What is Sanad?

By | January 29, 2018

What is Sanad?

Sanad or सनद (deed or patent) in British India, a deed granted to the native princely state rulers confirming them in their states, in return of their allegiance.

Under the Sanad, the hill chiefs were put under certain obligations in return of their protection.

Those obligations were:

  • Hill chiefs were to allow free passage to British merchants and their goods.
  • They had to furnish certain number of Begar Laborers.
  • They had to construct 12 feet wide roads in their territories.
  • The bigger states were duty bound to join the British Army with their armed retainers and hill porters when called upon to do so at the time of war.
  • The Hill chiefs were also required to promote the welfare of their people, to improve the condition of their countries and cultivation, to redress grievance and to keep public road safe.

The dates of Sanad granted to some states are as under:

State Ruler Date/Month/Year
Bilaspur Raja Maha Chand 6th March, 1815
Baghal Raja Jagat Singh 3rd September, 1815
Kuthar Rana Bhup Singh 3rd September, 1815
Baghat Rana Mohinder Singh 4th September, 1815
Bhajji Rana Ruder Pal 4th September, 1815
Dhami Goverdhan Singh 4th September, 1815
Mahlog Thakur Sansar Chand 4th September, 1815
Beja Thakur Man Chand 4th September, 1815
Keonthal Rana Sansar Chand 6th September, 1815
Sirmaur Raja Fateh Prakash 21st September, 1815
Balsan Thakur Jog Raj 21st September, 1815
Nalagarh Raja Ram Saran Singh 20th October,1815
Jubbal Rana Puran Chand 18th Novermber, 1815
Sangri Raja Bikramjit Singh 16th Devcember, 1815
Mangal Raja Bahadur Singh 20th December, 1815
Darkoti Rana Sutes Ram 1815
Kunihar Thakur Magan Deo 1815
Kumarsain Rana Kehar Singh 7th February, 1816
Bushahr Raja Mohender Singh 8th February, 1816
Tharoch Thakur Jhobu 31st January, 1819

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  1. Shel

    Sir please tell me why britisher give sanad to shimla hill state and not to punjab hill state?

  2. Akanksha

    Sir what is difference between sanad and independent sanad?


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