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MCQs II District Kullu – 3 II

By | March 28, 2018

1. What is the importance of “Salari Stone Inscription”? In this article the expedition of ruler Kumargupta and Sakandgupta was discussed According to this article Gupta ruler Chandragupta got helped by the hill soldiers It gives exposure of the the “Hun” attackers During the rule of Harshvardhan there was peace in Himachal. 2. Alain-Duhangan (अल्लेन… Read More »

MCQs II District Kullu – 2 II

By | March 28, 2018

1. What is the literacy rate of (2011) Kullu? 78.16% 70.09% 80.14% 56.20% 2. Bhuntar Airport is in which district? Kangra Solan Shimla Kullu 3. Who planted the British variety of apples in the Kullu valley? Satyanand Stokes R.C. Lee Harris Dalhousie 4. Which national highway goes from Chandigarh to Manali? NH-22 NH-20 NH-21 NH-1… Read More »

MCQs II District Kullu – 1 II

By | March 28, 2018

1. Which King transferred the capital of Kullu from Jagatsukh to Naggar? Vishudh Pal Rampal Rudarpal Sansarpal 2. Whose was the ruler of Kullu during the attack of Meru Varman? Bhumipal Dateshwar Pal Jagat Singh Parampal 3. Who was the last ruler of Kullu to put “Pal” sir name? Kailash Pal Hans Pal Sidh Pal… Read More »