.K. was-

  1. Captain R.C. Lee 
  2. Captain A. T. Banon
  3. Captain Harcourt
  4. Captain Monday

38. Which of the following building earned National recognition and the ‘Vishwakarma Award 2011’ to the Public Work Department by the construction industry Development Council (CIDC) for having several unique features in the project?

  1. High Court Building
  2. Police Headquarter building
  3. Nirman Bhawan 
  4. IGMC building

39. The bill namely the state of Himachal Pradesh Act, which was introduced in the Parliament on July 31, 1970, elevate the status of Himachal Pradesh to a full-fledged state was passed by the union Parliament on-

  1. 15th September 1970
  2. 24th September 1970
  3. 18th November 1970
  4. 18th December 1970 

40. Who among the following notable person ever contribute to the cause of education in the Pradesh?

  1. Pandit Ram Saran
  2. Satyanand Stokes
  3. Pratap Singh Negi
  4. Bansi Lal Pada 

41. What is the net sown area in Himachal Pradesh out of the total geographical area of  55.67 lakh hectares?

  1. 3.35 lakh hectare
  2. 2.73 lakh hectare
  3. 5.83 lakh hectare 
  4. 10.2 lakh hectare

42. To make tourists familiar with an ancient cultural heritage of the state and to train the local youngsters as a cultural guide with the objective to provide themselves employment, a scheme has been started by the government of Himachal Pradesh. Name of the scheme is:

  1. Aaj Purani Rahon Se 
  2. Gaon Bhi Apna Shahar Bhi Apna
  3. Nahin Rahe Nahin Manzil
  4. Jane Kahan Gaye Woh Din

43. Which pass provides are the main approach to Spiti from Lahul?

  1. Manirang Pass
  2. Hampta pass
  3. Kunjum pass 
  4. Baralacha pass

44. The Chinese pilgrim Hiuen Tsang called the Chandra Tal Lake with which name?

  1. Bhrigu Sarovar
  2. Lohitya Sarovar 
  3. Manas Tal
  4. Swarn Tal

45. To tap the curative potential of hot water spring, HPTDC has built Turkish type baths near which hot spring of Himachal Pradesh?

  1. Kheerganga
  2. Manikaran
  3. Vashisht
  4. Jeori

46. ‘Pacha’, ‘Kulti’, ‘Shilli’ and ‘Tapan’ are some prominent names in Chandra Valley?

  1. Rivers
  2. Peaks
  3. Glaciers 
  4. Hot water springs

47. According to Greierson who were the earlier known Indo Aryans of the Himalayan tract?

  1. Khasas
  2. Kiratas
  3. Nagas
  4. Kinners

48. Famous Philologist Dr. Grierson called with what name the common language (Pahadi) of Himachal Pradesh?

  1. Western Pahari 
  2. Eastern Pahari
  3. Central Pahari
  4. Common Pahari

49. Kinnauri women were compared to whom on account of their woolen raiments by ‘Cummings’?

  1. Arabian
  2. German and Russians
  3. Scottish and Algerian 
  4. Chinese and Korean

50. In which district ‘Marich Havan Kund’ is located which was reopened after 900 years in 2005?

  1. Sirmaur
  2. Kangra
  3. Shimla 
  4. Bilaspur

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