MCQs Himachal GK (Mughal Dynasty) – 3

By | July 6, 2017

1.Which ruler of Gulerwas a contemporary of Akbar in 1572 A.D.?

  • Vijay Chand
  • Jagdish Chand
  • Udai Chand
  • Raj Singh

2.Which ruler of Guler was given the title of “Bahadur” by Jahangir?

  • Rup Chand
  • Jagdish Chand
  • Hira Chand
  • Bhup Singh

3. Which ruler of Gulerwas given the title of “Sher Afghan” by Shah Jahan?

  • Raj Singh
  • Man Singh
  • Ghamand Chand
  • Hira Singh

4.In which year did Jahangirand Nurjahan visited the State of “Sibba”?

  • 1605 A.D.
  • 1616 A.D.
  • 1622 A.D.
  • 1630 A.D.

5.Which Raja of Nurpurwas killed by Bairam Khan in 1558 A.D.?

  • Bhakt Pal
  • Rann Pal
  • Jagat Singh
  • Bas Dev

6.In 1620 A.D. who was made the first Mughal “Kiledar” (Commander of the fort) of the Kangra Fort?

  • Jagat Pal
  • Sansar Chand
  • Koch Kuli Khan
  • Nawab Ali Khan

7.Who was the last Mughal governor of Kangra in 1740 A.D.?

  • Ghamand Chand
  • Nawab Saif Ali Khan
  • Shah Kuli Khan
  • Suraj Mal

8. Who was sent by Jahangir to capture the “Kangra Fort”?

  • Man Singh
  • Bhakt Pal
  • Suraj Mal
  • Bhim Chand

9. During the reign of which Mughal Emperor, the capital of Nurpur State was transferred from Pathankot to Nurpur?

  • Babar
  • Jahangir
  • Akbar
  • Shah Jahan

10.In which year did the Mughal Emperor Akbar took over the Kullu State?

  • 1535 AD
  • 1556 AD
  • C.1563 AD
  • 1571 AD

11. Which Mughal Emperor awarded the title of “Raja” to the ruler of Kullu Jagat Singh’?

  • Akbar
  • Shah Jahan
  • Aurangzeb
  • Jahangir

12. Which ruler of Sirmaur State was contemporary of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan?

  • Karam Prakash
  • Buddhi Prakash
  • Dharam Prakash
  • Mandhata Prakash

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