Himachal GK MCQs (Lifestyle, Food habits and Traditions) – 3

By | July 6, 2017

1. In which community the tradition of breaking a dry piece of wood on the head of the wife by the husband exists, for receiving the community approval of the divorce?

  • Pangwal Brahmin
  • Pangwal Rajput
  • Swangla
  • Gujjar

2. In which region of Himachal the “Jhind Phunk”(झींद फूंक ) type of marriage tradition exists?

  • Kinnaur and Lahaul
  • Shimla and Sirmaur
  • Kangra and Chamba
  • Mandi and Kullu

3. Mavi, which is a traditional part of Kanet community, is known especially for “Dhing”. What is Dhing?

  • Dance style
  • Martial art
  • Archery
  • Wrestling

4. “Janji”or “Jani” marriage in Pangwal tribe is which type of marriage?

  • Inferior form of marriage
  • Love marriage
  • Marriage by kidnapping the girl forcefully
  • Superior form of marriage

5. “Topi Lani”marriage in Pangwal tribe is which type of marriage?

  • Superior form of marriage
  • Inferior form of marriage
  • Love marriage
  • Marriage by deception

6. Prevalent in Kinnaur “Janetang” (जानीतांग) is which type of marriage?

  • Marriage by Kidnapping
  • Love marriage
  • Prohibited marriage
  • Widow Remarriage

7. “Damchalshish” (दमचलशीश or “Venangash” (वेनांगाश ) marriage types which are prevalent in Kinnaur are what type of marriages?

  • Love marriage
  • Prohibited marriage
  • Experimental marriage
  • Widow Remarriage

8. The Tibetan people who have settled in Himachal Pradesh are known by the name of “Bhot” in which place?

  • Kinnaur
  • Lahaul
  • Pangi
  • Kangra

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