Solved Paper Himachal Pradesh Administrative Services HAS/HPAS Prelims 2020 [Part-1]

By | September 13, 2020

Series – A

1. Physiographically Palampur, Dharamshala, and Jogindernagar in Himachal Pradesh are situated in which in of the following zone?

  1. Humid Sub-Tropical
  2. Sub-Temperate
  3. Sub-Humid Tropical
  4. Wet Sub-Temperate

2. Which of the following was not a  princely state or Thakurai which was clubbed to form the Mahasu district in 1948?

  1. Koti
  2. Darkoti
  3. Ghund
  4. Ani

3. ‘Zahor’ is the Tibetan name of which of the following district of Himachal Pradesh?

  1. Kinnaur
  2. Mandi
  3. Lahaul-Spiti
  4. Kullu

Explanation: Mandi is known by the name of Zahor among the Tibetan. It has an interesting association with the great Buddhist teacher and missionary, Padma Sambhava (AD 750-800), for it was from Zahor or Mandi that he went at the request of the Tibetan King Srongld btzen, to preach the doctrines of Buddhism in Tibet. Pandit Hira Nand Shastri states that in his lamaist representations, Padma sambhava appears in the ancient Mandi garb and the special head dress worn by him is still called Zahorma.  

4. Which snow-clad peak of Himachal Pradesh is shaped somewhat like Matterhorn in Switzerland?

  1. Gyephang
  2. Reo-Purgyil
  3. Jorkandern
  4. Manirang

5. Which of the following combination is not correct?

  1. Pangwal – Doghri
  2. Kinner or Kinnaura-Janekang
  3. Gaddi – Satta-Satta
  4. Swangla-Jhanjrara

6. Match List-I and List-II and select the correct answer from the codes given below:

List-I    List-II

  1. Kayang – (A) Sirmaur
  2. Jhanjar – (B) Una
  3. Keekli and Bangra – (C) Chamba
  4. Jhoori – (D) Lahaul
  5.                (E) – Kinnaur


(i) (ii) (iii) (iv)

  1. EADC
  2. ECBA
  3. DCBA
  4. ACBD

7. Lohri has been declared as a state-level festival and the First Lohri festival was celebrated on 13th January 2010 at which of the following place?

  1. Santokhgarh
  2. Pragpur
  3. Nalagarh
  4. Paonta Sahib

8. Which of the following temple is believed to be constructed by two merchants ‘Ahuka’ and ‘Manyuka’?

  1. Baijnath
  2. Chintpurni
  3. Lakshmi Narayan Temple Chamba
  4. Masroor

9. The largest collection of Kangyur and Tangyur is placed in the library of which of the following Gompa?

  1. Gemur Gompa
  2. Kardang Gompa
  3. Tayul Gompa
  4. Sashur Gompa

10. Which of the following statement is not correct?

  1. The Arki School of painting was founded by Raja Jagat Singh
  2. The Basholi School of painting came into prominence from the time of Raja Kripal Pal
  3. The Kangra painting have got a Geographical Indicator (GI)
  4. Chamba was one of the principal centre of Pahari miniature paintings

11. In which of the following valley, Himachal Pradesh Language, Art and Culture Academy founded 600 years old manuscript that deals with the Ayurvedic System of Medicine?

  1. Sangla Valley
  2. Kullu Valley
  3. Balh Valley
  4. Spiti Valley

12. Which of the following combination is not correct?

  1. Fatehpur Fort: Bandla Dhar
  2. Tiun Fort: Tiun Dhar
  3. Devi Badoli Temple: Jhanjiar Dhar
  4. Dagoga Malhot: Kot Dhar

13. The only coin special to Chamba, five of which makes an ‘anna’ is the –

  1. Dhela
  2. Pi
  3. Chakli
  4. Ratti

14. Who amongst the following was first to examine the archaeological remains in Chamba and Bharmaur?

  1. Colonel Reid
  2. Mr. Vigne
  3. General Cunningham
  4. Sir Henry Davies

Explanation: In February 1839, Chamba was for the first time visited by a European person vigne, and in the same year by General Cunningham who was the first to examine the archaeological remains in the state at capital and Bharmour.

