Solved Paper HP Tourist Information Officer 2017

By | January 25, 2018

Note:  Answers are given according to official answer key.

1. ‘Kunju Chanchlo’ is a famous folk song of: – Chamba

2. Dodra Kwar region lies in: – Shimla

3. The golden house over the holy flame in the Jwalamukhi temple was presented by: – Akbar

4. ‘Malana’ in Kullu is famous for: – Oldest democracy of the world

5. Kangra school of Pahari paintings reached its Zenith during the reign of: – Sansar Chand

6. ‘Keergram’ was the old name of: – Baijnath

7. ‘Bhuri Singh Museum’ is situated at: – Chamba

8. The famous Sun temple of Himachal Pradesh is located at: – Nirath, Shimla

9. The place of 84 temples is: – Bharmaur

10. Which Buddhist monk was born at Riwalsar? – Padamsambhav

11. ‘Halda’ festival of Lahaul is parallel to: – Diwali

12. Which British Viceroy kept the name of his daughter Nal-dehra after captivated its natural beauty? – Lord Curzon

13. Lossar festival is associated with: – Tibetan New Year

14. Which place in Himachal Pradesh is considered as the cremation ground of Pandva Queen ‘Draupadi’? – Tandi

15. Which district of HP has earned fame for its ‘Rumals’? – Chamba

16. The central theme of Kangra school of pantings was: – The love story of Radha and Krishna

17. Guru Govind Singh has never visited: – Dharmshala

18. The shrine of Renuka is associated with: – Lord Parshuram

19. The Himachali who was captain of Indian Hockey team that won gold medal at 1964 Summer Olympics at Tokya? – Charanjit Singh

20. Which special recreational activity attracts most tourists to Rohru in Shimla district? – Angling

21. Literal meaning of ‘Minjar is’: – Maize flower

22. Which of the following in HP is also known as ‘Chhoti Kashi’? – Mandi

23. HP Art and Culture Academy was established in: – 1968

24. The 81 foot idol of Lord Shiva is installed at: – Kotla Kalan

25. What is ‘Kee’? – Buddhist Monastery

26. ‘Ribba’ is famous as the: – Land of Grapes

27. A nine -hole golf course is lcoated at: – Naldehra

28. Headquarter of Army Training Command in HP is at: – Shimla

29. The girl of HP to climb Mount Everest who was the youngest in the world to do so was: – Dicky Dolma

30. Which place in HP is held sacred by Buddhists, Hindus and Silks alike? – Rewalsar

31. Konjum Taba, who has clinched hold at the 2017 Commonwealth weight lifting championships, is associated with which weight category? – 94 Kg

32. Who has been appointed as new chief coach of the Indian Senior Men Hockey Team? – W. Marijne

33. Which Indian University has been named the top University in India, according to 2018 Times Higher Education (THE) World University Ranking? – Indian Institute of Science – Bangalore

34. Which country to host 2018 Junior Asian Wrestling Championship? – India

35. Rattihalli Nagendra Sudarshan, who passed away recently belonged to which field? – Film Industry

36. The Punjab National Bank has signed an agreement with which telecom company to roll out open mobile wallet speed pay? – BSNL

37. India’s first private sector missile sub systems manufacturing facility has set up in which city? – Hydrabad

38. The Ujjivan Small Finance Bank (SFB) Ltd., which has received ‘Scheduled Bank’ Status by the RBI headquartered at:  – Bengaluru

39. Which IIT institute has successfully developed an implantable bio-artificial pancreas? – IIT Guwahati

40. Nirmala Sitharaman, who has become the new Defence Minister of India, is currently a representative of which state in Rajya Sabha? – Karnataka

41. Which state government will provide free education to girls up to graduation? – Karnataka

42. Which Indian origin personality has been appointed as the acting president of Singapore? –  J.Y. Pillay

43. Which city has been formally accorded the status of India’s first world Heritage city by UNESCO? – Ahmedabad

44. Who has been appointed as the new Vice Chairman of NITI Aoyog? – Rajiv Kumar

45. Which state government has recently launched an online Public Grievance Redressal System (PGRS)? – Goa

46. The Indus valley people venerated the : – Humped Bull

47. ‘Microliths’ were the small tools of: – Mesolithic age

48. What is the language of Sangam Literature? – Tamil

49. Kautilya’s Arthashastra is a book on: – Principles and Practice of state craft

50. The Rashtrakuta empire was founded by: – Dantidurga

51. Which Sultan of Delhi imposed ‘Jizyah’ on the Brahmanas too? – Firoz Shah Tuglaq

52. Amir Khusrau became a desciple of: – Nizamuddin Auliya

53. When was the battle of Buxar fought? – 1764

54. In which year did the East India Company establish a factory in Bengal? – 1651

55. Who among the following earned the epithet ‘Liberator of the Indian Press’? – Charles Metcalfe

56. The first political murder, that of Lt. Ayerst was commited in: – Poona

57. Which one among these belonged to the liberal group of the congress? – A.C. Mujumdar

58. On which date were Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru executed? – March 23, 1931

59. Where was the All India Kisan Sabha formed for the first time? – Lucknow

60. Which of the following focussed the nation’s attention on untouchability? – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar

