Fairs, Festivals and Dances of District Lahaul-Spiti Himachal Pradesh

By | April 27, 2020

Ladarch Festival: 

  • It is an annual fair held near the village of Kibbar.
  • It is celebrated in the month of  July.

Sissu fair:

  • This fair is a common fair celebrated all over the Buddhist Himalaya.

Phagli or Kun fair:

  • This fair is celebrated in the month of August in Pattan valley at Trilokinath Temple.
  • Like the Nathware temple of Rajasthan, a lamp is always burning in pure Ghee in Trilokinath temple.


  • Celebrated in Lahaul, Bhumskor is a religious Agrigarian festival where the fields are blessed by the lama, and the ceremonies are held in honor of mother nature and respecting our dependency on the lands.
  • People believe that if religious books are taken around fields, there will be a bumper crop.
Halda Festival or Losar Festival:
  • Losar, frequently known as Halda in the Lahaul region, marks the Tibetan New year.
  • Celebrated in February, Losar is eminent for a lot of pomp and circumstance.
  • Festivities are aplenty, with all monasteries partaking in the traditions, and one can witness ritual dances and vibrant imagery.

Gotsi (Gochi) Festival:

  • Gochi celebrates the son born into the family in the preceding year.
  • Primarily celebrated in the Bhaga valley in February, villagers gather in the morning for prayers and festivities last into the wee hours of the night.
  • The villagers share Chhaang (Local drink) to commemorate the occasion.
  • Labdagpa, the village priest, worships God with a bow and an arrow.
  • Lohars beat drums during the ceremony.
  • Families visit village houses after offering their prayers and proceed to plan a large party.
  • Celebrations last well into the night.

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Gyago festival:

  • This festival is a farewell to the old year celebrated at the end of December.


  • It is a harvest festival celebrated in September.

Chho Thang:

  • In this festival, a Lama is called from Gompa and he reads Tanjiver consisting of 108 scriptures.


  • Celebration on the birth of a son or the first daughter.

Tsheshu Fair:

  • Tsheshu Fair is celebrated in June in Shashur, Gemur, Kyi, Kardang Tabo, and Mane Monasteries. This festival serves the purpose of bonding villagers and reconnecting them with neighboring villages and hamlets after many months of winter hibernation and limited movement.

Dechhang Festival:

  • Spiti observes this festival in the height of winter, usually in the months of December – January.
  • And, Lahaul reserves its celebrations for April.
  • Even with extreme weather conditions, the tribal folk makes it a point for community celebrations and a moment of getting together.
  • The festival is celebrated with gusto– including community bonfires, folk songs, and dance.
  • Usually, the fanfare is minimal, with local folk in attendance.
  • Of course, if you’re in the region during the time – you must go prepared. It is common for the temperatures to be -20 degrees.


  • This festival is held in April to celebrate the end of winter.


  • It is a festival in which God Triloknath is worshiped by old men and women in the month of June.

Gator festival:

  • In the monastery of Kee, Tabo, Dhankar, and pin (Spiti).
  • Every year, in the 4th week of September, Gator is celebrated. The Lamas conduct the worship of God Chaugayal succeeded by throwing saur into the fire while performing the Chham dance.


  • The festival is celebrated for the welcome of the winter season.
  • The local deity is worshiped with the hope that the winter would be happy and prosperous for the local people.


  • It is celebrated at the time of marriage.

Famous Dances

Shehni: In this dance both men and women take part.

Ghure: In this dance, there is no arm linking. Dancers move in a group and circle.

Garphi: It is the oldest form of dance; movement is neither regular nor arranged.

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