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By | April 26, 2020

Q. Where/When was/did Baba Kanshi Ram born? 

Ans: Baba Kanshi Ram was born on 11th July 1882 in village Gurnwad, Dehra Gopipur, Dada Siba.

Q. What is the name of Baba Kanshi Ram’s father?

Ans: His father’s name was Shri Lakhnu Ram.

Q. Who influenced Baba Kanshi Ram to join the Indian National movement? 

Ans: In 1902, Baba Kanshi Ram visited Lahore and came in contact with late Hardyal and Sardar Ajit Singh, two great revolutionaries of the period. They gave him inspiration for joining the National movement.

Q. How many times Baba Kanshi Ram went to jail? 

Ans: Baba Kanshi Ram was arrested nearly 11 times by the British for spreading patriotic messages through his poems. In 1919, he was sent to jail for two years.

Q. Who gave Baba Kanshi Ram the title of ‘Paharan-Da-Bulbuľ? 

Ans: Baba Kanshi Ram was a prolific singer with a sweet voice and so was conferred the title of ‘Paharan-Da-Bulbuľ by Sarojini Naidu, Indian Nightingale in 1927 at Daulatpur Chowk.

Q. Who gave Baba Kanshi Ram the title of ‘Pahari Gandhi’? 

Ans: In 1937, in a political meeting at Gadriawala, Punjab, Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru gave him the title of ‘PAHARI GANDHI’.

Q. Why/When did Baba Kanshi Ram take an oath to wear Black Clothes till Indian achieves independence? 

Ans: In 1931, when Sardar Bhagat Singh, Raj Guru, and Sukhdev were hanged, he took an oath to continue wearing black clothes till India achieves independence.

Q. Baba Kanshi Ram was a staunch follower of which Freedom Fighter?

Ans: Baba Kanshi Ram was a staunch follower of M.K. Gandhi and practiced all his principles in real life too, was a leading light in the Kangra region, arousing the spirit of sacrifice for the freedom of the country.

Q. When did Baba Kanshi Ram die?

Ans: Baba Kanshi Ram died at the age of 61 years in 1943 on 15th October.

Q. Other information about Baba Kanshi Ram?


  • According to some historians, there is no proof of his being conferred the title of Pahari Gandhi by Pt. J.L Nehru.
  • In 1984, former prime minister Indira Gandhi had released a postal stamp in Baba Kanshi Ram’s name on his 135th birth anniversary.

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