Solved Paper HP Police Constable Exam 2019 [Part-2]

By | September 8, 2019

Choose the word which is closest in meaning to the word given in capital letters.


  1. To go on a track
  2. To fly
  3. To abandon
  4. To fire a gun

In the given sentences, choose the word which is opposite to the underlined word.

26. People are willing to follow the rules.

  1. Waive
  2. Neglect
  3. Dispose
  4. Disregard

27. His appearance on the scene was fortuitous.

  1. Circumstantial
  2. Unfortunate
  3. Sudden
  4. Calculated

In the passage below, a choice of four words marked A, B, C and D are suggested. Choose the best word to fit in the blank marked with numbers 28,29,30,31,32,33 and 34.

You probably know about instant coffee and instant tea. They are a part of modern man’s life. However, have you heard 28 instant trees? Yes, Mr. Mohan 29 Mumbai has achieved this feat by a 30 pole planting technique. By this new 31 a tree can be easily grown 32 three months to a size which 33 normally has taken three years to 34.


  1. of
  2. with respect to
  3. at
  4. from


  1. belonging from
  2. within
  3. from
  4. on


  1. fanciful
  2. revolutionary
  3. classical
  4. bridge


  1. strategy
  2. method
  3. environment
  4. diameter


  1. within
  2. during
  3. after
  4. from


  1. shall
  2. would
  3. will
  4. regularly


  1. plant
  2. grow
  3. attain
  4. birth

In questions 35, 36, 37 and 38, a sentence has been given with one underlined part. There are three possible substitutions for the underlined part written as A, B, and C to correct/ improve the sentence. If the sentence does not need improvement, then you can indicate D as your response.

35. Whenever my students come across a new word, I ask them to look for them in the dictionary.

  1. To look it up
  2. to look them up
  3. to look at them
  4. no improvement

Note:  Had it been new words instead of new word, the answer would have been ‘to look them up’. If B will be the answer according to the official answer key, then it can be challenged before the concerned authority on the grounds that; word is singular and words is plural.  

Therefore, the right answer is A. 

36. He insisted on he was innocent.

  1. Insisted on that
  2. Insisted that
  3. Insisted with
  4. No improvement

37. Each furniture on display in this hall is on the sale.

  1. each of the furniture
  2. each piece of furniture
  3. each one of the furniture
  4. no improvement

38. The building is a prime example of the 18th century.

  1. Primary
  2. paramount
  3. primitive
  4. no improvement.

Correct the word to fill in the blanks.

39. Climbing Mount Everest is a remarkable________

  1. feet
  2. feat
  3. foot
  4. fete

40. The loss of his father _______him badly.

  1. Affect
  2. Effect
  3. Affected
  4. Effected

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