61. What was the name of the magazine started by Mahatma Gandhi? – Harijan

62. The communal award was declared by Ramsay Mcdonald in the year: – 1932

63. The Constitution of India was adopted by the: – Constituent Assembly

64. The words ‘Socialist’ and ‘Secular’ were added to the Indian Constitution by: – 42nd Amendment

65. The main source of political power in India is the: – People

66. The Indian Constitution is: – both federal and unitary in nature

67. We borrowed the fundamental duties from the: – Russian Constitution

68. Which one of the following is a basic industry? – Iron and Steel 

69. India signed the Panchsheel agreement in 1954 with: – China

70. During whose reign was the first Anglo-Sikh war fought? – Dalip Singh

71. Shivaji created a : – Secular state

72. Raja Ram Mohan Roy was a pioneer in: – Journalism, Public agitation and seeking political reforms

73. Who founded the Asiatic Society in 1783? – William Jones

74. Nokrek is the higest peak of the : – Garo Hills

75. Which of the following rivers empties itself into the Arabian sea? – Narmada

76. The highest rainfall in India occurs along: – The Western Ghats, The Hills of Meghalaya and Sub-Himalayan areas in the north-east

77. Which of the following soils is the most fertile? – Alluvial soil

78. Which of the following minerals is known as Abhrak in Ayurveda? – Mica

79. Diamond mines in India are located in: – Madhya Pradesh

80. The wood used for making guitar is of: – Dhup

81. Which is the least irrigated state in India? – Bihar

82. Which of the following is not a Kharif crop? – Barley

83. Cash crops do not include: – Wheat

84. Cotton grows well on:- Black soil

85. The culture of silk worms is known as: Sericulture

86. The first ever paper mill of India was established at: Serampore

87. The raw minerals used in the manufacture of cement are: – Limestone and clay

88. A closed economy is one which: – does not trade with other countries

89. The largest share of India’s national income originates in the: – tertiary sector 

90. Which of the following sectors contribute more to the savings in India? – Household sector

91. Which of the following commodities of export ears the earns the highest foreign exchange? –  Gems and Jewellery 

92. A free port is one which: – does not have custom checking

93. ‘Blue Revolution’ is concerned with: – Fishing

94. The largest producer of ginger in India is: – Kerala 

95. The best quality of marble is available at: –  Makrana

96. At the centre of the earth, the acceleration due to gravity is: – Zero

97. Sun heats earth by: – Radiation 

98. Cryogenics is study of phenomenon: – very low temperature

99. The process of extracting metals from their ores is known as: – Metallurgy

100. Bleaching powers is: – Calcium oxychloride

101. All acids essentially contains: – Hydrogen

102. Bronze is a/an: – Chemical compund

103. Oxygen is a: – Normal element

104. Which one of the following alcohols is widely used as a drink? – Ethyl alcohol

105. Penicillin was discovered by: – Alexander Fleming

106. The largest living flightless bird is: – Ostrich

107. Best source of Vitamin C is: – Citrus fruit

108. A far sighted person cannot see things placed: – near him

109. Which one of the following disease is a contagious disease? – Diptheria

110. Greenhouse effect is caused by: – Carbon dioxide

111. In a code ‘STABILISE’ is denoted by ‘UVCOKNKUG’ then ‘ORGANISE’ is denoted in the same code as: – QTICPKUG

112. If all the numbers 1 to 41 which are divisible by 4 are arranged in descending order then which of the numbers would be at 7th place from the left? – 16

113. Pointing towards a lady in a photograph Vimal said, “she is the daughter of my Grand father’s only son.” How is Vimal realted to her? – Brother

114. 15 students failed in a class of 52 students. Position of Ratnesh is 22nd from upwards among the students who passed. What will be his position from downwards?

A. 20th

B. 18th

C. 19th

D. None of these

115. Sumitra is shorter than Nandini, but not as much as Kamini. Karishma is taller than Rashmi, but not as much as Sumitra. Who is shortest?

