Solved Paper Naib Tehsildar Exam 2017 (Part-2)

By | August 20, 2017

31. Who was the Prime Minister of Britain at the time of India’s independence?

A. Clement Attlle

B. Ramsay MacDonald

C. N. Chamerlain

D. Winston Churchill


32. The Anti-Terrorism Day is celebrated on:

A. May 23

B. September 31

C. September 30

D. May 21


33. The Prime Minister of India recently launched a satellite service for the SAARC countries. It was:






34. Digi Yatra is an initiative of:

A. Ministry of Civil Aviation

B. Four Dham Yatra

C. Ministry of Railway

D. Ministry of Road Transport


35. Recently Sukama valley came into new for killing of armed forces. The valley is located in:

A. North Kashmir

B. South Kashmir

C. Chhatisgarh

D. Jharkhand


36. Which of the following is not correct about Leela Seth?

A. She was the first woman justice of Delhi High Court

B. She was the first woman Chief Justice of Himachal Pradesh High Court

C. She was throughout an RTI activist

D. She passed recently


37. Which river is called as the Ganges of South?

A. Godavari

B. Krishna

C. Cauvery



38. Which Indian state has the least literacy?

A. Bihar

B. Rajasthan

C. Orissa

D. Arunachal Pradesh


39. Which one of the following is correct about corporation tax?

A. It is a tax which is levied by the local bodies

B. It is a tax on the profit of companies

C. It is an indirect tax

D. It is a tax that is levied by Municipal Corporation


40. Who was the first Muslim President of Indian National Congress?

A. Hakim Azmal Khan

B. Abul Kalam Azad

C. Rafi Ahmad K

D. Badruddin Tyabji


41. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt is related to:

A. Santoor

B. Mohan Veena

C. Sarangi

D. Violin


42. Education in the Indian Constitution falls in:

A. Concurrent list

B. Central list

C. State list

D. Residuary list


43. The Parliament of Israel is known as:

A. Great Hural

B. The Knesset

C. Stortinget

D. Staten


44. Who was the key person who presuaded Gandhi to come to Champaran in 1917?

A. Rajkumar Shukla

B. Vinoba Bhave

C. Acharya Kriplani

D. Motilal Nehru


45. Which Indian bowler became the first ever to complete 50 wickets in two consecutive calendar years 2015-16?

A. Ravi Chandra Ashwin

B. Muhammad Sami

C. Jasprit Bumrah



46. Indian Women’s Hockey Team beat which country to win Asian Champion Trophy 2016?

A. Malaysia

B. China

C. Japan

D. South Korea


47. Sampriti is a joint military training exercise between:

A. India and Bangladesh

B. India and Russia

C. India and America

D. India and Israel


48. World Sanskrit Award 2016 was given to:

A. Professor George Cardona

B. Princess Maha Chakri

C. Professor Sheldon Pollack



49. Who won the best FIFA football player award 2016?

A. Lioni Messi

B. Cristiano Ronaldo

C. Antonie Griezmaan

D. Manuel Neuer


50. The Champion of the Earth Award is given by the:

A. United Nations

B. United States of America

C. European Union

D. Sweden


51. The First BRICS film festival was held in:

A. Delhi

B. Moscow

C. Beijing

D. Peking


52. Which of the following films got the Golden Peacock Award at 47th International Film Festival of India?

A. Bridge of Spies

B. The Danish Girl

C. The Revenant

D. Daughter


53. Lalima Abhiyan for anaemia-free state has been launched in:

A. Gujarat

B. Madhya Pradesh

C. Maharashtra

D. Himachal Pradesh


54. Jail Jyoti Yojana to promote literacy among the jail inmates was launched in:

A. Kerala

B. West Bengal

C. Orissa

D. Delhi


55. Bharatmala is a:

A. Road and highways project connecting the border and port on coastal lines

B. Linking River Project

C. Reviving small airports

D. Linking universities project


56. Project Vishwajeet is mooted by:

A. HRD Ministry

B. Defence Ministry

C. Agriculture Ministry

D. Road and Transport Ministry


57. Justice R.V. Easwar Committee constituted by the government of India was to deal with:

A. Fiscal Deficit

B. Market borrowing

C. Income tax



58. CASSINI is a joint space mission of:


B. NASA and France Space Agency

C. NASA and Eureopean Space Agency

D. ISRO and European Space Agency


59. Operation Sankat Mochan was lauched by:

A. Indian Airforce

B. Indian Army

C. Nepalese Army

D. Indian Navy


60. Who was selected for the 52 Jnanpeeth Award for 2016?

A. Shankar Ghosh

B. Padma Sachdev

C. Chhatrapal

D. Bulaki Sharma

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