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Himachal Pradesh Administrative Services Exam 2006

By | June 30, 2017

Nobel Laureate Saul Vello, who died recently was the native of – USA Who is the author of controversial book “Dwikhnandita”? – Taslima Nasreen Which is the longest Dam in the world? – Hirakund Dam Which country is well known for the diamond cutting industry? – Belgium What is the present stage of the Vesuvious… Read More »

Brief History of District Sirmaur – Himachal Pradesh General Studies

By | November 6, 2016

First Read this: Geography of District Sirmaur The earliest mention of Sirmaur by the Muhammadan historians occurs in the Taba-quat-i-Nasiri under the year 634 A.D. According to Kanwar Ranzor Singh in his book ‘Tarikh-i-Riyasat Sirmaur’ the Sirmaur state was founded by Raja Rasaloo who was from Jaisalmer. Sirmaur’s old name was ‘Surughna’. The inhabitants of human… Read More »

Brief History of District Kullu – Himachal Pradesh

By | November 6, 2016

First Read this: Brief Geography of District Kullu Ancient people regarded Kullu as the farthest limit of human habitation and in the traditional folklore; it is often referred to as Kulanthpith means the end of the habitable world. Kullu was most probably the most ancient state next to Kashmir and Kangra. Sources of the History… Read More »

HPAS Mains Syllabus: PAPER-III: ESSAY (100 MARKS)

By | November 5, 2016

Objective: This paper is designed to test candidate’s: knowledge/awareness of a variety of subjects and, their ability to compose a sustained piece of writing in the form of an essay Contents: A fair choice of topics covering current affairs socio-political issues socio-economic issues aspects of culture and history and reflective topics will be given to… Read More »


By | November 5, 2016

Translation of an English passage into Hindi. Translation of Hindi passage into English. Explanation of Hindi passage in Prose and Poetry in the same language. Composition (Idioms, corrections etc.) Suggested Readings: Lucent’s Hindi Grammar Read also:  PAPER–I: ENGLISH (100 MARKS)….Read in Detail PAPER-III: ESSAY (100 MARKS)….Read in Detail PAPER-IV: GENERAL STUDIES-I (200 MARKS)….Read in Detail… Read More »


By | November 5, 2016

UNIT–I SUB-UNIT–1 Characteristics of the Indian Economy: Demographic Profile, Demographic Dividend and Population Policy. Sectoral Composition with respect to contribution to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and Employment. Poverty and Inequality, Unemployment, Inflation in India. Industrial Growth in India. Regulatory framework for money and banking: Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Commercial banks and Regional Rural Banks.… Read More »