Himachal Pradesh High Court Clerk Paper 2017 (Unsolved)

By | January 1, 2018

1. Which of the following Rig Vedic deities represented air (Storm)?

A. Indra

B. Marut

C. Varun

D. Tapas

2. Which of the following, the first Chinese Buddhist monk and travel, came to India during the reign of Gupta Emperor Chandragupta II (Vikramaditya)?

A. Hiuen-Tsang

B. Fa Hein

C. JNicolo Conti

D. Metatheses

3. Who is the founder of yoga philosophy?

A. Jamini

B. Kapila

C. Akshapada

D. Patanjali

4. The earliest evidence of Banking transaction in India comes from which era?

A. Vedic Era

B. Maurya Era

C. Gupta Era

D. Mughal Era

5. Which of the following was not a deity of Harappans?

A. Shiva.

B. Mother Goddess

C. Peepal tree.

D. Vishnu

6. Which of the following was a Revolutionary freedom fighter who turned later yogi and philosopher?

A. Lala Lajpat Rai

B. Bal Gangadhar Tilak

C. Madan Mohan Malviya

D. Arvindo Ghosh

7. Which batsman started his International cricketing career at the age of 16?

A. Suresh Raina

B. Sachin Tendulkar

C. Piyush Chawla

D. Rahul Dravid

8. On 12 December, 1911 during the Delhi Durbar, George V, then emperor of India along with Queen Mary, his consort, made the announcement that the capital of the Raj was to be shifted from Calcutta to Delhi while laying the foundation stone for the Viceroy’s residence in the coronation Park Kingsway Camp.

When the capital of British India was inaugurated at New Delhi?

A. 1916

B. 1930

C. 1911

D. 1931

9. Who is National Security Advisor to the Government of India?

A. Dineshwar Sharma

B. Ajeet Doval

C. Major General G.D. Bakshi

D. General Bipin Rawat

10. Which of the following was first Socio-Political Movement launched against the British rule in India?

A. Quit India Movement

B. Khilafat movement

C. Swadeshi movement

D. Non-cooperation movement

11. Who was called by British rulers as ‘Father of Indian unrest’?

A. Gopal Krishna Gokhale

B. Mahatma Gandhi

C. Bal Gangadhar Tilak

D. Subhash Chander Bose

12. As per Census 2011, which of the following state has highest density of population in India?

A. Bihar

B. Uttar Pradesh

C. West Bengal

D. Kerala

13. Which is oldest known University of India to which great scholar writer of ‘Charak Samhita’ was also associated?

A. Takshashila

B. Nalanda

C. Vikram shila

D. Odantpuri

14. Where is highest air port in India?

A. Sia Chin

B. Leh

C. Silcher

D. Shilong

15. Who is the Supreme Commander of the Indian Armed Forces?

A. President

B.Prime Minister

C. Defence Minister

D. Commander in Chief

16. Where National Defence Academy is situated?

A. Kharagpur

B. Dehradun

C. Jabalpur

D. Pune

17. Who is world famous’ Shehnai Vadak ‘awarded with ‘Bharat Ratna ‘?

A. Pandit Ravi Shankar

B. Amzad Ali Khan

C. Bismillah Khan

D. Bhimsen Joshi

18.Who was ninth Sikh guru and father of tenth Guru Gobind Singh, who sacrificed his life at Gurdwara Sheesh Ganj, Chandni Chowk Delhi?

A. Guru Arjun Dev

B. Guru Angad Dev

C. Guru Har Govind

D. Guru Teg Bahadur

19. The language related to Kerala is?

A. Telugu

B. Kannad

C. Malyalam

D. Konkani

20. Which Himachali women was part of Indian team to reach the final of the 2017 Women’s Cricket World Cup where the team lost England by 9 runs?

A. Savita Verma

B. Suneeta Verma

C. Sushama Verma

D. None

21. Famous hill station Darjeeling is situated in?

A. Assam

B. Sikkim

C. West Bengal

D. Nagaland

22. Iravati is ancient name of the River?

A. Beas

B. Ravi

C. Sutlej

D. Parvati

23. Famous dance Jhamakra is related to?

A. Chamba

B. Kangra

C. Kullu

D. Shimla

24. The largest production of Mica in Asia is from

A. Indonesia

B. Malaysia

C. Myanmar

D. India

25. More than 225 years old ‘Holi fair’ , state level fair of Himachal Pradesh since the year 1984 and accorded status of National level fare of India by the governor of Himachal Pradesh in 2010, is celebrated at?

