MCQs Himachal GK (Mughal Dynasty) – 2

By | July 6, 2017

1. In which of the following city did Jahangir constructed a mosque inside the fort of that city?

  • Hamirpur
  • Nagarkot
  • Mandi
  • Una

2. After the fall of Mughal Empire and the increasing dominance of Afghans in Punjab at 1752 AD, which ruler established his authority over the Hill states?

  • Jai Singh Kanhaiya
  • Ahmed Shah Durrani
  • Amar Singh Thapa
  • Guru Govind Singh

3. In which year did Shah Jahan appointed Raja Jagat Singh Pathania as the “Faujdar” (Military commander) of Kangra?

  • 1740 A.D.
  • 1610 AD
  • 1601 AD
  • 1640 AD

4. Which ruler of Bilaspur State was contemporary of Akbar?

  • Gokal Chand
  • Megh Chand
  • Gyan Chand
  • Pahad Chand

5. Which ruler of Chamba State was contemporary of Akbar?

  • Vijay Verman
  • Pratap Singh Verman
  • Umaid Singh
  • Prithvi Singh

6. From which Mughal Emperor did the Raja of Chamba obtained the idol of his family deity “Raghuvir”?

  • Aurangzeb
  • Jahangir
  • Shah Jahan
  • Akbar

7. Whom did Akbar made the “Jagirdar” of Kangra in 1572?

  • Vidhi Chand
  • Birbal
  • Rup Chand
  • Todar Mal

8. Which Raja of Kangra created the “Confederation of Hill States” to revolt against Akbar?

  • Rup Chand
  • Trilok Chand
  • Bhim Chand
  • Vidhi Chand

9. Trilok Chand and Hari Chandwere the contemporaries of which Mughal emperor?

  • Akbar
  • Jahangir
  • Shah Jahan
  • Babar

10. Which ruler of Kangra was contemporary of Jahangir?

  • Vidhi Chand
  • Rup Chand
  • Bal Bhadra
  • Chandrabhan

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