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Himachal government succeeds in protecting endangered Chamurthi horses

By | August 24, 2020

With the constant efforts and battle against all odds, the State government has been successful in conserving and rebounding Chamurthi horse breed which was among those horse breed that were in danger of becoming extinct few years back. The Chamurthi breed known for better ability and endurance skills is found in the upper mountainous areas of Himachal mainly in snow… Read More »

History of Tandi village Lahaul-Spiti

By | April 26, 2020

  The Tandi village has sacred importance to the people of Lahaul, as Haridwar to Hindus of the world. The village is situated above the confluence of the rivers Chandra and Bhaga in the Pattan valley some 7 km away from Keylong. Revenue and settlement records reveal that Tandi was founded by Raja Rana Chand… Read More »

Brief History of District Lahaul-Spiti – Himachal Pradesh

By | November 7, 2016

First read this: Geography of District Lahaul-Spiti Q. How did the name of Lahaul-Spiti come into existence?  Ans: The present district of Lahaul & Spiti comprises two different tracts of Lahaul & Spiti. The name of the district came into existence with the formation of these two parts into a revenue district. It has two… Read More »