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By | December 22, 2019

51. Which of the following Gompa has the largest collection of ‘Kangyur and Tangyur’ ?

  1. Shashur Gompa
  2. Gemur Gompa
  3. Tayul Gompa
  4. Kardang Gompa

52. In which year the famous Chamba Rumal was declared world heritage by UNESCO?

  1. 15th June 2018
  2. 24th September 2010
  3. 31st October 2008 
  4. 24th November 2005

53. At which place in Kullu district the Indian Council of Animal Research is maintaining Fur animal division?

  1. Katrain
  2. Bhuntar
  3. Garsha
  4. Ani

54. Who amongst the following donated the ‘Hall Estate’ to the ‘International Roerich Memorial Trust’ which is now known as ‘Roerich Art Gallery’?

  1. Indira Gandhi
  2. Amrit Kaur
  3. Devika Rani 
  4. Sarojini Naidu

55. Apple the most important fruit crop of the state constitute what percentage of the total fruit production of Himachal Pradesh?

  1. 65%
  2. 50%
  3. 70%
  4. 85%

Answer: None of the above

Note: Apple contributes about 49% of the total area under fruit crops and 79% of the total fruit production. 

Source: Economic Survey 2019-19 (Chapter-5, Page 52) : Agriculture and Horticulture.

56. Which of the following reservoir of Himachal Pradesh has the distinction of highest per hectare fish production in the country?

  1. Chamera
  2. Ranjit Sagar Dam
  3. Pong Dam
  4. Govind Sagar

57. ‘One citizen one tree campaign’ is a campaign with the aim to plant more trees is launched by which of the following states:

  1. Meghalaya 
  2. Uttarakhand
  3. Haryana
  4. Manipur

58. Nandan Nilekani committee has been set up by the government of India-

  1. To review the existing status of demonetized currency
  2. To review the existing status of urbanization in India
  3. To review the existing status of school education in India
  4. To review the existing status of digital digitization of payments in the country 

59. What is the name of the recently developed the world’s thinnest gold?

  1. Micro Seaweed
  2. Nano Seaweed 
  3. Small Seaweed
  4. Atom Seaweed

60. Which initiative is launched by the Niti Aayog to promote innovation at the community level in underserved rural regions of India?

  1. Atal innovation mission Centre
  2. Atal community innovation Centre 
  3. Atal community innovation mission
  4. Programme for Atal community innovation

61. Yohei Sasakawa got the Gandhi Peace Prize for the year, 2018 for his contribution in-

  1. Poverty reduction in India and across the world
  2. Child labour eradiction in India and across the world
  3. Leprosy eradication in India and across the world 
  4. Addressing the issue of a hunger in India and across the world

62. Which of the following Indian celebrities has been appointed as the new SDG advocate of UN?

  1. Amitabh Bacchan
  2. Diya Mirza 
  3. Priyanka Chopra
  4. Vivek Oberoi

63. General protesting against the government proposal to open a Sanskrit college in Calcutta?

  1.  Bankim Chandra Chatterjee
  2.  Syed Ahmed Khan
  3.  Annie Besant
  4.  Ram Mohan Roy

64.  Which of the following is correct about Swami Dayanand Saraswati?

  1. He criticized strongly the varna system of the Vedas
  2. His work the Satya Prakash was published in 1874
  3. He went to Calcutta debate the Brahma including Keshab Chandra Sen there 
  4. He did not Believe in the theory of Karma.

Note: The statement C does not form a meaningful sence. There would have been ‘Brahma Samaj‘ in place of ‘Brahma‘. This error can be the sole reason to scrap this question. 

65.  Identify from among the following the letter scholar of the Deoband School who supported the Pakistan movement?

  1. Husain Ahmad Madani
  2. Muhammad Qasim Nanotvi
  3. Shabbir Ahmad Uthmani (Usmani)
  4. Mehmood Ul Hassan

66. Of the following Brahmo Samaj (after various splits) persisted and remained a force for reforms in Bengal?

  1.  The Brahmo Samaj of India and Calcutta
  2.  The Brahmo Samaj
  3.  Adi Brahmo Samaj
  4.  Sadharan Brahmo Samaj

67.  Which of the following is the subject of Bankim Chandra Chatterjee’s book, “The Anandamath”?

  1.  The  Sanyasi rebellion
  2.  The Santhal Uprising
  3.  The rebellion
  4.  Satnami revolt

68.  Which of the following is not correctly matched:

  1.  Annie Besant- Madras Christian forum
  2.  Syed Ahmed Khan- Scientific society
  3.  G.K. Gokhale- The Servants of India society
  4. Keshav Chandra Sen- Indian Reform Association

69.  The productivity of Indian agriculture can be enhanced by:

  1.  increased public investment
  2.  increased irrigation facilities
  3.  shifting workers of from industry to agriculture
  4.  higher support price to the farmers

Note: In the official answer key, the answer given is C. 

Explanation:  Agricultural productivity is measured as the ratio of agricultural outputs to agricultural inputs.

Indian agriculture is already facing a problem of disguised unemployment. If we shift workers from industry to agriculture, it will further enhance the problem of disguised unemployment without affecting the productivity. Therefore option C cannot be the right answer.

Around 51% of India’s geographical area is under cultivation. Of the cultivated area, only 35% is under irrigation. 65% of the net sown area is dependent on rainfall. Bringing more and more area under irrigation will definitely increase the productivity of Indian agriculture. Hence the right answer is B. 

Source 1: PIB Release

Source 2:

 70. Fiscal deficit less interest payment is called:

  1.  net fiscal deficit
  2.  monetised deficit
  3.  primary deficit
  4.  budgetary deficit

71.  Which of the following is a most likely consequence of implementing the  United payments interface (UPI) ?

  1.  Mobile wallets will not be necessary for online payments
  2.  Digital currency will totally replace the physical currency in about two decades
  3.  FDI inflows will drastically increase
  4.  Direct transfer of subsidies to poor people will become very effective

72.  If the Reserve Bank of India lower reserve requirements, which of the following is most likely to happen to interest rates and nominal Gross Domestic Product?

 Interest nominal       Gross Domestic Product

  1.  increase                   decrease
  2.  Increase                   increase
  3.  decrease                  decrease
  4.  Decrease              increase

73.  Consider the following statements:

  1.  National payments Corporation of India (NPCI) helps in promoting the financial inclusion in the country.
  2.  NPCI has launched Rupay, a card payment scheme.

 Which of the statement given below is / are correct?

  1.  1 only
  2.  2 only
  3.  Both 1 and 2
  4.  Neither 1 nor 2

74. Per drop more crop is the key goal of:

  1. Micro irrigation fund under Nabard
  2. Long-term irrigation fund under Nabard
  3. Pradhan Mantri Sinchai Yojana
  4. National watershed Development programme

Note: In the official answer key, the answer given is A.

Explanation: Per drop more crop is the key goal of Pradhan Mantri Sinchai Yojana

Source 1: Wikipedia

Source 2: Vikaspedia

As far as Micro irrigation fund under with Nabard under Pradhan Mantri Sinchai Yojana is concerned, it will supplement the efforts of Per Drop More Crop Component (PDMC) in an effective and timely manner.

S0, the right answer is C. 

HP Public Service Commission is requested to refrain copying such questions directly from 😛 

 75. Mango showers are most prevalent in which of the following areas?

  1.  Eastern Ghats
  2.  Coastal Karnataka
  3.  Uttar Pradesh
  4.  Odisha coast

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