History of Kangra MCQs – 1

By | July 1, 2017

Q.1. Which of the following Janpadas of Himachal Pradesh has its clan distinction as ‘Mahadevasa’?

a) Audambaras

b) Trigarta

c) Kuluta 

d) Kunindas

Q.2. Forts such as Ratangarh, Mastgarh, Jurjoore, Rajgarh and Ganeshgarh are situated in which of the following districts?

a) Chamba
b) Sirmaur
c) Kullu
d) Kangra
 Q.3 In ancient times, which of the following cities of Punjab was called as ‘Trigarta’?

 a) Pathankot

b) Shahpur

c) Jalandhar

d) None of these

Q.4 At which place of District Kangra near Khaniyara , the remains of Buddhist Stupa have been found?

a) Pathiyar

b) Chari

c) Chetaru

d) Both b and c

 Q.5 “With the plunder of ancient temple of Nagarkot by Mahmud Ghazani, the tiger tasted human blood”, who said these words?

a) J.R. Sharma

b) Shiv Dyal

c) Utabi

d) Devdat Sharma

Q.6 The first European traveler to visit Kangra was?

a) Thomas Coryat

b) Thevenot

c) Foster

d) Moorcraft

Q.7 In which year, Mohammad Tuglak invaded Kangra?

a) 1337 AD

b) 1347 AD

c) 1365 AD

d) 1390 AD

Q.8 Which Persian writer translated the books carried away from Jawalamukhi temple and titled them as “Dalail-i-Firozshahi”?

a) Nasiruddin

b) Izzudin Khalid Khani

c) Muzfat


Q.9 Who was the ruler of Kangra during the invasion of Taimur?

a) Prithvi Chand

b) Megh Chand

c) Sangra Chand

d) Purab Chand

Q.10 Which Raja of Kangra was the contemporary of Mughal Emperor Jahangir?

a) Bidhi Chand

b) Trilok Chand

c) Hari Chand-II

d) Dharam Chand

Q.11 The Raja of Kangra who founded the town of Haripur was? 

a) Hari Chand-I

b) Hari Chand-II

c) Suvira Chand

d) Dharam Chand

Q.12 The last Mughal Governor of Kangra Fort was?

a) Nawab Ali Khan

b) Sayyid Ali Khan

c) Saif Ali Khan

d) Mirza Beg

Q.13 The first Sikh chieftain to invade Kangra was?

a) Jassa Singh Ramgharhia

b) Desa Singh Majhithia

c) Maharaja Ranjit Singh


Q.14 Invasion of which state led to the downfall of Sansar Chand’s Kingdom?

a) Chamba

b) Mandi

c) Saket

d) Kehloor

Q.15 Which Raja of Mandi was confined by Raja Sansar Chand of Kangra to 12 years long imprisonment at Nadaun?

a) Ishwari Sen

b) Suraj Sen

c) Ajbar Sen

d) Bhavani Sen

Q.16 In which year Raja Sansar Chand died?

a) 1816 AD

b) 1809 AD

c) 1810 AD

d) 1824 AD

Q.17 The treaty of Jwalamukhi was signed between?

a) Sansar Chand and Maharaja Ranjit Singh

b) Gurkhas and Maharaja Ranjit Singh

c) Maharaja Ranjit Singh and the British

d) Gurkhas and Sansar Chand

Q.18 The battle between Sansar Chand and Gurkhas took place at?

a) Hamirpur

b) Kangra

c) Bilaspur

d) Una

Q.19 After the dismissal of Gurkhas, who was appointed as the Governor of Kangra Hills by Maharaja Sansar Chand?

a) Jassa Singh Ramgharia

b) Ghamand Chand

c) Dessa Singh Majhithia


Q.20 Who was installed the Raja of Kangra after Raja Anirudh Chand left the state?

a) Lader Chand

b) Fateh Chand

c) Dhruv Chand

d) Hira Chand

Answers: 1-a, 2-d, 3-c, 4-d, 5-a, 6-a, 7-a, 8-b, 9-b, 10-b, 11- a, 12-c, 13-a, 14-d, 15-a, 16-d, 17-a, 18-a, 19-c, 20-b

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3 thoughts on “History of Kangra MCQs – 1

  1. Shubham Kaistha

    question 10th is wrong its ans is option C not B

    1. Shubham

      No, option b is correct as in 1605 jahangir sat n the throne and here in kangra trilok chand sat on the throne after his father bidhi chand in 1605.

  2. Aman

    Question 2 fort ganeshgarh is in chamba made by ganesh verman not in kangra please correct.


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