A. Mandi

B. Sujanpur

C. Sundernagar

D. Nurpur

26. ‘Govind Sagar Lake’ is related to river?

A. Sutlej

B. Bias

C. Ravi

D. Giri

27. In which district of Himachal Pradesh’ Prashar Lake ‘is situated?

A. Kullu

B. Kinnaur

C. Lahul spiti

D. Mandi

28. In which District, first Air Port of Himachal Pradesh is situated?

A. Kangra

B. Kullu

C. Mandi

D. None

29. Which district of Himachal Pradesh is famous for producing seed potato of export quality?

A. Chamba

B. Kangra

C. Lahaul spiti

D. Kullu

30. The largest part of our Hydrosphere on Earth is?

A. Atlantic Ocean

B. Indian Ocean

C. Pacific Ocean

D. Antarctica ocean

31. In which district of Himachal Pradesh Renuka lake is situated?

A. Kangra

B. Mandi

C. Sirmour

D. None

32. In which district of Himachal Pradesh Sanjay Vidyut Pariyojana Bhavanagar is located?

A. Shimla

B. Kullu

C. Kinnaur

D. Chamba

33. In which district of Himachal Pradesh, broad gage railway line is there?

A. Shimla

B. Una

C. Kangra

D. Both A & C

34. It is known as ’ Mushroom city of India ‘ because of the vast mushroom farming in the area as well as the Directorate of Mushroom Research (DMR) and also crowned as the city of ‘ Red Gold ‘ ………….

A. Shimla

B. Palampur

C. Solan

D. None of the above

35. ‘Naggar Castle’ was the ancient seat of the kings of… …………..?

A. Mandi

B. Kullu

C. Suket

D. Bushahar

36. The largest continent in the world is?

A. Africa

B. Asia

C. Australia

D. Antarctica

37. Who amongst the following, at present is not judge in High Court of HP?

A. Justice Sanjay Karol

B. Justice Dharam Chand Choudhry

C. Justice D. D.  Sood

D. Justice Tarlok Singh Chauhan

38. Independent High Court of Himachal Pradesh was established in?

A. 1948

B. 1966

C. 1971

D. 1972

39. Warrant of Appointment of a Judge of High Court is issued by?

A. President

B. Prime Minister

C. Governor

D. Chief Justice of High Court

40. Warrant of Appointment of a Judge of Supreme Court is issued by?

A. President

B. rime Minister

C. Chief Justice of India

D.Law minister of India

41. Aksai Chin, high altitude cold desert with large number of soda lakes for India was countries only gateway to Central Asia after the partition in 1947, major portion of which has been captured by China, is part of which state?

A. Arunachal Pradesh

B. Sikkim

C. Jammu Kashmir

D. None

42. Retirement age for a High Court Judge is… …….

A. 60

B. 62

C. 65

D. 58

43. India’s supercomputer program was started in late 1980s because Cray supercomputers were denied for import due to an arms embargo impose on India, as it was a dual Use technology and could be used for developing nuclear weapons. Whereupon indigenously built supercomputer by Centre for Development of Advanced computing launched on July 1, 1991, is considered India’s first supercomputer. Which of the following is first Supercomputer of India?

A. Param

B. Param Yava -1

C. Param Yava – 2

D. Aditya

44. India, the most populous democracy in the world, is a federal constitutional Republic governed under a parliamentary system consisting of ……………..states and ……………. union territories.

A. 25 states and 9 union territories

B. 27 states and 9 union territories

C. 25 states and 7 union territories

D. 29 states and 7 union territories

45. Who is known as ‘missile woman’ of India?

A. MC Mary Com

B. Tessy Thomas

C. Indira Nooyi

D. Geeta Fogat

46. The main examples of Rabi crops are

A. Wheat, Barley, Peas, Mustard, Grams

B. Rice, jowar, barley, wheat

C. Peas, maize, cotton and jute

D. All of the above

47. The moon…………………

A. is the natural satellite of Earth

B. has no liquid water

C. has no atmosphere

D. All of the above

48. The United Nations is considered as a Universal organisation. Which organ of United Nations fully represents this fact?