A. Nandini

B. Sumitra

C. Rashmi

D. Cannot be determined

116. Alok started to move in the direction of East and turned to his left after moving 25 m. Then he turned to his left after moving 10 m and after this he moved 35 m. Then he turned to his left after moved 20 m. Now how far is he from his started point approximately? – 14 m

117. What will come in place of question mark in the following:


118. Who among the following decided whether a bill is a money bill? – The speaker of the Lok Sabha

119. Judicial review in the Indian Constitution is based on: – Procedure established by Law

120. The de-jure head of the State Government is the: – Governor of the state

121. The policeman searched……………………my pockets. – no preposition is needed

122. The boy resembles…………..his father. – no preposition is needed

123. Synonym of the word ‘Abrupt’ is: – Sudden

124. Antonym of the word ‘Sycophant’ is: – Slanderer 

125. Meaning of the idiom ‘A White Elephant’ is: – Unprofitable possession

126. ‘जल’ का पर्यावाची शब्द है – वारि 

127. ‘जिस वस्तु को पाने की इच्छा की जाये’ के लिए एक शब्द है –  अभीष्ट 

128. शुद्ध शब्द है – कनिष्ठ 

129. ‘हृदय’ का विशेषण है – हार्दिक 

130. ‘उसे भोजन दो’ में कौन सा कारक है? – संप्रदान कारक 

131. ‘Badu Sahib’ Gurudwara is situated in which district of HP? –  Sirmaur

132. The remains of the Buddhist stupas are found in which of the following places of HP? – Chetru

133. Baba Barrbhag Singh fair is celebrated in which district of HP? – Una

134. Which district of HP is known as ‘Little Tibet’? – Lahaul Spiti

135. Where did Guru Gobind Singh write a major portion of Dasham Granth? – Poanta Sahib

136. Potala Palace is located at: – Lhasa

137. Bahadurgarh fort is located in which district of HP? – Bilaspur

138. The greatest revolutionary Sri Yashpal belongs to which of the following districts of HP? –  Hamirpur

139. By which name Himachal is introduced on tourism map? –  Devbhoomi

140. Swangla, Scheduled Tribe exclusively live in: – Pattan valley

141. Who conceived the idea of Nalwari fair of Bilaspur in 1889 A.D.? – W. Goldstein

142. The first recipient of Chandra Dhar Sharma Guleri Award for Hindi Literature was: –  Sri Keshav

143. Lakshmi Narayan temple  at Chamba was built by: –  Sahil Varman

144. ‘Kahloori’ is spoken in which of the following districts of HP? – Bilaspur

145. In which of the following books Kalidas has made a reference about ‘Kinners’? – Kumarasambhav

146. ‘Ganthal’ festival is celebrated in which of the following districts of HP? – Lahaul Spiti

147. ‘Thuppa’ is the main traditional dish of the people of: – Lahaul

148. In which district of HP., the first music studio, “Sound of Mountains” established in the year 1986? –  Mandi

149. Amrita Shergil was a famous: – painter

150. Bhunda festival of Nirmand is celebrated after every: – twelve years

151. Dr. Y.S. Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry is located in which of the following districts of HP? – Solan

152. Who built the ‘Mahima Library’ in Nahan in 1926 A.D.? – Amar Prakash

153. How many tunnels are there on Kalka – Shimla railway line opened for traffic in 1903? – 103

154. Before joining the freedom movement, Dr. Y.S. Parmar was: – District and Session Judge

155. Which place is known as ‘The Mini Lahasa’ in India? – Mcleodganj

156. The author of the book ‘Himachal Past, Present and Future’ is: – Dev Raj Sharma

157. The script of the Pahari language is: – Tankri

158. In the month of May ‘Sipi’ fair is held in: – Mashobra

159. The creator of the Murals on the walls of the Mall, Shimla that depict the apple plucking skill of Himachal Pradesh people? – M.C. Saxena

160. ‘Mohana’ is a famous folk song of: – Bilaspur

161. ‘Jhanjhar’ is the famous folk dance of: – Chamba

162. The language spoken by the Aryans was: – Sanskrit

163. The trial of Mahatma Gandhi murder case was conducted at: – Peterhoff

164. Who gave the name Pahari Gandhi to Kanshi Ram? – J.L Nehru

165. Agriculture University Palampur is named after which personality? – Chaudhary Sarvan Kumar

166. ‘Mrikula Devi’ temple is situated in which district of HP? – Lahaul Spiti

167. The Mountaineering Institute in HP is situated at: – Manali

168. ‘Roerich Art Gallery’ is located at: – Naggar

169. Lytton memorial is located at: – Nahan

170. Kangra fort was built by: – Susharma Chand

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