Economy of District Lahaul-Spiti Himachal Pradesh

By | April 27, 2020

Potato and other vegetables were first introduced by Moravian missionaries at Keylong in 1857.

The Moravian mission was German in origin but became international in character and the funds exclusively came from England. Some of the missionaries had indeed done a valuable historical, archaeological and linguistic works in the district.

Dr. A.D.H. Francke deserves a special mention who wrote some of the books on Lahul and its history and the development of language etc. His book “Antiquities of Indian Tibet” contains a wealth of information about Lahaul.

Kuth cultivation was introduced in 1925.

Zo and Zomo (Male and female respectively) is a progeny of a cross between cow and yak. It is believed that after six generations of the crossing of the cow with yak the progeny is back again to pure yak. Zomo milk has a very high-fat content.

Lahaul -Spiti has earned the distinction of achieving the highest per hectare production of Potato relegating the Netherland to the second position.

Rattanjot is found in Spiti valley.

Important forest products of Lahaul are Karu, Patish, Kala Zira, etc.

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Other important information about District Lahaul-Spiti

In 1869, a branch post office was opened at Keylong.

The first regular school was started by the district board Kangra in 1919 with the Urdu medium.

In 1935, a second post office was opened at “Lote” in Pattan valley.

Seed farm, a research unit was established at Gorma in Pattan valley in 1960.

In the year 1978 keeping in view the aspiration of the people and with the desire to streamline the administrative setup, an additional deputy commissioner was posted at Kaza.

There is a Kuth and dry fruit Research unit at Keylong.

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