Bhag Mal Sautha ॥ Freedom Fighter ॥ Himachal Pradesh ॥

By | April 27, 2020

Q. Where/When was/did Bhag Mal Sautha born? 

Ans: Bhag Mal Sautha was born on 23rd September 1899, at village and Post Office Dhar Tehsil Jubbal, District Shimla.

Q. What is the name of Bhag Mal Sautha’s father?

Ans: His father’s name was Shri Misru Mal Sautha.

Q. What was the education qualification of Bhag Mal Sautha? 

Ans: Bhag Mal Sautha had a degree in Civil Engineering.

Q. When did Bhag Mal Sautha join Indian National Congress? 

Ans: Bhag Mal Sautha joined Indian National Congress (INC) in 1922, became Secretary to the congress.

Q. What was the role of Bhag Mal Sautha in the freedom movement?


  • Bhag Mal Sautha was the founder member of ‘Himalayan Riyasti Praja Mandal’.
  • He actively participated in the freedom movement and merger movement in the Himalayan States.
  • He was the first to be arrested near Ghanahatti, just before ‘Dhami’ Firing Tragedy 1939.
  • In all, he was in jail for six months and paid Rs 400 as fine. He was also honoured by the State Government.
  • He was elected to State Territorial council 1957.

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