State government rapidly expanded health infrastructure during second wave of Covid pandemic

By | June 28, 2021

Important for HPAS Mains and Prelims

Bed capacity increased by 837.3 percent whereas number of health institutions increased by 427.3 percent in last three months

The state government has strengthened health services by expanding health infrastructure in the state at a rapid pace to tackle the second wave of corona pandemic. In order to save the precious lives of the people of the state, the government has endeavored to control this global corona pandemic by increasing the bed capacity in health institutions as well as mobilizing various other necessary facilities. The efforts of the government has yielded fruitful results and ensured better health care facility to covid patients.

Bed capacity increased by 837.3 percent in three months

Till March 2021 there were only 440 beds available in the health institutions of the state for the treatment of covid patients, but after the arrival of second wave of corona pandemic, the state government worked with greater zeal and succeeded in increasing the bed capacity upto 837.3 percent in health institutions of the state. Within three months the number of beds has increased  to 4124 for the treatment of Covid patients. It is worth mentioning that  the first wave of corona Pandemic in the state was successfully controlled and the situation returned to normalcy.  Many health institutions of the state were taken out of the list of dedicated Covid health centers and opened to the general public as general hospitals.

In past three months the State Government has increased the bed capacity for Covid patients in all the districts. In district Bilaspur  135 bed, 185 in district Chamba, 156 in district Hamirpur, 759 in district Kangra, 26 in district Kinnaur, 74 in district  Kullu, 38 in district Lahaul Spiti, 512 in district Mandi, 748 in district Shimla, 435 in Sirmaur, 488 in district Solan and 128 in district Una.

47 Health Institutions identified for Covid treatment

To tackle the second wave of Covid Pandemic State Government has increased the strength of health institutions by 427.3 percent in state. Till 1st March, 2021 there were only 11 dedicated Covid Health Care Institutions in the State but the State Government has identified new Health Institutions in various districts and increased it upto 58. To facilitate Covid patients the Government has also identified 47 new Health Institution in the State.

D-type Cylinders increased by 42.6 percent

To deal with the second wave of corona, the state government has increased the supply of D-type oxygen cylinders by 42.6 percent in Health Institutions of the State. In March-2021, there were  5537 D-type Cylinders in the state and now the government has added 2361 more into it. At present, there are 7898 D-type oxygen cylinders in the state which includes 227 cylinders in Bilaspur, 350 in Chamba, 155 in Hamirpur, 1776 in Kangra, 101 in Kinnaur, 348 in Kullu, 55 in Lahaul Spiti, 1420 in Mandi, 1663 in Shimla, 481 in Sirmaur, 995 in Solan and 327 in Una.

B-type cylinders strength increased by 23 percent

The state government has also increased the number of B-type oxygen cylinders by 23 percent. While there were a total of 1916 B-type oxygen cylinders in the state in March, 2021, this number has been increased to 2356 in June, 2021. The number of B-type cylinders has been increased to 440 by the state government. At present there are 90  B-type oxygen cylinders in district Bilaspur, 70 in each Chamba and Hamirpur districts. There are 601  B-type oxygen cylinders in district Kangra, 59 in Hamirpur, 30 in Kullu, 77 in Lahaul and Spiti, 124 in Mandi, 845 in Shimla, 93 in Sirmaur, 234 in Solan and 63 in Una.

143 percent increase in Remdesivir stock

To battle with the situation caused due to the second wave of the corona pandemic the state government has also increased the stock of Remdesivir injections used in the treatment of corona virus infected patients. In the month of April there were 3882 doses of Remdesivir available in the state and at present due to the efforts of state government there are 9446 Remdesivir injections available in state. During the last two months, the state government has increased the stock of Remdesivir by 5564. At present the government has made available adequate stock of Remdesivir injections in all the districts. There are 117 injections in district Bilaspur, 312 in Chamba, 190 in Hamirpur, 3062 in Kangra, 49 in Kullu, 22 in Lahaul Spiti, 2292 in Mandi, 1860 in Shimla, 770 in Sirmaur, 515 in Solan and 257 in district Una.

As a result of the steps taken by the State Government from time to time to strengthen the health services, the Government has succeeded in controlling the Corona pandemic and saving the precious lives of lakhs of people of the State.

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