History of Kangra MCQs – 2

By | July 1, 2017

Q.1 The Raja of Guler who assisted Mughal Army during Gharwal invasion and received the “title of Bahadur” from Emperor Jahangir was?

a) Ram Chand

b) Vijay Chand

c) Jagdish Chand

d) Roop Chand

Q.2 The only Raja of Guler who was able to conquer Mandi, Suket, Kullu and Bushahr, can be better identified by his name:

a) Man Singh

b) Bikram Singh

c) Raj Singh

d) Dalip Singh

Q.3 Who founded the state of Jaswan?

a) Purab Chand

b) Parab Chand

c) Umed Chand

d) Bhikh Chand

Q.4 Who was the Raja of Siba when Emperor Jahangir visited the state? 

a) Ram Singh

b) Gobind Singh

c) Sibran Chand


Q.5 Datarpur was an offshoot of which of the following states?

a) Siba

b) Jaswan

c) Nurpur

d) Kutlehr

Q.6 Before Dhameri (present day Nurpur), the capital of Nurpur state was?

a) Shahpur 

b) Pathankot

c) Lakhanpur

d) Dalhousie 

Q. 7 In which year did Emperor Jahangir along with his wife visit Nurpur?

a) 1614

b) 1618

c) 1622

d) 1626

Q. 8 Kailash Pal, the Raja of Nurpur has accorded the credit of having defeated which of the following Mohammedan General? 

a) Kwas Khan

b) Tatar Khan

c) Mirza Beg

d) Shasaja

Q. 9 Which of the following Rajas of  Nurpur was awarded death penalty by Mughals?

a) Bhakt Mal, Suraj Mal and Madho Singh

b) Madho Singh, Bhil Pal and Bas Dev

c) Jagat Singh, Suraj Mal and Nag Pal

d) Kailash Pal, Bhakt Mal and Pahari Mal

Q. 10 Identify the Raja of Nurpur who was confined by Ranjit Singh in Gobindgarh fort at Amritsar for seven years long imprisonment and later released by the Raja of Chamba Charht Singh after paying a sum of Rs. 85000: 

a) Bir Singh 

b) Prithvi Singh

c) Fateh Singh

d) Raj Roop Singh

Q. 11 The battle between Raja Jagat Singh of Nurpur and Raja Janardhan of Chamba took place at:

a) Dhalog

b) Nurpur 

c) Shahpur

d) Basholi

Q.12 Which of the following Rajas of Nurpur embraced ‘Islam’ and he was named ‘Murid Khan’ by Emperor Shahjahan?

a) Roop Singh

b) Jagat Singh 

c) Bhau Singh

d) Bas Dev

Q.13 The last wazir of Nurpur was:

a) Jaswant Singh

b) Ram Singh

c) Shyam Singh

d) Pahar Singh

Q. 14 Identified the Raja of Banghal whose head was buried in front of the Damdama Palace after his deceitful murder by Raja Sidh Sen of Mandi:

a) Prithi Pal 

b) Raghunath Pal

c) Dalel Pal 

d) Man Pal

Q. 15 The founder of which of the following states was Brahmin but acquiring regal power, he was recognized as Rajput?

a) Banghal

b) Datarpur 

c) Siba 

d) Kutlehr

Answers: 1-d, 2-a, 3-a, 4-b, 5-a, 6-b, 7-c, 8-b, 9-a, 10- a, 11-a, 12c, -13-b, 14-a, 15-d

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