A. The economic and social Council

B. The security council

C. The secretariat

D. The General Assembly

49. The tree sends down roots from its branches to the soil is known as?

A. Oak

B.  Pine

C. Banyan

D.  Palm

50. Which organ of the United Nations has ceased to be operational?

A. Economic and Social Council

B. International Court of Justice

C. Trusteeship Council

D. Secretariat

51. Which Asian countries Parliament approved country’s first budget in 12 years?

A. Bhutan

B.  Nepal

B. Kuwait

D. Lebanon

52. With India which country to participate in first ever try-services military exercises?

A. Pakistan

B. Russia

C. Nigeria

D. Iran

53. Recently, India, ……………… & South Africa signs IBSA Trust Fund agreement?

A. New Zealand

B. Pakistan

C. Russia

D.  Brazil

Which country plans to help strengthen Myanmar’s women police force ?

Australia.             B.  Pakistan

Nepal.                   D.  India

55 Who of the following is the only ‘Chief of Air Staff ‘ has been given the rank of the Marshal of Indian Air Force?

A. Arjun

B. Subroto Mukherjee

C. PC Pal

D. O.P. Mehra

56. Tides in the sea are caused by

A. effects of the moon

B. effects of the Sun

C. sun and the moon

D. gravitational centrifugal or centripetal forces

57. Which of the following is the smallest ocean of the world?

A. Pacific

B. Indian

C. Atlanctic

D.  Arctic

58. The oceans cover… ………… of the surface of Earth?

A. 50%

B. 60%

C. 71%

D. 80%

59. In which country is FIFA World Cup 2018 scheduled to be played?

A. Qatar

B. Russia

C. South Korea

D. France

60. The planet nearest to Earth is

A. Venus

B. Jupiter

C. Mars

D. Mercury

61. One byte consists of

A. Four bits

B.  One bit

C. Ten bits

D. Eight bits

62. A DVD is an example of a/an

A. Hard disk

B.  Optical disk

C. Output device

D.  Solid state storage device

63. A person who uses his or her expertise to gain access to other people’s computers to get information illegally or do damage can be called a?

A. Hacker

B. Spammer

C. Analyst

D. Programmer

64. Which of the following is the most commonly used operating system?

A. Windows

B. Unix

C. Mac OS

D.  Linux

65. Which of the following connects the computer to a telephone line?

A. Processor

B. Modem

C. USB drive

D.  Multiplexer

66. What is an email attachment?

A. A receipt sent by the recipient

B. A separate document from another program sent along with an email message

C. A malicious parasite that feeds off of your message and destroys the contents

D. A list of GC, BCC,  recipients.

67. Which of the following is not a real security threat and privacy risk?

A. Hackers

B. Spam

C. Viruses

D. Identity theft

68. The Smallest unit in a digital system is a

A. Byte

B. Bits

C. Word

D.  Character

69. Which of the following is a web browser?

A. Macromedia flash

B.  Microsoft Power Point

C. Netscape Navigator

D.  Adobe Dreamweaver

70. Junk e-mail is also called?

A. Spam

B. Spoof

C. Sniffer script

D. Spool

71. Which schedule to the constitution of India carries provisions as to disqualification on the ground of defection?

A. Second

B. Eighth

C. Fourth

D.  Tenth

72. The Mathura school of art flourished during the reign of?

A. Shaka

B.  Maurya

C. Gupta

D. Kushana

73  Who was Indian who actually discovered Pythagoras Theorem at least 1000 years before Pythagoras was born ?

A. Aryabhatt

B. Paanini

C. Baudhayan

D.  Kanaad

74. The illustrious names of Aryabhatta and Varahmihir are associated with the age of the?

A. Guptas

B. Kushanas

C. Mauryas

D. Palas

75. Who among the following was contemporary of Gautam Buddha?

A. Nagarjuna

B. Kanishka

C. Vardhma Mahavir

D. Parshvanath

76. Most climate scientists agree the main cause of the current global warming trend is human expansion of the …………..

A.  emission of the greenhouse gases

B. emission of the industrial gases

C. large scale concrete  construction

D. decrease in plant cover

77. Which of the following is the correct combination of justice, Sought to be secured to the citizens of India, is incorporated in the Preamble to the constitution of India?