15. What is the script of the earliest rock inscription found at Pathiar and Kanihara?

  1. Brahmi
  2. Kharoshti
  3. Pali
  4. Sharda

16. What is the name of an opera festival which is annually held by the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts (TIPA) at Mcleodganj and was an annual feature in Lhasa prior to 1959?

  1. Losar
  2. Shoton/Shotou
  3. Thanka
  4. Dajyur

17. Which of the following valley is without exception the most rugged glen of Kinnaur district?

  1. Tidong Valley
  2. BaspaValley
  3. Bhabha Valley
  4. Lippa Valley

Explanation: The Tidong valley: This valley is without exception the most rugged glen of the district. Being rugged, full of huge boulders, rocks, and caves it is often called a ‘scene of savage grandeur’. The length of this valley is about 32 Km and within itself the valley encloses the villages Kuno, Charang and Thangi. The village of Charang being the highest, about 3600m from the mean sea level. There are few dwarf pines, mountain ashes and some bushes except on the north-western slope, when one come across Cedrus deodara and Pinus gerardiana.The Tirung stream courses through the valley.

18. ‘Jeyeshthang’ and ‘Kanishthang’ are the names given to which of the following?

  1. Local Deities of Kinnaur district
  2. Valleys of Lahaul-Spiti
  3. Upper House and Lower House of village khap of Malana
  4. Mountains peaks in Sangla Valley

Explanation: Malana village in Himachal Pradesh, famous for its premium quality hashish, has just become off-limits for tourists after its presiding deity Jamlu ‘ordered’ the closure of all guest houses and restaurants ‘to protect’ local culture and traditions. The deity’s diktat came on the heels of a meeting of the village’s own ’parliament’ which concluded that outsiders thronging their village were a threat to their culture. The ‘parliament’ comprises an upper house called Jayeshthang and a lower house called Kanishthang. Villagers invoked Jamlu after the ‘parliament’ met.

19. Which of the following country was relegated to the second position by Lahaul-Spiti by achieving the highest per hectare production of potato?

  1. Belgium
  2. Spain
  3. Netherlands
  4. France

20. The first mention of which of the following place came in 1817 from the diary of the Scottish officer brothers?

  1. Dharamshala
  2. Shimla
  3. Kasauli
  4. Subathu

21. Climate change vulnerability assessment is being undertaken for which of the following river basin, covering 9258 villages of four districts with more than 1200 panchayats?

  1. Ravi
  2. Satluj
  3. Beas
  4. Chenab

22. What is the name of the web-based software implemented by the Department of Transport of Himachal Pradesh for issuing a Driving License?

  1. Vahan
  2. Sarathi
  3. Sathi
  4. Sahyogi

23. Name the Superintendent of Botanical Garden who set up ‘Delhi Tea Estate’ in 1852?

  1. Major Straut
  2. Dr. Jameson
  3. Alexander Couts
  4. Samuel Stokes

24. After intensive research and success of the project which district of H.P. is likely to emerge as a pistachios bowl of the State?

  1. Lahaul-Spiti
  2. Una
  3. Kangra
  4. Kinnaur

25. Where is the first ‘Emu’ breeding farm of H.P. set up by the multi-level marketing company ‘Easy Way With’?

  1. Gandwal in Una
  2. Jeori in Shimla
  3. Paonta Sahib in Sirmaur
  4. Jwali in Kangra

26. Who amongst the following were the two wildlife experts who were the main force behind setting up Himachali’s first ‘Bird Ringing Station’ at Salropa?

  1. Col. Napier and Donald Macled
  2. Henry Hardings and Hugh Gough
  3. Francis Bunar and T. H. Walker
  4. William Finch and Thomas Coryat

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