Solved Paper Himachal Pradesh Administrative Services HAS/HPAS Prelims 2020 [Part-4]

By | September 13, 2020

76. Which of the following is the highest peak in the eastern ghats?

  1. Madugula Konda
  2. Arma Konda
  3. Gali Konda
  4. Vagai Konda

77. Khetri has rich deposits of:

  1. Mica
  2. Salt
  3. Copper
  4. Gypsum

78. 49th parallel is associated with:

  1. Portugal and Spain
  2. Canada & USA
  3. Germany and Poland
  4. Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan

79. Lena river in Russia empties in:

  1. Laptev Sea
  2. Lake Baikal
  3. Sea of Okhotsk
  4. Barents Sea

80. Barren Falls are associated with which structural division of Australia?

  1. Eastern Highlands
  2. Western Plateau
  3. Central Lowlands
  4. Barkley Tableland

81. Winnipeg in Canada is famous for:

  1. Fur trapping
  2. Softwood collection
  3. Sawmills
  4. Newsprint

82. Which among the following variables/factors are not used in constructing the Human Development Index of India?

  1. Life Expectancy at birth
  2. Real GDP per capita
  3. Morbidity
  4. All of the above

83. Disguised Unemployment means:

  1. Marginal Productivity of labour is zero
  2. Marginal productivity of labour is positive
  3. Marginal productivity of labour is negative
  4. Both a and b

84. Human Development does not use which parameter while measuring gender inequality:

  1. Sex Ratio
  2. Health
  3. Education
  4. Command over economic resources

Note: This question is scrapped by HPPSC.

85. SANKALP is launched to provide:

  1. Better healthcare for rural poor
  2. Better healthcare for urban poor
  3. Quality education
  4. Market relevant training to youth

86. Golden rule of fiscal policy in India is:

  1. Borrowing only for current expenditure.
  2. Borrowing only for public investment
  3. Borrowing only for repayment of debt
  4. Borrowing for budget expenditure

87. Which of the following is an example of management performance indicator?

  1. Raw material used per unit of product
  2. Number of complaints from public or employees
  3. Containment concentration in surface soil
  4. Change in groundwater level

88. Which of these is a dimension of CSR?

  1. Physiological
  2. Political
  3. Ecological
  4. Philanthropic

89. NGOs are recognized as _____ to focus and fix the problems present in the development process.

  1. Favoured child
  2. Unfavoured child
  3. Magic bullet
  4. Unmagic bullet

90. Which of the following is the primary goal for sustainable development?

  1. Increasing emissions
  2. Eliminating wastes and emissions
  3. Decreasing emissions
  4. Moderating emission and wastes

Note: This question is scrapped by HPPSC.

The answer given in official answer key is option b) which is incorrect. You can send representation for the same.

91. Eco mark label of India is:

  1. A blue bird
  2. An earthen pot
  3. A red rose
  4. White Rabbit

92. Mass extinction of species do not occur due to which of the following factors:

  1. Global cooling
  2. Falling sea level
  3. Excessive rainfall
  4. Predation

The answer given in official answer key is option c) which is incorrect. You can send representation for the same.

93. A 40 watt bulb is used 6 hrs every day. Number of electric unit consumed in 30 days:

  1. 12
  2. 1.2
  3. 2.4
  4. 7.2

94. In nuclear fission of U235 with a slow neutron bombardment produces energy approximately:

  1. 50 MeV
  2. 100 MeV
  3. 200 MeV
  4. 930 MeV

95. Dental alloy for teeth filling contains:

  1. Silver, mercury, tin, copper and zinc 
  2. Siler, gold, tin, copper and zinc
  3. Silver, mercury, tin, copper and aluminium
  4. Gold, mercury, tin, copper and zinc

96. Which of the following substances are not responsible for water hardness?

  1. Calcium carbonate
  2. Magnesium carbonate
  3. Calcium nitrate
  4. Calcium hydrogen nitrate

The answer given in official answer key is option c) but all of the given options causes hardness. You can send representation for the same.

97. Different plant parts in which leucoplasts are present are:

  1. Roots and underground stem.
  2. Green leaves
  3. Flowers and fruits
  4. Green parts of young stems

98. Pteridophyta do not have:

  1. Leaves
  2. Stem
  3. Roots
  4. Flowers

99. In which group of animals, Coelom is filled with blood?

  1. Annelida
  2. Arthropoda
  3. Nematoda
  4. Echinodermata

100. Lack of oxygen in muscles often leads to cramps among athletes. The reason for this is

  1. Conversion of pyruvate to ethanol
  2. Conversion of pyruvate into lactic acid
  3. No conversion of glucose o pyruvate
  4. Conversion of pyruvate to glucose

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6 thoughts on “Solved Paper Himachal Pradesh Administrative Services HAS/HPAS Prelims 2020 [Part-4]

  1. Yakshap

    Sir can you please provide the source of Calcium Nitrate as not giving hardness to water.
    I think it’s not Calcium Nitrate but sodium Nitrate which unfortunately is not in the options.
    As calcium ions provide only hardness to water.

    1. Shikha

      You are right , Please file the objection . Both C and D can be the answer here because Nitrates are not considered as hardening agents .

  2. Rohit

    Maintaining Ecological balance is clearly written in the CSR policy of Govt of India….You can check ….

  3. Ankush Dhiman

    Team, Can u please provide source for your answers in support of these questions -90 and 96


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