A. Social ,religious and political

B. Economic ,religious  and political

C. Social ,educational and economic

D. Social ,economic and political

78. At which of the following places is the headquarters of South West Air Command located?

A. Vadodara

B. Jodhpur

C. Pune

D. Gandhinagar

79. Who among the following assassinated Michael O’Dwyer, the Governor of Punjab during the Jallianwala Bagh massacre?

A. Udham Singh

B. Khudiram Bose

C. Madanlal Dhingra

D. Ramprasad Bismil

80. In India ,distribution of electricity for domestic purpose is done in the form of?

A. 220V; 50Hz

B. 110V;  60Hz

C. 240V; 60 Hz

D. 110V; 50 Hz

81. Who among the following changed his name to Ram Mohammad Singh Azad to symbolise the unity of religions in India?

A. Bhagat Singh

B. Surya Sen

C. Ras Bihari Bose

D. Udham Singh

82. Who among the following was the youngest of the revolutionaries to be hanged by the British?

A. Jatin Das

B. Madanlal Dhingra

C. Khudiram Bose

D. Udham Singh

83. Who of the following had vowed never to be caught alive by the British and hence shot himself dead at the end of an encounter with the police?

A. Chandershekhar Azad

B. Ramprasad Bismil

C. Ashfaqulla Khan

D.  Bhagwati Charan Bohra

84. Which among the following is a martial dance?

A. Kathakali

B. Bamboo dance in Meghalaya

C. Chhau of Mayurbhanj

D . Bhangra of Punjab

85. Which among the following is a folk dance Of Rajsthan?

A. Garba

B. Dandiya

C. Jhumar

D. Kathak

86. Kamlesh Travels 15 kms towards east , then turns right and travels 5 km , he then turns right and travels 15 km. How far is Kamlesh from the starting point?

A. 30 kms

B.  35 kms

C. 15 kms

D.  5 kms

87. Om Prakash walks Straight from point A to B which is 2 km away .He turns left ,at 90° and walks 8 km to C where he turns left again at 90° and walks 5 km to D . At D he turns left at 90° and walks for 8 km to E.

How far is Om Prakash from A to E?

A. 2

B. 3

C. 5

D.  8

88. A is B’s father. C is D’s father. E is B’s mother. A And D are brothers . How is E related to C?

A. Sister

B. Sister in law

C. Niece

D.  Wife

89. Given that A is the mother of D. C is the son of A. D is the brother of E, E is the daughter of B. Who is the grandmother of D?

A. A

B. B

C. C

D. D

90. Fill in the blanks in


A ) a,c, a, c

B)  a, b, a, c

C ) a, b, a, b

D)  a, ab, c

91. Fill in the blanks in

               ab _ aa _aa a_a _ ab_ a

A) a, b,b,a,b

B) a, b, a, a, a

C) a, a, b, b, a

D) a, b, b, a, a

92. Find the odd one out from the given alternatives

A. Mizoram

B. Sikkim

C. Kohima

D. Manipur

93. Heavy Water implies

A. water which is used in heavy industries such as thermal power plants

B. water which contains SO2-4 and Cl- of calcium and magnesium

C. deuterated what are having a larger than Normal amount of hydrogen isotope deuterium

D. water which has maximum density

94. Directions: from the given alternatives find the word which can be formed from the letters used in the given word


A. Metamorphic

B. Philanthropist

C. Hippocampus

D. Hippopotamus

95. For aeroplanes of Air Force viz. A,B,C and D started for a demonstration flight towards east. After flying 50 km planes a and D flew towards right, planes B and C flew towards left . After 50 km planes B and C flew towards their left, plane A and D flew towards their left. In which directions or the aeroplanes A, B, D, C respectively flying now?

A. north ,south, east ,west

B. South ,North , West , east

C. east, west, east ,west

D. west, east ,west, east

96. One who knows everything is?

A. Omnipresent

B. Omniscient

C. Omnipotent

D.  Omnifarious

97. Antonym of provoke is

A. Insult

B. Anger

C. Encourage

D. Soothe

98. Eco-Mark is given to an Indian Product which is

A. rich in protein

B. environment friendly

C. economically viable.

D. Pure and unadulterated

99. Which one among the following groups of items contains only biodegradable items?

A. Wood, Grass, Plastic

B. Wood, grass, leather

C. fruit peels, lime juice, China clay cup

D. Lime juice, grass, polystyrene

100. In a row of 16 girls when Hema was shifted by two places towards the left she became 7th from the left and what was her earlier position from the right end?

A. 7th

B. 8th

C. 9th

D.  10th

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