Marriage Types in District Lahaul-Spiti Himachal Pradesh

By | April 27, 2020

Marriage Types in Lahaul

There are mainly three types of marriages prevalent in Lahaul.

  1. ‘Tebagston or Mothe biah’  that is an arranged marriage.
  2. ‘Kowanchi Biah’ that is arranged but performed very briefly.
  3. ‘Kunmaibagstan or Kuchi Biah’ that is a marriage by elopement.

Marriage Type in Spiti

There are mainly two types of marriages.

  1. Arranged marriage
  2. Khandum marriage: Khandum means the choice is made against the wishes of their parents.

Divorce system in Lahaul-Spiti

Kupachacha or Tshud – Thwagsti: This is a ritual performed in the case of divorce in Lahaul-Spiti, a simple woolen thread is tied to the little finger of both the companions is pulled apart in presence of some elder person and this decides the issue.

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