Himachal achieves 93.05 percent target of providing functional household connections under Jal Jeevan Mission

By | July 10, 2022

Target of cent percent coverage in four districts including tribal district Kinnaur and Lahaul Spiti achieved

Water supplied through domestic tap connections in Tashigang village, located at the highest altitude in India

100 percent target achieved in four districts

Lahaul Spiti, Una, Kinnaur and Chamba are the four districts of the state which have achieved cent percent target of providing functional tap connections. So far, 24 blocks, 2331 gram panchayats and 14,661 villages have been fully covered under Jal Jeevan Mission. During the last two and a half years, 8.44 lakh households have been provided with tap connections while during the last 72 years only 7.63 lakh households were provided with tap connections.

Rs. 4418.37 crore allocated

Under the mission, a total of Rs 4418.37 crore has been allocated by the Government of India to the state, including an incentive amount of Rs 1,028.43 crore.

 Water supply to 22763 houses in Kinnaur

Water supply has been provided to 411 habitations having 22763 houses in Tribal District Kinnaur. Under JJM, 219 schemes were approved in the district, out of which 155 schemes have been completed and 55 schemes are in progress at an estimated cost of Rs.183 crore.

Water supply to 7284 houses in Lahaul Spiti district

Water supply has been provided to 364 habitations having 7284 houses in Lahaul Spiti district. Seven schemes are being implemented under JJM in the district. The total estimated cost of the works being executed under JJM in the district is Rs. 122 crore.

100 percent coverage in aspirational district Chamba

Chamba district has been selected as an aspirational district by NITI Aayog. In this district, including tribal sub-divisions Pangi and Bharmour, work is being done on schemes worth Rs. 420 crore. 265 schemes are being implemented in Chamba. The target of 100 percent coverage has been achieved by providing functional tap connections to all 121752 households in the district. Under JJM, women’s participation has been ensured in this district in resource selection, execution of schemes, field water testing, for which the district has been appreciated by the Government of India.

Target achieved in Una district also

In Una district also 15 schemes costing Rs. 196 crore are being implemented under JJM. Under JJM, cent percent target of providing functional tap connections to all 115949 houses in the district has been achieved.

Water reached the highest village of the country

Himachal government has successfully provided functional domestic tap connections to Tashigang, a small village at an altitude of 15,256 feet above sea level in the Spiti Valley and 10 km from the Indo-China border. This village of the state is situated at the highest altitude in India.

 Himachal is also the best in quantity and quality of potable water

In the assessment done by the Inspection Agency of the Government of India during the year 2020-21, the quantity and quality of potable water available at the consumer level in various states were examined on various parameters, in which Himachal Pradesh has been rated as the best in overall efficiency. The state is the leader in the country and the overall performance of the state is even better than those states, which have a higher percentage of providing taps than Himachal Pradesh.

Availability of taped water saves time of people

Availability of quality water supply at consumer level has improved the standard of living and health conditions. The dependence of water from natural sources has reduced, which has saved people’s time and they are now using their time to earn their livelihood. The women of the state are now getting involved in activities like horticulture, agriculture and handloom. Jal Jeevan Mission is also proving helpful in promoting gender equality in tribal areas.

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