Irrigation Projects in Himachal Pradesh

By | November 7, 2016

Irrigation Projects in Himachal Pradesh: Almost 18% of the total geographical area of Himachal Pradesh comes under irrigation and rest 82% is still dependent on rainfall. There are as many as six ongoing irrigation projects being carried out by the government of Himachal Pradesh.

They are as follows:

Major Irrigation Projects:

1. Shah Nehar Irrigation Project: The only major irrigation project in the State is Shahnehar Project in Kangra District. The project has been completed and irrigation facility to 15,287 hectare land is being provided.

Medium Irrigation Projects:

  1. Sidhata Irrigation Project: This project is mainly in district Kangra. It will irrigate around 3,150 hectares of land.
  2. Changar Irrigation Project: This project is mainly in district Bilaspur. It will irrigate around 2350 hectares of land.
  3. Balh Valley Left Bank Irrigation Project: This project irrigates 2,780 hectares of land in Balh Valley/Nerchowk (Mandi).
  4. Babhor/Vabhor Sahib Irrigation Project: Water from the Nangal Dam will be taken for this project. It will irrigate 3563 hectares of land.
  5. Baldwara Irrigation Project: This project primarily comes in district Mandi. It will irrigate 3400 hectares of land. The project is estimated to cost around 3 crores.
  6. Giri Irrigation Project: 5263 hectares of land will be irrigated through this irrigation project in the district of Sirmaur.

At present work of Medium Irrigation Project Phinna Singh (CCA 4,025 hectare) and the Nadaun area in District Hamirpur (CCA 2,980 hectares) is in progress.

There is a target of 1,000-hectare area for the year 2019-20 under major and medium irrigation against which 850 hectare achievement reported upto December, 2019.

Minor Irrigation:

  • During the year 2019-20, there was a budget provision of 330.62 crore in the State sector to provide irrigation facilities to an area of 3,700 hectare.
  • Upto December, 2019 an area of 2,606.39 hectare has been covered with an expenditure of `134.00 crore upto November, 2019.

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