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Himachal Pradesh Trained Graduate Teachers TGT Exam (Medical) 2014

By | July 7, 2017

   Which reagent will convert glycerol to acrolein? –KHOSO4  A compound which gives positive idoform test is – 2-Pentanone  The correct formula of crotonaldehde is – CH3-CH=CH-CHO  Hexamethylene tetra mine is used as – Urinary antiseptic  A solution of impure KmnO4 is prepared by dissolving 2g of it in one liter of the solution. 20ml of this solution… Read More »

Himachal Pradesh Trained Graduate Teacher (Arts) Exam 2014

By | July 7, 2017

The mountain range “Rockies” is located in– North America Indian Standard Time is ……….. ahead of GMT. –5 hours 30 minutes Rabi crops are sown in ……. –October/December Which state tops in Soyabean production? –Madhya Pradesh The minimum age to qualify for election of the Lok Sabha on the –25 years The President of India… Read More »