Himachal GK MCQs (Lifestyle, Food habits and Traditions) – 2

By | July 6, 2017

1. The“Jentang”and “Kanishang” traditions prevalent in the Khasas are representative of which of the following?

  • Marriage ceremony
  • Partition of ancestral property
  • Types of marriage
  • Traditions of the “Kshatriyas” community in Khasas

2. Chol, Kot, Gachi, Sash, Patku and Lachu are the attire of people of which region?

  • Lahaul
  • Kullu
  • Kinnaur
  • Bharmour

3. What are “Tabhagastan”, “Kumai Bhagastan” and “Kovanchi”?

  • Types of marriage in Lahaul
  • Different castes in Spiti
  • Ornaments of women of Kinnaur
  • Food types of Malana village

4. During the dawn of twentieth century, the tradition of “Batarwaal Begar”was prevalent in which principality?

  • Sirmaur
  • Bushahar
  • Suket
  • Mandi

5. “Chola-doru”attire is related to?

  • Bhot
  • Pangwal
  • Gaddi
  • Jad

6. “Jhanjara”and “Janertang” are types of?

  • Marriage functions
  • Birthday functions
  • Fairs of Lahaul
  • Black magic prevalent in Kinnaur

7. In a family of Pangi valley the “Maudaj” “Unse”and “Luchi” are representative of which of the following?

  • Special clothes of women
  • Dishes cooked on special occasions
  • Marriage Songs
  • Things used for decoration of a bride

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